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So what did Rear Window in the Fin Review and CBD in the SMH do. The former called Crikey a “ratbag activist” and the latter claimed I was “completely riding roughshod” over the interests of shareholders. Hold the front page, of the 50 shareholders who approached Crikey after the meeting, only one was critical, the rest were emphatically supportive.

Anyway, as neither Kate Askew or Andrew Burrell have bothered to subscribe (I pay more than $1500 a year for Fairfax publications), they won’t know the deep and dark secrets of their dodgy pasts that have been recently emailed to Crikey subscribers. It’s murky, it’s nepotism, it’s cash for contributors and it’s hot. Enjoy it subscribers.

One of the earlier sealed sections saw Crikey’s sole 640 subscribers get an update on various legal battles Crikey is having with some of the Murdoch employees, millionaires and shock jocks out there.

3AW’s Steve Price regularly berates his listeners as fools and idiots but was recently getting his lawyers to demand Crikey remove something that Raymond Hoser was saying about him. Price is a truly brilliant broadcaster and Hoser somewhat of a lunatic so we removed the material. Can you imagine if Melbourne’s most abusive journalist actually sued a little website. Oh, the hypocrisy.

And The Australian’s media columnist Amanda Meade also had the lawyers onto us recently.

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