Crikey’s sister-site is back in full swing and will only get bigger and better from here.

From now on most of the AGM material will be going straight onto this site which is accessible only by subscribers.

But you can hardly call $30 a subscription because you get a great tee-shirt in the mail for that as well as 12 months worth of sharowner content and Crikey sealed sections.

When using the shareowner site remember that your full email address is the username and the password is the 4-8 letter word that you selected.

At the moment the site includes most of our material written so far from the 2000 AGM season but it shortly also include highlights from the 1999 Season and the 1998 Season, the subject of Crikey’s Walkley Award when working for Col Allan on The Daily Telegraph.

At the moment the site includes material from AGMs this year at Telstra, ComBank, Qantas, Harvey Norman, AMP, Woolies, NRMA, AGL and several other companies.

There are also a range of other stories there so subscribe now to check out this unique analysis of corporate Australian and corporate democracy.