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Crikey’s well-informed spy in The West, aka The Dingo, is on the trail of many a questionable deal and we’re looking forward to raising these issues at WA News AGM in November.

Colleen has been quick to point this out to interested readers – nationally. The latest (2/9/00) “Premier’s Brother In Land Deal” again highlights the closeness of the Premier to his family’s questionable dealings. So the BIG question for this week are: will the West Oz follow up on the “Whitby Falls Hostel” deal and which tabloid is going to print the next episode? Of course Colleen is up and running, but hang on, the West Oz only allows “adventures of Ken” stories to be printed on page 40 – after an obligatory eight day cooling off period. Crunch time will be when krafty Ken’s partners are revealed – oh no, not more links to the West Oz – editing skills could be sorely tested.

Mines Minister Norman Moore is on the decision block – he has the Whitby Falls mining application – amid concerns about possible contamination of Perth’s drinking water. Now that’s a definite page 40 story, but hang on to your developments, wasn’t our Normie trying for four months last term to delay an Upper House Inquiry into the finance broking scandal, where krafty ken might be called as a key witness? Yep, that’s him – that’s our Norm – all in the name of good government.

And what about the Health Minister John Day – well he’s been asked to grovel into denial also – he said the disabled people at Whitby Falls Hostel were being turfed off their turf in the name of “outdated form of care” which, for the politically uneducated means we want these vulnerable older people to be thrown out off ‘fresh farm air’ into good clean city smog. That’s a healthy decision John. And John denies that he has spoken to krafty Ken at all, even though Kenny has been using spare petty cash – $3 million or so – buying all the land surrounding Whitby Falls Hostel. I’ll bet the civil action group would want to know how he managed to afford that?

Here in the west, we thrive on the life and times of the Court family – it may not make the Good Government lists, but it is a good read – in The Australian. No doubt there’s going to be a bit of weekend strategy on the go. And CRIKEY – the AGM at the WAN looks a good place to be in November. Shareholders may want to ask a few questions of their own.

The Dingo

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