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With us presidential election on the horizon, the usual stories and rummors are flying. Crikey contributor and tireless helper, R has picked this little gem off of the gwbush.com web site.

Remember, 1974 is the year where Bush’s denial of cocaine use stops. He says he’s been clean since that year but won’t comment on 1974 or before. Asked about Bush’s activities at the party Thompson, who’s most famous book is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, said, “I can’t be expected to remember what every drug-addled yuppie hanger-oner who wanted to get close to me during a football game twenty-five years ago digested. There were so many dope fiends milling about, I don’t remember what some Yalie named Bush, whose father was a factotum in the Nixon Administration, was doing….I don’t want to become the Deep Drug Throat….I won’t do it.” [New Yorker magazine, May 15 2000] Isn’t that just Priceless!

So we, the electorate, are presented with a hazy 6 year period of George W Bush’s life that begins with a decision to duck the overwhelming responsibilities that all the young men of his time faced, and that ended in a drug-filled sky box with plenty of witnesses…

And by the way: Larry Flynt, who was so enraged by the impeachment thingy that he hired ex-CIA operatives to gather dirt on the Republicans, keeps hinting that he’s got some REALLY INTERESTING PHOTOS of W…no doubt there were a few cameras at that star-studded Super Bowl party.

Just what the future will bring is impossible to say…

But one thing is for sure: GWBush.com isn’t going to sit around and wait! No, sir! We’re going to bring you several POSSIBLE versions of what might have filled W’s lost years. The story/ies will unfold daily on this site, providing a window into the life–THE LIVES!–of the young and so-far mysterious George W Bush.

Keep in mind, the National Guard is a weekend thing. What did young Dubya do with the other 5/7ths of his time? And what was so pressing that he needed to GO AWOL for a whole year?

Perhaps he was just trying to find himself…a walk in the wildness? or a walk on the wild side? …perhaps he was recruited for some top-secret mission to thwart Vietcong infiltration of the US across Texan borders! Or maybe he was just watching the game havn’ a bud. Stay tuned and find out!

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