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Ukrainians waiting at the Lviv train station (Image: AAP/Lara Hauser/SOPA/Sipa USA)

‘How will they unite with their family?’: Ukrainians seeking visas in Australia face impossible deadline

While there’s no end in sight for the invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainians seeking refuge in Australia have only a matter of days to obtain visas.

As Albanese globe-trots, News Corp wastes little time making the case for regime change

Publications like The Australian have been quick to criticise the prime minister for… visiting war-torn nations?

Strategic ambiguity? Biden’s Taiwan position less clear-cut than the media thinks

Despite what the media think, the US has not committed its forces to defend Taiwan if China invades.

(Image: Xu Chen/The Conversation)

Can China access Australians’ TikTok data? Probably

Revelations that Chinese employees working on TikTok can access international data may make you reconsider using the app.

James Packer and Lachlan Murdoch (Images: AAP)

Packer pockets $3.3 billion — next stop Camp Murdoch?

Debt-free and cashed-up, James Packer has made it clear he’s ready for his third act. Will it involve the media and his old mate Lachlan Murdoch?

(Image: Private Media)

Gripped by draconian laws, Europe is mired in its own abortion crisis

Abortion access remains restrictive or in some cases outright illegal in many European countries. Activists are fighting daily to support those in need.

Politics has changed

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(Image: Jeremy Poxon/Twitter/Adobe)

Government’s Workforce Australia launch derailed by outages and errors

Australians who risk losing welfare payments if they don’t fulfil Workforce Australia’s requirements were unable to access the service at launch.

Former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian  (Image: AAP/Bianca De Marchi)

Justice resourcing an acute issue for politicians before ICAC — and many others

Why does the NSW ICAC take so long to finalise its inquiries? Because it faces similar funding restrictions to NSW courts.

(Image: Private Media)

The day the Reserve Bank’s messaging nearly died

With the RBA preparing to hike interest rates again tomorrow, why are we hearing about the governor’s health in the financial press today?

Content about the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard defamation trial dominated the internet, primarily content favouring Depp (Image: TikTok)

Trial over, Depp v Heard content creators are pivoting to new topics or going dark

TikTok and YouTube creators relentlessly made content for their audience’s insatiable interest in the Depp v Heard trial. When it finished they asked: what’s next?

Leigh Sales on ABC's 7.30 (Image: ABC/7.30)

‘End of Financial Year Sales’ is on tonight. Thanks, Leigh…

The veteran anchor of ABC’s 7.30 program — spanning 12 years and five prime ministerships — will be signing off one final time.

Journalists Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov (Image: Nobel Prize Outreach/Geir Anders Rybakken Ørslien)

Press freedom in death throes as autocrats shutter media outlets of Nobel laureates

Less than a year after journalists Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov were anointed the Nobel Peace Prize for fighting for press freedom, both their media outlets have been forcibly closed.

Protesters at an abortion rights rally in Melbourne (Image: AAP/Diego Fedele)

Overturning Roe v Wade didn’t happen here. But there’s every reason to take to the streets about it

The rage expressed by women at protests around Australia was tangible and powerful.

Abortion drugs are overpoliced and underprescribed in Australia

The draconian regulation of these safe, effective drugs is a hangover from an anti-abortion ’90s government.

‘At what point does it start to become coercive?’ Access to reproductive health still highly inequitable

While most contraceptives are subsided through Medicare, many additional services require out-of-pocket costs.

While politicians are settling in, aged care faces a worst-case scenario on workforce

A report from CEDA shows a dramatic worsening in our aged care workforce problem — with little sign the government is rushing to fix it.

Vaping is a health danger for young kids, and governments must intervene

The number of people vaping, including pre-teens, is increasing — as is the accessibility of black market retailers on social media.

(Image: Private Media/Supplied)

Top End trash … Dom’s dig at Gladys … another PR yellow card

Who’s dumping on our Top End? And credit where credit is due: the NSW premier made a good funny. These and plenty more from the bunker.


Why don’t we hear ‘I told you so’ more?

Even as evidence mounts that climate change is very real and very dangerous, those who warned us aren’t crowing about it.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese with US President Joe Biden at Tokyo's Quad meeting  (Image: AP/Evan Vucci)

Albanese connects the domestic and foreign policy dots on climate

The prime minister deftly provided another reason for going further and faster on climate policy at the Quad meeting in Tokyo.

Labor Party leader Anthony Albanese (Image: AAP/AP Photo/Rick Rycroft)

Voter revolution delivers new politics

The major parties are looking at a new scenario — they can no longer hold urban seats while trying to keep ‘mainstream Australia’ happy.

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