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No, this isn’t Morrison’s ‘Tampa moment’

It's going to take a lot more than the goings-on of the "Canberra bubble" to transform the medivac loss to the Coalition's advantage come election time.

Home Affairs lets Paladin self-report on whether it is meeting its obligations

Home Affairs has failed to learn the lesson of previous contract debacles by letting controversial detention firm Paladin self-report with little risk of audit.

‘The government can’t arrest them all’: a look at journalism under Duterte

Crikey speaks to veteran Filipino journalist and activist Inday Espina-Varona about Maria Ressa, Rappler, and the increasing dangers of reporting the news.

Michaelia Cash: a portrait of a politician under oath

While giving testimony on 2017's AWU raid scandal, Cash seemed to have one brief: 'don't give them a headline'.

‘How good is mining?’: Scott Morrison’s fawning address to the Minerals Council

Scott Morrison's adulation for mining bordered on melodrama last week. Of course, it's not exactly out of character.

Cash, Keenan, the DPP face serious questions over the AWU scandal

Two ministers refused to properly cooperate with an Australian Federal Police investigation, with indications that evidence was destroyed in the case. Where's the media outrage?

Will Woolworths’ ALH pokies scandal hurt its ‘fresh food’ brand?

Shoppers feeling outraged and translating that into concrete actions are two very different things. 

If New Zealand can do it, why can’t Australia?

Crikey readers discuss Closing the Gap and other low points in Australian politics.

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In Denial

From climate change denialists to anti-vaxxers, Australia has its fair share of those who reject scientific consensus (and common wisdom).

Australia needs a royal commission on the pokies 

In the aftermath of the banking royal commission, should we have a royal commission into Australia’s $24 billion-a-year gambling industry?

How would Hayne’s disciplinary body actually work?

Yes this would be a huge step forward, but the devil is in the detail (or the lack thereof).

Morrison would be smart to get cracking on Hayne’s recommendations

Rather than hiding from parliament, there is political advantage in Scott Morrison bringing on extra sittings and going hard, early on Kenneth Hayne's royal commission recommendations.

What Hayne should have done

Kenneth Hayne failed to tackle the structural flaws of the financial industry in his royal commission recommendations. This is what he should have suggested.

A draft apology for the Liberal Party’s colossal banking fuck-up

The Liberals are having trouble saying sorry about the banking royal commission. We're happy to help out.

FYI & Side View
Get to the PowerPoint

Get to the PowerPoint

Welcome to For Your Information. Today, Helen's presentation about PowerPoint.

Digital dystopia

Digital dystopia

Welcome to Side View — a curated guide to new and overlooked content on politics, policy, and public affairs. This week: anarcho-capitalists bring a copy of Ayn Rand to a gunfight, the European fight over energy and the future of music — compulsory Marshmello.

What is the ABC for?

Crikey tries to unravel and distill some of the crucial questions we think the ABC should be asking itself in this post-Guthrie/Milne era.

Also trending

Scott Morrison’s blatant and bungled lie

Scott Morrison's Trump-like lie about financial services yesterday suggests he has no interest in facts at all.

Against hope: the global environmental catastrophe has already occurred

We have already reached catastrophic system collapse. Recognising that is the first step to fighting it.

Holy Wars

How The Australian targets and attacks its enemies

Paladin documents reveal ties to PNG political family

The ongoing investigation into Paladin Group has revealed the security contractor's close PNG political ties, and the Coalition prepares to back down on key Labor and Greens motions in the Senate. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

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The Ramsay Centre’s curriculum erases Jewish works

There are a lot of unanswered questions about the Ramsay Centre's curriculum. Chief among them: why does it expunge Jewish heritage in the formation of Western culture?

Opening the gap: Morrison reveals same lack of Indigenous progress

Once again, the Closing The Gap report reveals we're failing to reduce differences between Indigenous and non-Indigenous health and educational outcomes. At least now governments are committed to working in partnership with Indigenous people.

Against hope: the global environmental catastrophe has already occurred

We have already reached catastrophic system collapse. Recognising that is the first step to fighting it.

The medivac bill is a minor win, but it teases a more compassionate Australia

Australian asylum policy has been a 20-year fight to the bottom. Is there finally a turning point in sight?

Prying Eyes

How personal surveillance invades our lives 24/7

Advertising is facing a historic shift; can Australian media keep up?

It's time to find new ways for advertising to support the discovery of independent news.

Is there a future for arts journalism?

As column space shrinks, art journals close and writer fees go down, many are wondering what we will lose if arts journalism disappears.

The PR firms running Tasmanian community newspapers

A small Tasmanian community newspaper is relaunching after News Corp sold it to a public relations agency last year, and it's not a unique case.

Why are subscriber print outlets embracing free podcasts?

Podcasts aren't easy or cheap to make, but they are free to listen to. Why are so many subscriber-focused outlets jumping on board?

The defamation case that could tear apart the internet as we know it

It's very unlikely former Don Dale detainee Dylan Voller will win this one, but we should all be watching closely.

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