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Government still ignoring reality as investment recession hits

The economy entered a dangerous phase in the December quarter while the government ignored all calls for economic leadership. Now it's trying to blame a virus for its own failings.

Hiding behind contagion: the companies blaming the virus for bad business

The virus is definitely having an effect on business, but it's also something that can be conveniently pointed to in a press release.

Virus Watch: market crashes and papal sniffles

As the world battens down the hatches for a COVID-19 pandemic, here's what you need to know about recent developments.

Who is profiting — and who is making a loss — from the coronavirus?

The coronavirus is sinking the global economy, but there are a few unlikely groups benefitting.

A brief history of how the Coalition (may have) responded to the coronavirus

Don't worry, the Coalition is treating coronavirus as seriously as it's treating climate change, writes Andrew Denton.

Five feet away from Hosni Mubarak

The former Egyptian president was the dictator’s dictator. And his regime can teach us a lot about the decline of democracy in the West.

Mallee was given some pre-election sugar (and other news you may have missed)

Submarines are going up, and now even mining is embracing renewables? Here are the stories you may have missed.

‘That’s not intersectional!’ Inside the newsroom of the Green Left Weekly

Crikey takes a look inside the news room at the Green Left Weekly to see how they maintain the rage.

Even when ‘strange’ and struggling, Crikey always punched above its weight

In 20 years, Crikey has gone from a 'strange website' to a force for good, writes Adam Schwab.

Crikey’s biggest scoops: Paddy Manning’s last stand

Revisiting one of Crikey's biggest scoops: the column by Paddy Manning that cost him his job at The Sydney Morning Herald

A wage theft register could help government draw a line in the sand

A register of businesses found to have committed wage theft would make it easier for governments to exclude them from procurement processes and grant payments.

The pursuit of influence: how the Pharmacy Guild works Canberra

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia knows what it wants, and it knows how to get it.

Behind the counter: Who does the Pharmacy Guild of Australia really work for?

Critics say the guild is there for business owners and not pharmacists, while it's becoming clear that what is good for the guild is also good for several large corporate players.

The ties that bind: just how much does the deputy PM know about a $2.4m grant?

An Inq investigation into political lobbying by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia has revealed a close relationship between Deputy Prime Minister McCormack and the guild.

Hard pill to swallow: questions persist on $20 million pain grant

Last week, Inq investigated the influence of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. Today, we look at one example of what it gets for its efforts.

Virus watch: COVID-19 by the numbers

As the world edges towards a pandemic declaration, and Donald Trump appoints a "coronavirus czar", Crikey breaks down the latest numbers on COVID-19.

International revelations

This week: dictatorship — a how-to guide, dubbing sucks, and do we really have a fuel security problem?

Virus watch: what you need to know about COVID-19

There's a lot of talk about 'pandemic' going around. How worried should you be?

Morrison dodges responsibility as coronavirus hits a weak economy

The government wants you to know that coronavirus will harm the economy and the budget — they're just not prepared to do anything about it.

Also trending

Hard pill to swallow: questions persist on $20 million pain grant

Last week, Inq investigated the influence of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia. Today, we look at one example of what it gets for its efforts.

Speaking the truth about power: the Coalition is hurting reliability, affordability and competition

While Australia faces an investment drought, the government is deterring billions in renewable energy investment because of its climate denialism. The result is more expensive and less reliable power.

That hacking sound you hear is News Corp coughing up $1.6 billion

It's been 11 years since the phone hacking scandal first broke, but the company is still feeling the effects.


They really said that?

They are inspired by their spiritual leader, the m-m-m-member for Rankin, Mr Speaker. The m-m-m-m-member for Rankin, [hahahaha] Mr Speaker. And I was thinking yesterday, as the member for Rankin was coming into the chamber fresh from his Ashram deep in the mountains of the Himalayas…


In a performance that managed to get “Hinduism” trending in Australia, the Treasurer mocks a wellbeing budget proposed by Jim Chalmers that, when first introduced in New Zealand last year, was heralded as an innovation in mental illness, crime and poverty prevention.


International revelations

This week: dictatorship — a how-to guide, dubbing sucks, and do we really have a fuel security problem?


A peek into the corrupt world of grants exposes unregulated role of staffers

Political staffers now have huge power over the spending of millions of taxpayer dollars, but face no accountability. It's time they were either treated like politicians or treated like public servants.

To stop wage theft, the government needs to put its money where its mouth is

The federal government needs to enable not just the Fair Work Ombudsman but other groups, too, to contribute to ensuring employer compliance.

No, minister, 250 people haven’t been charged with arson

In the context of the current bushfire crisis, there is simply no evidence that arson was responsible.

Peter Dutton can’t tell left from right

Peter Dutton thinks Islamist terrorists are 'left wing'. But then, he has good reason not to want to talk about right-wing terrorism.

What is the ABC for?

Crikey tries to unravel and distill some of the crucial questions we think the ABC should be asking itself in this post-Guthrie/Milne era.

Assange stands up to the courts — but what of the press?

The Julian Assange case is a wake-up call for the global criminalisation of journalism — and the press is ignoring it.

Memo for Nina and Bettina: it’s time to start fighting the real enemy

A legal spat between journalist Nina Funnell and shock commentator Bettina Arndt continues while the real enemy escapes.

Crikey’s biggest scoops: boning Eddie McGuire

Revisiting one of Crikey's biggest scoops: the affidavit that claimed Eddie McGuire talked about whether Nine should "bone" Jessica Rowe.

In Stan they trust: a year on, the new Nine loses its lustre

A year on from its takeover with Fairfax, low profit figures raise the question: is Nine successful anywhere other than with Stan?

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