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Is it illegal to lie to voters in political ads?

This election has triggered a loud call for something to be done about untruth in political advertising. But can we actually do anything under current laws?

Business moves to fill Morrison’s empty agenda

The unexpected election of the Morrison government gives business an opportunity to get their wishlist: the same old industrial relations deregulation and company tax cuts.

Stopping Adani won’t stop climate change

You don’t reduce emissions by banning a coal mine. You reduce them by providing a credible and affordable way of making electricity that can replace coal.

Reserve Bank commits to rate cut, citing rising unemployment and high tax

The RBA has taken the remarkable step of flagging that it will cut interest rates out of concern for unemployment, the government's high tax burden and persistent low household income growth.

Morrison’s big challenge with China

Beijing was clearly hoping for a Labor win, and has every reason to be distrustful of our new government. Where can we go from here?

Can Clive Palmer demand a gag clause for Queensland Nickel workers?

Former Queensland Nickel workers are owed money. That isn't in dispute. The question here is whether Palmer is allowed to demand silence in exchange for that money.

The pressure is on for more media mergers

With ad revenues down across the board, don't be surprised if you see more legacy media companies pushing for mergers this year.

Franking credits may not have won the election, but they helped

Crikey readers discuss franking credits, political polls and the election.

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Can the bookies tell us who will be the next prime minister?

Some pundits swear by the idea the betting markets are a stronger indicator of an upcoming election's outcome than any polling. But how does it work?

Night of shocks leaves careers and reputations in tatters

As the results rolled in through the night, careers ended and shocks abounded as Labor's expected win vanished.

Far-right surge in Queensland helps mighty Morrison hold the line

A sharp swing to the far right in Queensland has enabled Scott Morrison to hold off Labor and achieve a victory few thought possible — even among opinion pollsters.

Turn left: why pundits are wrong about Labor’s next move

A rightward or centre shift wouldn't have helped Labor win this election, and it won't help it win the next one. If the party wants to survive it needs to tell a bold story, not a cautionary tale.

How business-as-usual and vested interests won out

The 2019 election showed how powerful economic interests could thwart attempts to erode their privileges and rorts via scare campaigns.

Australia can’t build a future on franking credits 

Counter to many election predictions, it's the boomers wot won it. Now we desperately need to reckon with the results.

Can we still trust political polling?

In the wake of a shock election result, the public have been left wondering how the polls got it so wrong — and if we can rely on them in the future.

Why did Warringah buck the trend?

Steggall's win against Abbott should have felt like a revolutionary occasion, but it's been somewhat of an anti-climax.

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After watergate, will Barnaby Joyce lose New England to an independent?

In Saturday’s election, Barnaby Joyce is widely expected to stroll to victory. Who is the new independent getting in his way?

How Dutton kept Dickson

Dutton's electors are older, whiter and more affluent than the average Australian. This came down to highways and franking credits.

Warringah: a symbol for this strange, close, and bad-tempered election

There are the two realities that Abbott forever inhabits — the messianic protector of Western civilisation, and Australia's great clanging embarrassment.


They really said that?

Labor didn’t have that policy but there are people within the party who want that policy.


The member for Goldstein’s attempts to defend the “death tax” scare campaign after being pressed by the ABC’s Patricia Karvelas.


Environmental as anything

This week: life expectancy gaps, return of the mammoth, more dunnies please, and the 49% solution (to humanity).


How the Coalition played a long game to win the franking credits debate

From targeting RSLs to confusing claims, franking credits have been a defining issue in the election. How did the Coalition win this one?

The media is in denial about the surge of the far right

The media is overlooking how strongly Pauline Hanson's One Nation performed in the election — and how other, even worse extremists are exploiting her legitimacy.

Where did Labor go wrong?

The reasons for Labor's failure will be widely discussed but it may have made the same mistake it made in 2004 — not offering a simple enough choice to voters.

Losing the unlosable election: the aftermath for Labor

Labor's platform wasn't bold at all. It was piecemeal but pricey, an inept combination, the worst possible.

Fear-mongering was alive and well in this election campaign

The election campaign is over, but the effects of racist campaigning roll on in Melbourne's western suburbs and beyond.

What is the ABC for?

Crikey tries to unravel and distill some of the crucial questions we think the ABC should be asking itself in this post-Guthrie/Milne era.

Bowen calls for Labor to return to its roots

Labor leadership hopeful Chris Bowen says the party must return to its working class roots, and the Coalition clinches majority. It's the news you need to know, with Rachel Withers.

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Did News Corp’s Queensland monopoly decide the election?

News Corp's monopoly removes the discipline of competition, freeing an openly conservative media to be, well, more openly conservative.

News Corp v Labor: 24 hours in the election news cycle

We traced News Corp's messaging on Labor from the morning papers through to Sky After Dark.

How News Corp campaigns in a different reality to the rest of Australia

News Corp has a long history of backing unlikely — and often unpopular — election winners. Will the federal election be any different?

Drama and tragedy roll on in Rush defamation case

Accusations of bias. Witness X revealed. Tactical ploys ahead of special damages. This thing is far from done.

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