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NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian (Image: AAP/Dan Himbrechts)

Do ANY rules apply to an increasingly arrogant Gladys Berejiklian?

Gladys Berejiklian appears to think the rules don't apply to her. What if NSW voters took the same approach?

Michael Waite, publisher of the Naracoorte News (Image: Kate Hill)

Big bucks in the bush: small media outlets say grants scheme unfair

'I’m competing against a corporation that gets $10 million dollars which, any way you slice it, isn’t fair.'

Rupert Murdoch and Scott Morrison (Images: AP, AAP)

Mates looking after mates. Coalition has an impressive array of programs to fund News Corp

The Morrison government has big plans to channel huge amounts of money to News Corp.

James Wolfensohn (Image: AAP/Laura Friezer)

James Wolfensohn, from Sydney to the World Bank — truly a global Australian

Australian-born financier James Wolfensohn will be remembered for more than just his impact on the World Bank.

Alan Ramsey (Image: Australian media Hall of Fame)

Truth be told, an honest obit treats readers — and the dead — with respect

Veteran journalist Alan Ramsey's SMH obituary held no punches — just as he held none in his years as a feared and respected columnist.

Kylie Moore-Gilbert appears in Iranian state media footage (Image: Supplied)

Free but then what? Kylie Moore-Gilbert’s long way back to a new normal

Australian academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert has been released from prison in Iran. But it's not the end of her ordeal.

(Image: ABC, via Osman Faruqi/Twitter)

The ABC’s white-out sends its spinners into a yes-no-maybe frenzy

The ABC comms department was left to tweet its way out after the broadcaster copped flack for its lily-white news and current affairs line-up.

Q+A host Hamish McDonald (Image: ABC)

A new night for Q+A in scheduling balancing act that shows up commercial networks

The ABC will spread its flagship programming over the week in 2021, including moving Q+A to the current deadzone of Thursday nights.

Bernard Collaery (left) and Labor MP Luke Gosling (right) (Images: AAP)

MP calls for Porter explanation on the persecution of K and Collaery

A Labor MP with close links to Timor-Leste has called on Christian Porter to explain himself over the prosecution of Witness K and Bernard Collaery and suggests 'reputational protection' is behind the secrecy of the trial.

Harvey Norman co-founder Gerry Harvey (Image: AAP/Aman Sharma)

Gerry Harvey lets ‘village idiot’ play 20 questions at his first ever online AGM

'Village idiot' Stephen Mayne flew under the radar at Harvey Norman's online AGM, until Gerry Harvey picked up the scent...

Jordan Peterson

Peterson is back with more rules … The Tele finds a new Yassmin … Trump frees his favourite crook

Every teenage boy’s favourite pseudo-intellectual is back, and has the Tele found its new Yassmin? Catch up with all the latest tips and murmurs.

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Former AMP boss Boe Pahari (Image: Private Media)

Dollars, sense and sexual harassment: when share price is all that matters

The AMP controversy proves it: companies will not remove accused harassers until the share price plummets.

Wheelchair ramp planned and cash refunded after Inq investigation

After reading Inq's story about Jay White, a provider has offered to build a safe ramp for his home at no cost.

The Australian's political editor Sharri Markson (Image: Sky News/YouTube)

From the recesses of the internet to the front page of The Australian: a bomb-thrower’s journey

Inspired by Sky. Cooked in a dark room. Delivered by the Oz. This is how a News Corp exclusive is made

Jay White in front of his home west of Sydney (Image: Supplied)

How shonky providers are draining the accounts of people with disabilities

The NDIS says it has zero tolerance for fraudulent disability providers, but a former investigator tells Inq that fraudulent claims are all too common.

(Image: Supplied)

Sky’s the limit as online influence soars and the law struggles to catch up

Sky News' digital strategy has allowed its partisan video content to enjoy an explosive growth online.

Court of Appeal throws wrench in insurers’ get-out-of-paying pandemic scheme

When it comes to pandemic coverage always read the fine print — particularly if you're the one who wrote it, as at least one insurance company has found out.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce (Image: AAP/Biance De Marchi)

Qantas’ vaccine mandate is absolutely legal — and not the first of its kind

Qantas passengers travelling internationally will have to prove they have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Fair call?

South Australian Opposition Leader Peter Malinauskas and Premier Steven Marshall (Image: Facebook/AAP/Kelly Barnes)

Politicians sniff the COVID winds and pick their targets carefully

SA opposition leader Peter Malinauskas has definitely been reading the opinion polls.

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ADF chief General Angus Campbell (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Officers escape legal responsibility, but what about their moral accountability?

Officers in command of special forces in Afghanistan either turned a blind eye to bad behaviour or genuinely didn't know about it. Either way, it's unacceptable.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison addresses the media (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Even the dumbest social media critics of journalism might have a point

Australian journalists — sick of being criticised by social media users — have to think hard about how to cover politicians who persistently lie, including Scott Morrison.

(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Global tariffs the only way to end Australia’s climate criminality

With a corrupted political process and a media industry pushing climate denialism, the chances of Australia embracing effective climate action appear slim. The rest of the world is therefore justified in punishing a country that is becoming a climate criminal.

No vaccine is 100% safe, so shouldn’t Australia have a compensation scheme?

Unlike Australia, 25 countries offer their citizens no-fault compensation payments for vaccine injuries, with no need to go to court.

(Image: National Archives of Australia)

The truth about the CIA’s role in the Dismissal is out there — but good luck finding it

The 'proof' of no US involvement in the Dismissal offered in a new Palace Letters book is a sham and Australians are still in the dark.

Kerry Stokes and Andrew 'Twiggy' Forrest (Images: AAP)

Where the elite meet the elite: who’s behind the special fund for special forces?

Kerry Stokes has vowed to fund the legal fight of SAS soldiers accused of committing war crimes in Afghanistan. But it appears he won't be backrolling their defence on his own.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (Image: Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX)

Want to pay for an extra 54,000 nurses? Then stop corporate tax abuse

The costs of the pandemic are being borne by the poorest and most vulnerable. The economic burden of rescue packages should not fall on them as well. Former federal treasurer Wayne Swan on why we need to overhaul corporate tax rules.

The ghost of Diana haunts the high end of journalism, exposing hard questions

The 'serious' news media always turned up their noses at tabloid misbehaviour. But were they really much better?

(Images: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Seven caught in the middle of an unignorable story and the loyalty of Kerry Stokes

Seven West Media must walk the tight rope of its coverage of the Brereton SAS war crimes report and its chairman's support of military figures.

(Image: AAP/Jason Reed)

Here’s a story you won’t see in News Corp: Murdoch suppresses debate at own AGM

Rupert Murdoch continued his long and shameless record of suppressing shareholder participation and debate at this morning’s News Corp AGM.