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Politicians only complain about Murdoch’s influence after they quit

Those complaining about Rupert Murdoch wielding influence over prime ministers ignore the fact that prime ministers assiduously seek his favour.

Pauline Hanson and the rise of the ‘anti-white racism’ narrative

The notion of "anti-white racism" is bubbling up from the worst parts of the internet to the Australian Senate.

Australia needs to prepare for the trade war or end up a casualty

Whatever the outcome of the building trade war between the US and China, Australia's economy will be affected dramatically — for better or worse.

Who is working the Ken Wyatt ‘defection’ stories?

Hanson-Young's questionable pun, La Trobe's grim future and who's trying to take down Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt?

Freedom warriors find the needle in the strawberry pit

The symbiotic love between freedom warriors like Rita Panahi and an all powerful police state are perfectly clear.

How Collingwood became the most hated team in the AFL

From Eddie McGuire to a "feral" fan base, Collingwood is a spectre that haunts the Australian football imagination. But there's more to this hatred than it may seem.

Is the US right to charge a North Korean hacker?

The decision by the US government to lay charges against a hacker working for North Korea has sparked off a debate about how the world should respond to the digital crimes of the Hermit Kingdom.

Does anyone understand Labor’s trade policy?

Labor is waving through legislation that goes against its own policy, and is simultaneously worried about rising trade barriers but also wants to raise our own. Go figure.

No one is surprised about Morrison’s failure on climate policy

Crikey readers discuss Scott Morrison's climate policies and Labor's Witness K failures.

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Fixing Today’s ratings isn’t as simple as replacing Karl Stefanovic

Names are flying for suggested replacements of Karl Stefanovic, but will toppling the big name save the problem?

How Turnbull lost control

The idea of Malcolm Turnbull as a true reformist leader never became reality. Seeking to govern from the centre, he ended up alienating everyone.

Ten years, $22 trillion and 400,000 thinkpieces

Welcome to Side View -- a curated guide to new and overlooked content on politics, policy, and public affairs. This week: high-speed Geiger counters, Wendell Willkie, and when the answer is "no I'm not OK".

Labor has serious questions to answer about Witness K

Labor used to be the party that was sceptical of Australia's intelligence agencies. It's time for MPs to speak out on their party's collusion with the cover-up of the Witness K scandal — even if it means admitting Labor's own culpability in the affair.

Will Labor take a stand on the Witness K trial?

Crikey readers discuss political silence around the Witness K trial.

As politicians frolic, the Witness K scandal unfolds in a crowded courtroom

The greatest intelligence scandal of recent decades continued in a small Canberra court yesterday when Witness K and Bernard Collaery were put on trial. The government wanted to hide it.

‘Hypocrite minister’: Timor-Leste activists blast Bishop for prosecution of Witness K

Timor-Leste activists see the mistreatment of Witness K as yet more evidence of Australian arrogance and imperialism.

Cash scandal a major test for Commonwealth prosecutor

A failure by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions to put Michaelia Cash's staff on trial in relation to the AWU raids would send a grave signal about the independence of that office.

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A government of the mates, by the mates, for the mates

A jaded electorate is sick of politicians looking after mates rather than them. But Scott Morrison and Peter Dutton seem to promise even more of that, not less.

Liberals turn to pokies king Roger Corbett to manage Tony Abbott exit

Roger Corbett, arguably Australia's biggest pokies pusher, is likely to chair Tony Abbott’s upcoming Federal Electorate Conference for Warringah.

Did Tony Abbott duck a teenager’s question on climate change?

Abbott cops a bad review, David Speers blows his own trumpet, and "saving" Australia from the left agenda.

Prying Eyes

How personal surveillance invades our lives 24/7

Media moguls and the Turnbull coup

Kerry Stokes is now embroiled in reports about media involvement in the usurpation of Malcolm Turnbull. Plus, a Senate inquiry finds Peter Dutton misled parliament over the au pair scandal. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

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Morrison now officially worse than Abbott on climate change

The Morrison government now officially has no climate policy, which makes it even worse than the Abbott government in a crucial policy area.

The mess after the spill

A month on from the leadership spill, and things are far from "business as usual". Crikey speaks to public servants about what effects this chaos really has within government departments. 

Who is Gareth Ward, the MP accused of bullying colleagues?

While accusations of bullying in parliament have continued behind closed doors, one alleged perpetrator has been publicly named by departing MP Ann Sudmalis: Gareth Ward.

Frydenberg spruiks jobs numbers while ignoring female underemployment

The government can shout about strong jobs growth, but it completely ignores that underemployment among women has remained high for decades.

The road not taken: reflections on the global financial crisis

History will conclude that the critics of Labor’s GFC response 10 years ago were hopelessly wrong. By avoiding a sudden, deep recession, Australia also avoided testing out what its effect may have been on our democratic system.

Holy Wars

How The Australian targets and attacks its enemies

Why the case against Tim Blair for alleged transgender vilification failed

Although Blair's comments came "close to the line" of inciting severe ridicule, they didn’t quite cross it. Ultimately, the case failed.

Asset write-downs forecast gloomy days ahead for regional TV

Despite a sunnier outlook for big players like Nine and Seven, regional TV affiliates continue to write down asset values as revenue and profit forecasts worsen.

What does the Wagners’ defamation action mean for the Nine-Fairfax merger?

Alan Jones' $3.7 million payout has surely underlined some reputational and financial concerns. Now, Nine has their own suit to fight.

Will increasing digital subscriptions really save newspapers?

News Corp's recently published digital subscriber numbers signalled good things for the publisher. But is it the quick fix they need to save declining revenues?

The News Corp guide to countering revenue decline with outrage tactics

News Corp is replacing disappearing ad revenues with a model based on localised outrage journalism. Is it working?

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