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Inexperienced, value-less Morrison is among the dark Satanic mills

The Morrison government is coming to be characterised by misjudgement — reflecting not just a lack of experience but a lack of core values.

Large-scale fascist violence will make it to Australia soon enough

The process of developing a fascist movement in Australia has been delayed only by Pauline Hanson's inability. But it will come.

Greens go back to grassroots with Wentworth byelection

The Greens haven't made a big splash in Wentworth for this byelection, but local candidate Dominic Wy Kanak is playing the long game.

Anatomy of a fuck-up: ‘it’s OK to be white’ debacle

Embarrassing mistake? Terrifying attempt at dog-whistling? Both? We've broken down the timeline of the government's brush with white supremacist slogans.

LEAKED: years of government policy confirmed to be ‘administrative error’

Government staffers could not explain how such an extensive series of administrative errors could have occurred.

Could Australia survive another financial crisis?

If there's another financial crisis, is Australia well-placed to respond? Not as well as we might be.

Australian politics has a 1933 moment

The Coalition's support for a racist motion from Pauline Hanson trashes its legacy of fighting fascism and signals a dark moment in Australian politics.

What are Morrison’s chances of reconciling with China?

Scott Morrison is quietly continuing Malcolm Turnbull's attempts to mend relations with the wannabe regional hegemon, but he has his work cut out for him.

Australia can’t afford another decade of climate inaction

Last week's IPCC report was uniquely depressing, but it was also a wake-up call. There are many ways Australia can turn this all around.

Enough lies. Enough of the bullshit Ordinary People act.

Yesterday, 28 ruling class arseholes did their Ordinary People act. I'm used to it. I am not quite so used to seeing them in their ordinary people drag while screeching racist rot.

The shortest lexicon

Poet John Kinsella on Senator Pauline Hanson's 'it's OK to be white' motion on Monday.

The media frenzy over Harry and Meghan’s visit is just beginning

Don't expect the media storm over the arrival of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, to subside any time soon.

Why Western bluster over Khashoggi will go nowhere

Donald Trump and the West may raise their voices about Saudi Arabia over the presumed killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, but will it lead to real action?

Abortion decriminalised in Queensland

Abortion decriminalised in Queensland

Good morning, early birds! Queensland's parliament has successfully voted to strike abortion from the criminal code, and rumours are stirring of an imminent leadership spill in the Nationals. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

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The Bachelor’s shock finale was a horrifying satire of dating in 2018

Honey Badger-types are everywhere on the human supermarket conveyor belt of Tinder. For once, the show delivered something amazingly genuine.

Australian politics has a 1933 moment

The Coalition's support for a racist motion from Pauline Hanson trashes its legacy of fighting fascism and signals a dark moment in Australian politics.

What can we do about another disappointing government sell-out?

Governments assume giving public spaces like the Opera House and Federation Square to commercial interests will not harm them. It will.

On the drug money

Welcome to Side View — a curated guide to new and overlooked content on politics, policy, and public affairs. This week: crime, police and policy on the streets of the Big Apple, why funerals are a rip-off and Japan runs out of people.

Coalition ‘abuse’ ABC board nominations system: former panel member

Good morning, early birds. A former insider has hit out at Coalition "abuse" of the nominations process for the ABC board. Plus, Bill Shorten is reportedly committing to keep Home Affairs. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods

John Howard can teach us a thing or two about respecting the ABC’s independence

The Turnbull government's abandonment of formal processes for communicating with the ABC always looked likely to come back and bite it. They should've taken cues from Honest John.

Five myths of the Milne-Guthrie saga that need to be laid to rest

The facts around this week's events at the ABC are being obscured by self-serving claims that shouldn't be allowed to gain currency.

Wentworth voters will be watching the ABC fiasco closely

Voters in Wentworth are, almost by definition, the ABC's ideal supporters. The Liberal Party would do well to remember that in the lead-up to October's byelection.

Who fired Michelle Guthrie? A brief look at the ABC board.

The ABC's board looks more like that of a listed company than a public broadcaster.

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Bill Shorten launches Labor’s pre-election action plan

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has launched what he's calling a "fair go" action plan for a Labor government, appealing to voter dissatisfaction.

An introduction to Malaysia’s unfathomably large 1MDB fraud scandal

Crikey examines Malaysia's multibillion dollar 1MDB sovereign wealth fund scandal, which may well be remembered as the textbook case of financial fraud in the modern age.

Scott Morrison’s obsession with LGBTIQ issues is affecting his judgment

Scott Morrison has a hang-up about LGBTIQ issues, and it appears to drive his obsession with religious freedom. It's an obsession his government could do without.

Holy Wars

How The Australian targets and attacks its enemies

Is Morrison’s agility enough to get the Liberals over the line?

Scott Morrison is moving much faster to deal with crises than Malcolm Turnbull — but the problem for the Liberals is that crises keep erupting.

A government refusing to act on climate change is a government not fit to lead

Some political parties are simply unfit to govern. The federal Liberals' refusal to address climate change disqualifies them from the being serious policymakers.

When will Australia have its own “same sex wedding cake” legal debacle?

Cases of bakers refusing to sell same-sex celebrating cakes have made it to the highest courts in the UK and US. When it occurs here, what will the judicial response be?

The Libs weaponise happy-clappy politics in an empty culture war

The new hope of the Liberal Party, as they see it, is a corner of the society that forever believes Jesus wants to lower taxes and stop the boats.

Costello offers 2007’s best solution to the Liberal malaise

Peter Costello thinks a better narrative would fix the Liberals' problems. But his idea of politics is stuck in the world of yesterday.

Prying Eyes

How personal surveillance invades our lives 24/7

Cosmopolitan Australia ‘no longer sustainable’, like most of the glossy mag industry

German publishing group Bauer Media have folded yet another beloved magazine. What does it say about the future of the industry?

Foxtel marketing shake-up raises questions about company plans

Foxtel's chief marketing officer, Andy Lark, lasted just 10 months in the role before leaving the company. His replacement will have added pressure to turn Foxtel's fortunes around.

The big guns fire for Nine on a uninspiring night

Favourites like The Block  and The Big Bang Theory did the job for Nine.

How can Fairfax-Nine avoid the same fate as Seven West Media?

The bottom line for Nine-Fairfax is that it will have to avoid being a typical Australian media merger that destroys value, rather than creates it.

The Everest ad spend pales next to free publicity from Opera House furore

The crowd at the race was up almost 20% and betting turnover was up 9%. At least some of this success was due to the free publicity from the Opera House debacle.

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