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Justin Milne doesn’t understand his job and must go — now

Justin Milne's demand for the sacking of Emma Alberici is an unforgivable breach of the ABC's independence. He must resign, and quickly.

Why Justin Milne can’t be sacked. Literally.

It is very difficult to sack a statutory appointee like Justin Milne -- and deliberately so. That puts the onus on him to resign.

The death of the ‘safe Liberal seat’

The Liberal Party can't afford to take these constituencies for granted anymore. But what does it mean to be a "Liberal" seat now anyway?

The ballad of Ken Wyatt

The Aged Care Minister has strongly denied rumours he's considering defecting to Labor, but a look over his career shows he's been given every reason to think about it.

Defamation law could prevent us knowing the whole truth about Guthrie’s demise

We're clearly not getting the full story from the ABC board. And if Australia's defamation laws don't change, we likely never will.

Banking regulation has failed. Here’s how to fix it.

A new kind of regulatory approach is needed for financial services, but whether the royal commission can recommend one isn't clear.

New Zealand Fairfax merger attempt is blocked, again

A merger attempt between Fairfax's New Zealand imprint Stuff and rival business NZME has been blocked once more.

Whoever replaces Guthrie, they have their work cut out for them

Crikey readers debate Guthrie's replacement and other issues of the day.

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Weak Morrison now leads a world-class political circus

Never has there been a new Prime Minister with less authority than Scott Morrison, who leads not so much a party as an ongoing civil war.

Morrison is right on aged care funding: reports of cuts are fiction

The claim that the Coalition cut funding from aged care is a bald-faced lie, and one that points to the problems with a royal commission into the sector.

The truth about political nanny troubles

There's good reason these scandals cause such damage all around the world: they sum up everything we hate about politicians.

Ten years, $22 trillion and 400,000 thinkpieces

Welcome to Side View -- a curated guide to new and overlooked content on politics, policy, and public affairs. This week: high-speed Geiger counters, Wendell Willkie, and when the answer is "no I'm not OK".

How the ABC’s culture hobbled Guthrie’s mission for modernisation

Michelle Guthrie's ouster reveals the scale of the modernisation challenge faced by the ABC, and the culture her replacement must navigate.

Who are the people lining up to replace Guthrie?

Which media executives are dusting off their CVs in a bid to fill Guthrie's shoes? Crikey looks at some of the names floating around.

Have you got what it takes to be the ABC’s next managing director?

Must have experience as a high-level editor of major national journalistic outlet, manager of radio and/or television broadcaster, an executive of digital content creation and distribution platform, a drama/light entertainment commissioning executive, a chief liaison with key stakeholders, and financial and strategic planning expertise.

The new ABC managing director must cancel Rage

It’s time to make this, truly, our ABC. The Australian public has some demands.

Death by a thousand cards: staff weigh in on Guthrie’s sacking

In September, Guthrie told staff to try and boost morale by handing out thank you cards with images of a corny character named Larry. It could have been the last straw.

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More than Mark Knight: inside Australian media’s enduring problem with race

This embarrassing international incident highlights not only Australia’s stubborn refusal to act on the urgency of race, but the media's stubborn refusal to even listen.

The limits of Me Too and the traumatic Personal Narrative

Me Too isn't a movement. It hasn't moved for a year. We now have Me Too institutions. They claim their work is political. Yet their work is to be as apolitical as possible.

The new ABC managing director must cancel Rage

It’s time to make this, truly, our ABC. The Australian public has some demands.

Holy Wars

How The Australian targets and attacks its enemies

ABC chairman wanted Guthrie to sack Emma Alberici

New revelations emerge about the tension between sacked ABC managing director Michelle Guthrie and chairman Justin Milne. Plus, the printing company that raked in half a million dollars of tax payers' money despite not owning a single commercial printer. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

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News Corp journos’ spin on the latest Newspoll result is baffling

But it's probably the result of occupational hazard.

Biloela girls and baby in on-shore detention showing ‘behavioural disturbance’

Doctors have raised troubling concerns about the rare instance of three young girls in long-term detention.

A Sunday afternoon trying to make the Liberal Party great again

A new book proposes a plan to fix the Liberal parties leadership woes.

Disasters of Brexit expose the fragility of democracy

A second Brexit referendum may come to pass -- and would be as genuine expression of democratic vote, despite what Leavers may say -- but if not, it's enough just to see the Tories squirm.

Nightmare on Macquarie St looms despite strong NSW Liberal performance

The disastrous scenario of a return to government by NSW Labor -- which previously brought the state perhaps its worst ever corruption -- is looking more and more possible.

Prying Eyes

How personal surveillance invades our lives 24/7

Horne Prize reneges on diversity drive

The guidelines of the Horne essay prize have been changed after David Marr and Anna Funder quit in protest.

The short and tumultuous reign of an ABC boss

A look back at Crikey's coverage of the troubled times of Michelle Guthrie.

The ABC’s unusual explanation as to why the board sacked Guthrie

ABC chairman Justin Milne's call for "fresh leadership" less than halfway through Guthrie's term is peculiar.

Guthrie sacking brings problematic tenure to a close

Michelle Guthrie's stint as ABC managing director was marked by constant criticism about her priorities and lack of broadcasting and journalistic background.

Politicians only complain about Murdoch’s influence after they quit

Those complaining about Rupert Murdoch wielding influence over prime ministers ignore the fact that prime ministers assiduously seek his favour.

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