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Dutton delivers mortal wound to Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull this morning called on his opponents to hit him with their best shot. And Peter Dutton delivered a body blow that means his prime ministership is terminal.

Is Dutton popular enough with voters to save the Coalition?

Malcolm Turnbull may have suffered a massive setback in recent polling. But it had nothing to do with the NEG backflip. And Turnbull is still more popular than any other would-be PM in the Coalition.

The policy class has always had a truth problem

When the media gets excited about a lying politician, they don't seem to realise that voters already know the truth has been buried by decades of bullshit.

Tips and rumours

Christopher Pyne loves the drama, the Greens bring the noise in Dickson, and insert jokey reference to form emails here.

In the death of neoliberalism, business has blood on its hands too

As the Liberal Party embraces interventionism, business would do well to wonder what role it played in the shift from market economics.

There are plenty of lessons to learn from the past, but let’s get the history right

In the face of increasingly absurd debate about Hitler and socialism, liberals would be wise to read up on the finer details before history repeats itself.

Offshore detention is sadism. The camps are labs for the exploration of human suffering.

When you are willing to let someone go blind slowly, a child to starve themself to death in protest and trauma, then your camp has become something other than a mere containment facility that happens to be cruel.

Seven predicts earnings rise as it continues to cut costs

Seven West Media have announced that it is expecting a rise in earnings for the 2018-19 financial year. This will be the first such rise in years.

In appeasing the right, Turnbull veers hard left

Malcolm Turnbull has embraced a hardline interventionist policy in the energy sector — one that would have had critics howling about socialism if Labor had done the same.

Turnbull’s position as shaky as ever

Crikey readers discuss Turnbull's fate and Fairfax's rural survival.

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Filthy Rich and Homeless is bloated with empathy and lacking in unsexy facts

Who really cares about my "empathy"? The producers of SBS' returning show seem to think we’re living in a democracy. One activated by eminent tears.

Does Emma Husar have a case against BuzzFeed?

Emma Husar's political ambitions may be toast, but there are huge considerations to be made before suing for defamation.

Anguished social media warriors have it wrong on Husar

Many progressives on social media are guilty of exactly the kind of filtering and denialism they deride Trump supporters and climate denialists for.

Turnbull stumbling in the dark after policy cave-in

Malcolm Turnbull has ditched his signature energy policy in a desperate bid to quell leadership tensions. It may not be enough.

What exactly is the NEG supposed do? And is it actually going to achieve it?

The Coalition claims that the NEG will reduce emissions, make power more reliable, and save households money. The numbers paint a different picture.

NEG on his face: Turnbull’s energy win shows Abbott for a fool

Malcolm Turnbull's party room win on the NEG delivers a fatal blow to Tony Abbott's lingering capacity to hurt his leader.

Turnbull chases NEG support

Good morning, early birds. NEG negotiations are underway as parliament resumes. Plus, a war veteran calls for a criminal investigation into Fairfax. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

NEG on the line at crucial COAG meeting

Good morning, early birds. The future of the NEG is on the line at today's COAG meeting. Plus, yet another call for boycott of My Health Record. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

Space Force majeure

Welcome to Side View — a curated guide to new and overlooked content on politics, policy, and public affairs. This week: breeding the brave members of Space Force, geo-engineering doesn't work, and growing up with your local library.

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Australia’s 25 million is nothing compared to the coming boom

Our population has skyrocketed, and city planning refuses to keep up, but the most recent milestone won't be impressive for long.

NEG on his face: Turnbull’s energy win shows Abbott for a fool

Malcolm Turnbull's party room win on the NEG delivers a fatal blow to Tony Abbott's lingering capacity to hurt his leader.

Weekly Times editor resigns amid controversy

As well as a formal bullying complaint, Crikey understands that at least three employees who have left the paper raised concerns in their HR exit interviews about the culture at the paper.

Pressure mounts on Malcolm

Reports indicate we could see a leadership spill as early as this morning. Plus, private schools walk back their support for a new funding arrangement. It's the news you need to know with Natasha Grivas.

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Prying Eyes

How personal surveillance invades our lives 24/7

Ciobo vies for a big Asian free trade agreement, but appetite is lacking

Queensland's Steve Ciobo isn't getting as far with free trade agreements as he might like, despite his clear enthusiasm for them.

Was Hitler a socialist?

Short answer? No. (The long answer is also no.)

Is Australia’s parliament really ‘united against racism’?

Wait, Australian politicians don't like racism? When did that happen?

One year later, was the Australia Day citizenship ceremony fiasco worth it?

In 2017, the government stripped two Melbourne councils of their ability to conduct citizenship ceremonies. One year on, what has it meant for new Australians affected?

How the government won the race to throw money at the Reef

Why was there such a lack of process around the handout to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation? Take a look at the books ahead of the budget.

Holy Wars

How The Australian targets and attacks its enemies

Ben Roberts-Smith launches defamation action against Fairfax

A much anticipated lawsuit has been brought against Fairfax by former soldier Ben Roberts-Smith after allegations of bullying and violence were printed in Fairfax papers.

With Seven West shares flying off the shelf, is there a deal in the works?

Media and business followers will be keeping an ear to the ground for any rumblings of a Seven West Media deal, following a week of intense share trading.

As #auspol dominates discourse, journalists turn to log off

For Australian journalists, it's not enough to see social media as simply a tool for distribution — they need to gear up for war every time they log on.

Could regional newspapers be healthier without Fairfax?

Many predict that the Nine-Fairfax deal would see the end of Fairfax's ownership of regional papers. But would that necessarily be a bad thing?

Telstra and News Corp profit reports don’t paint a pretty picture for Foxtel

New profit reports from News Corp and Telstra indicate that Foxtel's subscriber base is still fraught, and things will probably get worse before they get better.

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