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It’s 1987 again in the public service — but the problems won’t change

Scott Morrison's public service changes restore management practices of previous decades, while failing to address core problems in the APS.

Is this curtains for the arts in the Australian government? Not quite.

The reshuffling of the bureaucratic deckchairs doesn’t really mean the end of the Arts ministry. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't be worried.

Could asthmatics be displaced by climate change?

As air quality steadily worsens, NSW asthmatics have been forced to think long-term about where they are going to live.

Naomi Wolf’s accusation of ‘anti-Semitism’ exudes mainstream left-wing foolishness

In an era where anti-Semitism is on the rise again, are we overusing the term, and thus stripping it of its impact and meaning?

Fred Nile goes fire and brimstone (and other news you may have missed)

Trouble in eternal paradise, playing the exclusive card, and the incompetence defence: after a big week in news, here are the stories you may have missed in all the mayhem.

A scandal in Zambia and the Australian company at its centre

Despite overwhelming opposition, including from 17 chieftains, this mining project looks to be going ahead. This leaves us asking one question: why?

Death by a million leaks: the campaign against medivac

The government's arguments against medivac laws were repeatedly bolstered by conveniently timed leaks. Who could be behind them?

When it comes to investing, sometimes things just don’t add up

What is Mayfair Platinum and why is it running hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of ads?

End-of-year ratings figures don’t give networks much reason to boast

In an era of falling revenues and cost-cutting, the annual ratings numbers leave a lot to be desired.

Australia is leaving its intelligence officers behind

Crikey readers respond to the case of 'Witness J' and Australia's neglect of its intelligence personnel, while elsewhere readers discuss the dark legacy of Trump mentor Roy Cohn and lament the death of medivac policy.

Everything is just impeachy

Everything is just impeachy

Good morning, early birds. Across the pond, the US House of Representatives has launched an impeachment inquiry into the president's conduct, and in Canberra, Scott Morrison is dismantling government departments on the grounds of efficiency. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

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A scandal in Zambia and the Australian company at its centre

Despite overwhelming opposition, including from 17 chieftains, this mining project looks to be going ahead. This leaves us asking one question: why?

#29Leaks: has the ADF been caught up in a Russian money laundering scheme?

As part of the #29Leaks data leak, Inq and Michael West Media investigate a disturbing story involving the ADF, Russian contractors, and allegations of money laundering using Australian taxpayer funds.

Why did the government declare war on the AAT? To uphold ‘community standards’

CHAPTER ELEVEN: The government justifies its reshaping of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal by claiming it brings it into line with 'community standards'. For some seeking the tribunal's judgement, the changes could mean life or death.

Inside the mind of the paedophile priest

CHAPTER ONE: Almost 1900 child sexual abusers have been identified in Australian Catholic churches. The average victim was under 12. What led people to commit such horrible crimes on such a staggering scale?  

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Where’s Fraser Anning? (And other news you may have missed.)

After a big week in news, here are the stories you may have missed in all the mayhem.

Is there anything we won’t blame Greta Thunberg for?

Man ousted from car show after physical and verbal abuse blames teenage girl for death of car shows.

You’ve lost it, Gerry. It’s time to go.

After a two-hour insult-fest at yesterday’s extraordinary Harvey Norman AGM in Sydney, it's clear that something needs to change.

How bad is the economy? Let us count the ways.

A torrent of economic data emerged yesterday to suggest the stagnating economy is at risk of turning into something worse.

Reserve Bank flags that government must address stagnation

The Reserve Bank has suggested monetary policy has done most of what it can for a stagnating economy — and that it's time for the government to step up.

Morrison’s stagnation is harming ‘quiet Australians’

Despite the government's claims that wages growth is picking up, it fell in the December quarter. Scott Morrison's 'quiet Australians' face years of minimal pay increases.

Reserve Bank spots a lift in the economy — in the 2020s

The Reserve Bank has revised its economic forecasts down and now says there'll be no noticeable growth until Christmas 2021.


They really said that?

A good chat about strong future global demand for coal with Matthew Canavan and World Coal Association Chief Executive Michelle Manook.


Amidst several “emergency level” fires burning across NSW, the Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Resources gets immediately “ratioed” on Twitter before resorting to Morrison-like whataboutery.


Jump in my (autonomous) car

This week in Side View: Ring or Ringu? America's grim military legacy in Iraq, the fall of the National Enquirer, and crab housing.


Perrett breaks Labor’s long silence on K, Collaery

A federal Labor MP has finally spoken out about the government's malicious campaign of intimidation against Witness K and Bernard Collaery.

‘Witness J’ case lifts the veil on failure to support intelligence officials

How much support are intelligence agencies giving their officers? Growing pressures on our intelligence officials may well harm our national security.

What does it mean now that Medivac is gone?

Critical medical care decisions are now back in the hands of bureaucrats. Those suffering on Manus Island and Nauru will not be surprised.

Education league table shows a failure to fulfil the Gonski promise

Despite a substantial increase in education funding since the 2000s, Australia's educational outcomes have gone backwards — and neither side is up for the challenge of fixing the problem.

What is the ABC for?

Crikey tries to unravel and distill some of the crucial questions we think the ABC should be asking itself in this post-Guthrie/Milne era.

Media uses China’s success to shame Australian students

Meanwhile, Singapore did better than both...

Meet the women taking on Alan Jones… and winning

There’s been plenty written about the boycott campaign against Alan Jones, but we’ve heard little from the organisers behind it. Crikey spoke with the online activists.

Tracey Spicer and a history of short-selling sources

Taking action against a source is something of a journalistic cardinal sin. But that's not to say it doesn't happen.

The importance of hearing what She Said

Crikey speaks to journalist and author Jodi Kantor, who helped break the Harvey Weinstein accusations, about what has changed since the beginning of the Me Too movement.

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