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(Image: AAP, Private Media)

The crossbench is dead. Greens and indies are a third force in Parliament

The House of Representatives has become a European-style multipolar assembly. The times they are a-changin’.

(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

Just how badly did News Corp’s attacks fail? We count the ways

The Murdoch machine was not shy about its feelings towards Simon Holmes à Court and the teal independents…

Alexander Downer has been invited to appear on Q+A (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Hated by the right, a cowed ABC is now killing off its support in the centre

The national broadcaster is hurting itself and losing its hard-earned trust by caving in to pressure from the Coalition and News Corp.

Simon Holmes à Court (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

‘It was vitriolic; it was nasty’: Holmes à Court on News Corp, the Coalition’s PR team

Climate 200 founder Simon Holmes à Court speaks to David Hardaker about the teal independents, the Murdoch machine, and the state of Australian democracy.

Former United Australia Party parliamentary leader Craig Kelly with the man set to become Victoria's newest senator, Ralph Babet (Image: Facebook/Matt Babet)

Meet Ralph Babet, Clive Palmer acolyte and, maybe, Victoria’s newest senator

Babet has been quick to wipe clean his social media history, which displayed right-wing views and conspiracy theories.

If Labor won’t shut offshore gas down, it must tax it — and heavily

The party promised stronger action on climate change, so allowing the offshore gas industry to continue on its merry way is not a good look.

Mark McGowan goes after Peter Dutton, Clive Palmer, the press… everyone

The Coalition wipe-out in WA gave the state’s premier the opportunity and bravado to publicly settle some scores.

How to take a seat off an incumbent: knock on 90,000 doors

Even the supposedly safest of seats isn’t safe from a candidate willing to put in the hard yards in the community they represent.

Political youthquake hits the inner cities, but mortgage belt conservatism persists

Old-money neighbourhoods have become hubs for younger generations. Did this have a pivotal role in flipping certain electorates this election?

(Image: Gorkie/Private Media)

Labor’s failure on UFOs shows national security weakness

The Pentagon has acknowledged hundreds of cases of UFOs probing their military preparedness. Why is Labor ignoring this major issue?

What job will they do next? Crikey’s guide to life after politics for some of our most-loved MPs

Will Penny Wong host the ABC’s Hard Quiz? Will Bridget McKenzie become an elite member of the SAS?

(Image: Mitchell Squire/Private Media)

Albanese’s challenge: deliver for the progressives and the silent, excluded voter

Yes, he deserves his moment in the sun, but the Labor leader must also ensure he leaves no Australians in the shade.

Inflation is rising twice as fast as wages — and the PM doesn’t seem to care

Opposing the push for a rise in the minimum wage says a lot about who Scott Morrison governs for. It’s not all of us.

(Image: Private Media)

Electioncast: What are the big stories out of the 2022 federal election?

The 2022 federal election was about change: a change of government by a changing electorate, and a change in what is possible in politics.

Electioncast: Labor’s costs and the prime minister’s lies

In the last week of the contest, both parties carried out the electoral tradition of releasing policy costings. But do they matter?

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Alan Tudge (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

For the sake of his party, Tudge must go, and quickly

Alan Tudge should leave politics and allow Josh Frydenberg to take his seat. His party needs it and the nation needs it.

Scott Morrison at the Horizon Church on Sunday (Image: Supplied)

Morrison crashes to earth: farewell, or is that good riddance, to Australia’s first politicostalist

Instead of accounting to the Australian public, Morrison gave his final words to his church instead.

(Image: Private Media)

Nine publishes a tribute to Morrison the little-known feminist. But who wrote it?

A glowing tribute to the PM in the SMH is everything his publicity team could dream for. But who exactly is its author, Karen Harrington?

Anthony Albanese on day 39 of the federal election campaign (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Journalists demand stunts from Albo as unemployment hits new low

Unemployment hits a new low of 3.9% — good news for Morrison. But the media was too busy having a tantrum at Anthony Albanese to notice.

Leigh Sales and Tracy Grimshaw (Images: 7.30/A Current Affair/YouTube)

Sales and Grimshaw: a tale of two interviews — but only one killer blow     

Scott Morrison, the ‘bulldozer’ prime minister, was down for the count after being skewered in a finely executed and intelligent set of questions.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson (Image: Gage Skidmore)

As Fox News legitimises race-hate theories, US lawmaker pleads for Murdochs to act

The recent mass shooting in Buffalo is an example of how the Fox News ‘war on woke’ empowers the far right in increasingly dangerous ways.

A conspiracy theory about the World Health Organization (Image: Supplied)

A ‘WHO Pandemic Treaty’ conspiracy theory is the freedom movement’s last-minute scare campaign

In the election’s dying days, politicians courting the freedom movement have leaned heavily on a conspiracy theory about a WHO pandemic treaty.

Should NDIS funding and reform be an election issue? Richard Hamon’s story leaves little doubt of the answer

Instead of the NDIS making life easier for Australians with disabilities, its stalling and haggling over funds create emotional and physical distress.

Mental health a sticking issue in marginal seats hit by fires, floods and the pandemic 

Psychological help services are a major concern for the marginal seat of Gilmore, following a cluster of suicides after the region was devastated by environmental catastrophes.

American law is now hurtling towards apartheid for women

A leaked US Supreme Court decision on abortion would make women second-class citizens.

Why did the Morrison government so badly handle the pandemic? Because it favoured party mates over public servants

The shocking and often fatal consequences of the prime minister’s mishandling of the COVID plague is mind-boggling.

The FSO Safer tanker moored off Ras Issa port, Yemen (Image: Maxar Technologies via AP, File)

Off the coast of Yemen, a timebomb bigger than the Exxon Valdez is primed to explode

A derelict tanker holding more than 1 million barrels of crude oil sits in the Red Sea, teetering on collapse.

Nationals Senator Matt Canavan (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Matt Canavan and the problem of the Coalition’s broad church

The Morrison government is trying to be all things to all people — and it’s failing at all of them.

(Image: AAP, Private Media)

Climate is being ignored, especially by the ABC — and the loudest voice is of denialists

Data from Isentia shows that climate change has so far been missing in action in the coverage of most media outlets throughout the election campaign.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Enraged, humiliated Taylor looks to block closures of coal-fired plants

Angus Taylor wants to prevent owners of coal-fired power plants from bringing forward their closures, with new rules dictating how companies will operate up to five years ahead.

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