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Peter Dutton leads a Liberal Party stranded on the wrong side of history — and must face up to it

There’s been a fundamental change in government in Australia: it’s about active and engaged government, not shrinking government away. Peter Dutton needs to understand that.

Home ownership is proving to be a determining factor in how people vote (Image: Getty)

Homeowner or renter? Your answer could reveal how you vote

Despite the political pundits’ theories, voting patterns are more focused on asset ownership — particularly home ownership — than income.

Former US president Donald Trump in transit to deposition in a civil investigation (Image: AAP/AP/Julia Nikhinson)

Donald Trump — two words put our homegrown ‘grey corruption’ in context

The heated political and public discourse around the John Barilaro saga should give us comfort. In places such as America, no such conversation is taking place.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and US President Joe Biden (Image: AP/Evan Vucci)

US climate legislation has big, positive implications for Australia

Joe Biden’s win on climate action and renewables this week is also good news for miners and mineral processors here at home.

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The Barilaro affair must go to ICAC. A timeline of the facts makes that clear

The stench overpowering the NSW government will not go away until the NSW integrity body throws open the windows and clears the air.

Fitzgerald 2.0: legendary corruption buster offers more ‘lock, stock and barrel’ political fixes

The former judge has a formidable reputation and the report from his latest inquiry will be essential reading for the Albanese government.

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Labor, the government of ‘gas-led recovery’. Sound familiar?

Remember the gas-led recovery? It’s gas all the way for this government as well, even though we know how dangerous it is.

Rupert Murdoch (Image: Dennis Van Tine/

News Corp delivers strong performance in a market cold on subscription businesses

After what seemed like a long period of running on the spot, the giant media organisation is delighted that its shares have risen 5%.

(Image: Private Media/LinkedIn)

ABC’s new ombudsman Fiona Cameron brings a political past — but will it matter?

The political history of new ABC ombudsman Fiona Cameron is closely linked with the Coalition. Is there any basis for fears of political bias?

Indigenous flag outside Parliament House (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Media must abandon negativity bias to walk with Uluru Statement

For the Uluru Statement of the Heart to achieve its full potential, the Australian media must unlearn its reliance on conflict.

(Image: Mitchell Squire/Private Media)

News Corp, adrift and aimless, rebrands as progressive outlet for critical thinking

The Oz has lambasted a Guardian faux pas about the Stolen Generations, curiously foggy on its extensive history of culture war baiting.

Avron Woolf in Austin Hospital on a previous visit on August 2 awaiting test results for monkeypox (Image: Supplied)

‘Pushed out of the emergency department’: a patient’s monkeypox ordeal

Avron Woolf claims he was pushed out of the ED after being told it couldn’t arrange transport, and ‘kicked, kneed, elbowed’ by police.

Imported stigma: Roe v Wade distorts Australia’s reproductive rights fight

New research has found that Australians’ opinions and attitudes to abortion are strongly influenced by what is happening in the US.

On aged care salaries, underpaying workers is costing us dearly

The cost of not paying aged care workers properly is far greater than the sums required to fund a proper workforce.

A victory in Kansas shows the sense of Australia’s abortion rights strategy

The referendum in Kansas saw 60% of voters protecting abortion rights, which bodes well for American women looking to claw back their legal dignity and liberty.

A Christian charity is promoting ‘abortion reversals’. Experts say they’re not safe

Genesis Pregnancy Support promises to connect people with a doctor to provide a medical abortion reversal, a procedure that experts say is ineffective and unsafe.

(Image: Paramount Pictures)

Flying in the face of fact: are we all celebrities when it comes to emissions?

Whether you’re on a private jet or sitting at the back of a commercial plane, flying is still an elite, carbon-intensive pastime.

A man near a fire following a Russian attack in Kharkiv, Ukraine (Image: AAP/AP/Felipe Dana)

Environmental carnage is a war crime, too

Beyond the horrific human casualties of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a slew of environmental crises are emerging.

Police remove youth climate activists from Parliament House (Image: Twitter/@tomorrowmvmt)

‘Labor’s plan isn’t good enough’: young climate activists dragged out of Parliament

‘The police started dragging us out immediately without a chance to speak,’ a protest organiser said.

(Image: Mitchell Squire/Private Media)

Evil is patient: why soaring temperatures won’t shift policymakers

Will a catastrophic summer in Europe deliver real change on climate policy? Not while states remain captured by fossil fuel interests.

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