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George Pell and the meaning of ‘reasonable doubt’

George Pell's verdict will stand or fall this week on the question of reasonable doubt. But what exactly does that mean in this case?

Australia’s economic bullying still soars above rising Pacific sea levels

Australia's history in the Pacific is about imperialist exploitation. Now the government has baldly stated that our economic interests come ahead even of the existence of Pacific island states.

Alan Jones is on thin ice? Don’t count on it.

Macquarie Media has threatened to sack Jones if he offends again. But that threat was missing some important details.

How Aussie kids’ TV is leading the world in kindness

Diversity, representation and 'Australianness' were all once considered too risky in kids' TV. In 2019, the exact opposite is true.

No better illustration of a ‘Canberra bubble’ than Newspoll silliness

Australian polls aren't just unreliable — the majority of voters pay little attention to politics, so claims that sentiment shifts from week to week are impossible to prove.

It’s crunch time for Kerry Stokes

Controlling media assets is often more about the power and prestige than the actual dollars. But can Kerry Stokes keep tolerating this?

How News Corp Australia sets up the US debate — and vice-versa

When you decry the "Americanisation" of Australian political discourse, remember who inspires Fox News' talking points in the first place.

Are more than 90% of Newstart recipients receiving other benefits?

Josh Frydenberg has said '[over 90% of] people who receive Newstart also receive other payments like the parenting payment, or rental assistance'. This claim is not the full story.

Call the climate crisis whatever you want, the Coalition will still ignore it

Crikey readers on the language of climate change, and the Coalition's economic choices.

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Catholic Church calls for greater religious protections

Catholic Church calls for greater religious protections

Good morning, early birds. The Catholic Church and other religious groups are calling for protections in proposed religious freedom laws, and Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt is criticised for ignoring the need for a voice to parliament. It's the news you need to know, with Rachel Withers.

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How you become Australia’s most powerful bureaucrat

What drives Mike Pezzullo — and how has he earned the title of Australia’s most powerful public servant?


Inside the mind of the paedophile priest

Almost 1900 child sexual abusers have been identified in Australian Catholic churches. The average victim was under 12. What led people to commit such horrible crimes on such a staggering scale?  


A day in the life of a teacher

'The raw energy of a grade one classroom on a Monday morning is like being inside a football locker room before a big match.'

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Seven West Media is in real trouble

CEO Tim Worner has resigned and shares are at an all-time low. Kerry Stokes, is this really an 'exciting time' for Seven?

The great polling failure: why the ‘unloseable election’ was always lost

Every major pollster in the country backed the wrong horse at the election. Why did they all get it so wrong, and how do we know if we can trust them again?

Australia cuts mention of climate crisis, coal from Pacific forum declaration

Good morning, early birds. The Australian government has worked to neuter a Pacific Islands Forum declaration on climate crisis responsibility, and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg spruiks Australia's economic credentials ahead of recession fears. It's the news you need to know, with Rachel Withers.

Casually threatening letter exposes bureaucrats’ deep-seated contempt for media

Don't be surprised that the Attorney-General's Department is threatening media outlets; its loathing for media freedom goes back a long way.

Australia’s shame: Witness K punished for his service, while the guilty go free

After years of relentless pressure, Witness K has pleaded guilty to revealing information about ASIS' criminal conduct in Timor Leste. It is a shameful reward for a man who diligently served his country.

It is a national disgrace to see Witness K treated like this

From Witness K's lawyer: 'Let us be under no misapprehension. Mighty forces are at play here to hide dirty political linen.'

How Australia trashed its legacy in Timor-Leste

It's almost 20 years since Australia led peacekeepers into the country but our true relationship is one threaded with manipulation, deception, bullying and greed.


They really said that?

In rugby, my coach used to describe it as the bacon and eggs principle. The chicken is involved, but the pig is committed to the task.


The Prime Minister reminds public servants that ministers have more skin in the game than bureaucrats.


Meat you halfway?

This week: our fake meat future, a game changer for terrorism, the suicide epidemic in US jails, Austrians versus trucks, and melting Greenland.


Why is NSW considering a ban on gender selective abortions?

Are opponents of NSW abortion decriminalisation trying to derail the bill with an amendment banning gender selective abortions? Crikey looks at the facts.

Fear of a burning planet: the semantics of climate change

As Scott Morrison showed in Tuvalu this week, language has always been central to the politics of climate change.

Frydenberg’s choice: ego or stimulus?

When Wayne Swan had to choose between pride and supporting the economy, he opted for the latter. Now Josh Frydenberg faces a similar choice.

Mental health, ‘Allahu akbar’ and the challenge of the lone-wolf killer

Debate continues to rage over whether coverage of the Sydney knife attack was demonising both minorities and people with a mental illness.

What is the ABC for?

Crikey tries to unravel and distill some of the crucial questions we think the ABC should be asking itself in this post-Guthrie/Milne era.

The kids of News Corp’s culture wars 

Innocent or guilty? The culture wars often drag children up in waves of confusing messaging from the News Corp commentariat.

Seven West Media is in real trouble

CEO Tim Worner has resigned and shares are at an all-time low. Kerry Stokes, is this really an 'exciting time' for Seven?

Racism is more than hatred. It’s emotional abuse.

People of colour, even famous and successful ones like Ben Simmons, are expected to keep their heads down — to serve, to soothe, to entertain. When they don’t, the backlash is so swift and so vicious it can be dizzying.

Will journalists soon need to get government approval for reporting leaks?

Under a scheme floated by government MPs, journalists would have to allow the government to censor their work if they were to avoid being raided and prosecuted for leaked material.

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