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(Image: Private Media)

Coalition loves showering public companies with taxpayers’ money. How does that sit with budget repair?

From lavish federal grant-giving to misspent millions in JobKeeper, the government seems more spendthrift than scrupulous.

‘What chance is there of a fair election in Queensland against the combined influence of Murdoch and Palmer?’

Veteran journalist Kerry O’Brien on the fraying edges of democracy in Australia, and of the government’s systemic destruction of the ABC.

Where were women in the Coalition’s campaign launch? Certainly not in its homeownership policy

The Morrison government’s new housing policies will worsen the gender gap — hurting women while enriching older white males.

Scott Morrison and LNP candidate for Blair in Queensland Sam Biggins (Image: AAP/Pool/Jason Edwards)

Morrison goes all in on housing, while Advance Australia found in breach of electoral law

The PM spruiked his policy to let first-home buyers use super to buy property, even as his own minister admitted it would increase prices.

(Image: Mitchell Squire/Private Media)

Morrison’s Australia — where being young is an economic crime

Scott Morrison’s policy of allowing young Australians to raid their super to buy houses is part of a wide-ranging assault on the economic interests of young people.

(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Every ‘bricks and mortar’ intervention results in the same thing: higher prices, not greater ownership

Great for homeowners, rotten for homebuyers — Saul Eslake explains that the government’s super-for-housing proposal will join the long list of schemes that simply push home prices up.

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The FSO Safer tanker moored off Ras Issa port, Yemen (Image: Maxar Technologies via AP, File)

Off the coast of Yemen, a timebomb bigger than the Exxon Valdez is primed to explode

A derelict tanker holding more than 1 million barrels of crude oil sits in the Red Sea, teetering on collapse.

Father, son and ghost of Duterte in the Philippines as Marcos Jr poised to take reins

The son of the disgraced and exiled former president is set to assume the presidency after the brutal regime of Rodrigo Duterte ends on June 30.

Trapped: Australia’s economy is hostage to the housing market, and neither party is willing to save us

The politics of Morrison’s super-for-homes announcement is obvious and desperate. But what of the economics of this ongoing obsession with the housing market?

Crypto crash a sign of these inflationary times

The reasons behind the cryptocurrency ‘bloodbath’ show how the world is likely to be affected by higher inflation and interest rates.

(Image: Private Media)

Electioncast: How has Scott Morrison dudded young Australians?

Letting first-home buyers dip into their super is just the latest example of how Scott Morrison’s policies have put young Australians last.

Electioncast: What’s the mood in NSW’s toss-up seats?

With many still recovering from the Black Summer bushfires, there remains a mixture of resentment and gratitude towards the government.

Put a fork in them, the election is almost done.

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(Image: Private Media)

Wanted: an MP who can deliver a good life without trashing the planet

Permaculturist and mother-of-four Delldint Fleming typically votes Greens, but this time it will be the quality of the candidate, not party politics, that will win her support.

Emails show police laughing at an asylum seeker's self harm (Image: DIAC Images/Supplied)

‘Appalling disregard’: Australia’s offshore processing slammed after leaked emails show Nauru police mocking suicide, self-harm threats

The emails show how refugees and asylum seekers are still harming themselves, even as police officers made jokes about their plight.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX (Image: John Raoux/AP/AAP)

Tumbling markets may derail Elon Musk’s US$46 billion Twitter indulgence

Rising inflation and a bearish sell-off of tech stocks may threaten the Tesla CEO’s ambitious takeover of the social media platform.

Anthony Albanese on day 32 of the election campaign (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch/Private Media)

As Labor issues dominate the election campaign, Morrison struggles

If Albanese wins this election, Morrison’s inability to talk about his preferred subjects could turn out to be a key factor.

(Image: The West Australian/Private Media)

Life in a one-paper town: how the West has been covering the election

In WA, where almost all print publications are owned by one company, a paper such as The West Australian has far-reaching influence.

(Image: Private Media)

All the views fit to publish but not necessarily print: why the media landscape will be different in 2025

We’re already seeing the impact of weakened news media in this election campaign. And print newspapers in particular face a grim future.

Richard and his wife Dorota (Image: Supplied/Private Media)

Should NDIS funding and reform be an election issue? Richard Hamon’s story leaves little doubt of the answer

Instead of the NDIS making life easier for Australians with disabilities, its stalling and haggling over funds create emotional and physical distress.

Mental health a sticking issue in marginal seats hit by fires, floods and the pandemic 

Psychological help services are a major concern for the marginal seat of Gilmore, following a cluster of suicides after the region was devastated by environmental catastrophes.

American law is now hurtling towards apartheid for women

A leaked US Supreme Court decision on abortion would make women second-class citizens.

Why did the Morrison government so badly handle the pandemic? Because it favoured party mates over public servants

The shocking and often fatal consequences of the prime minister’s mishandling of the COVID plague is mind-boggling.

Healthcare for all? Sorting the facts from the rhetoric

Australia has one of the world’s best healthcare systems, but with holes in coverage widening, that title is slipping.

(Image: Unsplash/Matt Howard/Private Media)

As the world burns: climate crisis turns the heat up on Labor and the Coalition

The world is sleepwalking into a catastrophe but the major parties would rather end the climate wars than seriously reduce emissions.

(Image: AAP, Private Media)

Climate is being ignored, especially by the ABC — and the loudest voice is of denialists

Data from Isentia shows that climate change has so far been missing in action in the coverage of most media outlets throughout the election campaign.

(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

Fungi? Not so much. Why fungal infection could be the source of our next pandemic

Fungal infections are already prominent in many parts of the world. Climate change and other environmental factors are accelerating them.

(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

‘Now or never’: Australia’s responses to decades of damning IPCC climate reports

The latest report is the most damning yet so we’ve charted three decades of Australia’s climate policy to gauge our progress, or lack of it.

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