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Can Justin Milne sue Guthrie and the ABC for defamation?

Monday's Four Corners report on the Michelle Guthrie-Justin Milne ABC leadership saga included claims of inappropriate behaviour from Milne. What's the next step?

Bloated Home Affairs is keeping alive the industry of counter-terrorism

Giving more power to an ineffective Home Affairs department will do nothing to assuage livid Australians after another Bourke Street tragedy.

Labor abandons the intelligence oversight issue

In a new committee report, Labor has walked away from its previous commitment to fixing Australia's broken intelligence oversight system.

Remembering the peace makers: what the armistice commemorations forgot

As poppy day passes, those who refuse to fight or barrack for war are once again ignored by the commemorative classes.

Duterte amps up attack on independent press in the Philippines

Charges laid against independent news site Rappler are just the latest step in Rodrigo Duterte's push to crush press freedom in the Philippines.

The ABC leadership structure is set up to fail

The entire process of appointing the ABC managing director is flawed, constantly risking a poor appointment to a demanding job.

The cost of Australia’s ‘loneliness crisis’

After increasing attention around the world, we're now seeing calls for a local "loneliness minister". Can the state really fill the void?

The AFR’s neoliberal remake of The Usual Suspects

Once again, a tiny pack of interest-rate hawks at the Australian Financial Review are demanding the economy be crunched in the name of neoliberal orthodoxy.

Tony Abbott’s English-first crusade is ideological, not educational

Crikey readers respond to Tony Abbott's English-first crusade, the role of police surveillance in preventing terrorism, and micro-parties in the Victorian election.

Scott Morrison ramps up Trumpian rhetoric against journalists

Scott Morrison's suggestion that an ABC reporter was a Labor partisan is just one the ways he's been channelling Trumpism.

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‘Heart-sick’ Andrew Bolt defends Ross Cameron’s racist comments

Sky News said the comments have "no place on any of our platforms", but do other News Corp outlets feel the same way?

Scott Morrison, the most Aussie PM of them all

The Morrison government is composed of all the worst qualities of Australia, and few of the good ones.

The Liberals should stop pretending to enjoy beer and leave it to the ALP

No Liberal leader has ever looked natural while drinking a beer. Meanwhile, Labor has known the visual language of beer in every era and election.

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Welcome to For Your Information, where Helen Razer explains a topic of global, local or, occasionally, no significance.

Through the streets of China's towns

Through the streets of China's towns

Welcome to Side View — a curated guide to new and overlooked content on politics, policy, and public affairs. This week: the Chinese do infrastructure as badly as the rest of us, education and inequality, and voices from beyond the grave.

Why losing the House could actually help Trump in 2020

If the Democrats go into the 2020 elections complaining about the conduct of the 2016 elections, they don't stand a chance against Trump's populist appeal.

Blue wave or big victory? How the media covered the midterms.

The results have been used as evidence of America's "cold civil war", with either side able to interpret them as they wish. To an extent, that division has been imported to Australia.

US midterms confirm America is deeply (and dangerously) divided

Though the Democrats seized the House, the results suggest Donald Trump's populist movement retains much of its potency.

When a majority ain’t a majority: the rocky road ahead for US Democrats

It's good news overall for the Democrats, but the thorny issue of intra-party conflict remains a pressing concern.

Scott Morrison announces $3 billion Pacific package

Good morning, early birds. Scott Morrison has announced a $3 billion Pacific infrastructure funding package, the Democrats have scored a victory in the US midterms, and Victorian Labor plan 50% renewables by 2030. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

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Rush trial will leave behind nothing but wreckage

Even once the judge reaches a verdict, we will learn precisely nothing of value.

Ross Cameron and the limits of News Corp’s outrage economy

Sky News' sacking of Ross Cameron after racist on-air remarks shows a News Corp increasingly conscious of the enhanced role commercial activism plays in media revenue disruption.

Insurgent Greens are the real threat to Labor in Victoria

With the Liberals down and out, the Greens represent the real challenge for Labor at the November 24 state election.

Holy Wars

How The Australian targets and attacks its enemies

Energy companies challenge ‘unconstitutional’ power plan

Energy companies are coming out in force to challenge the government's power divestment plan as potentially unconstitutional, domestic violence workers warn of the end the National Rental Affordability Scheme, and preference deals mean micro-parties are expected to swarm the Victorian state election. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

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Is the new NSW Labor boss, Michael Daley, a safe pair of hands?

Described by Labor insiders as “a working class boy from Maroubra", the new chief of NSW Labor has a herculean task ahead of him.

Abbott’s vision for remote education has been tried, and failed

Stigmatising Aboriginal languages — and by extension, their speakers — is still in vogue despite the many complex realities on the ground.

It’s time for real oversight on intelligence and counter-terrorism

There is no reason why the failures around Man Haron Monis, Hassan Khalif Shire Ali, and the Khayat brothers won't continue to happen. If they do, politicians have a lot to answer for.

What are Dan Andrews’ chances of retaining the premiership?

With the Victorian state election just around the corner, Crikey is taking a deep dive into the major players' histories.

Win or lose, Foley’s defamation suit would bring no vindication

Australia's idiotic defamation laws will be put to work once again, but what is really left to be gained here?

Prying Eyes

How personal surveillance invades our lives 24/7

Massive investment cut shows Disney expects no happy ending from Vice Media

The major cuts to Disney's US$400 million investment in Vice Media shows that Vice, like its legacy media counterparts, is struggling in the digital age.

Australia’s commercial networks move into Pacific, filling ABC gap

The Coalition's plan to fund an Australian news broadcast targeting Pacific countries, to match Chinese influence, fills a gap left by ABC cuts in 2014.

Why the regulator doesn’t mind neo-Nazis on TV

Despite Sky News' apology for its controversial Blair Cottrell interview, ACMA has found it didn't actually breach its code. What does it take to "incite or provoke" racial hatred in Australia?

How Penthouse Australia went from nudie mag to alt-right rag

In a bid to remain relevant in the age of declining lads' mags, Penthouse Australia has rolled out the red carpet for alt-right ideologues like Milo Yiannopoulos and Gavin McInnes. Can it ignore the violence they provoke?

How newsworthy is a horse killed at the Melbourne Cup?

Not very, according to the vast majority of media outlets.

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