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Callous one minute, charming the next. Do you recognise this alleged predator?

This rape allegation against a cabinet minister can't be fully investigated and will likely not go to a trial. But the woman's story should be told.

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‘The victim was my client and I know who the minister is.’ Here’s what should happen next

Political calculation may continue to determine how Morrison and his colleagues respond. Yet it's not too late for them to do the right thing.

Insiders’ view: ‘There need to be consequences for bad behaviour’

There’s a broader problem with bullying, intimidation and harassment in parliamentary offices — and the perpetrators can be men or women.

Press gallery A-team captures the mood of the nation — and they’re all women

The PM's 'smug silence' is no match for the likes of Samantha Maiden and Katharine Murphy.

Extremists of all kinds are active but agencies only name ISIS and al-Qaeda. Why?

The submissions to the inquiry on extremism are in and there's no identification of any specific far-right groups.

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Women of Australia, as your prime minister I’d like to say…

The speech Scott Morrison needs to give in light of allegations of rape in Parliament House.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Indian PM Narendra Modi (Images: AP)

India is building its own internet, with or without US tech

While Facebook may have won the upper hand in Australia, it's an entirely different story for the social media company in India.

Former staffer Brittany Higgins interviewed on The Project (Image: Channel 10)

At Parliament House it’s the winning that matters. The people do not

Scott Morrison wants to change the 'workplace culture' in parliament, but when you’re in an organisation whose cynicism drips off the walls, what is the value of a moral code?

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When it comes to pandemic spending, Australia’s got the goods

The pandemic halted Australia's services consumption in its tracks. Instead, we've just been buying lots of stuff.

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The JobKeeper gravy train is stopping at a station near you — even though some passengers have jumped

Crikey's corporate welfare awards continue. Which companies managed to turn JobKeeper into shareholder cash — and who has had a crisis of conscience?

(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

COVID quack Craig Kelly jumps before the Liberals push him

Scott Morrison is likely to be pleased that, while Craig Kelly's move to the crossbench will make legislating more difficult, he will no longer have to answer for the backbencher's otiose pronouncements.

(Image: AAP/Dean Lewins)

Does success at controlling the pandemic mean you don’t have one?

John Pilger recently criticised Australia's 'COVID scaremongering in a pandemic-free society'. Did he have a point?

(Image: Unsplash/Michael)

Insiders’ view: ‘this system enables widespread bullying and harassment’

There are dysfunctional electoral offices all over the country where people young and old are at the mercy of very powerful elected representatives.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Australian media policy: of the mates, by the mates, for the mates

The news media bargaining code is part of the grand tradition of media policy being run in the interests of media proprietors — and with no heed given to the public benefit.

Jordan Peterson (Image: AP)

Jordan Peterson, stoic and one-time pill addict, returns. Will the right fall for him again?

Jordan Peterson's return reminds us that the right will fall for one snake oil salesman after another because their politics is a cult of the imaginary.

(Image: AAP/Dan Peled)

Dole bludger myth stalks the imagination as politicians fail to face up to reality

If Australia continues to fetishise an idea of work that no longer exists, workers will continue to hurt.

(Image: AP/Esteban Felix)

Tough medicine: COVID vaccine agency is not having a good pandemic

The doctor who gave two elderly people incorrect doses of the COVID-19 vaccine was recruited by Healthcare Australia. Its reputation isn't too healthy.

Scott Morrison and former ministerial staffer Brittany Higgins (Images: AAP Image/Lukas Coch; Facebook)

Brittany Higgins: so many nagging questions left unanswered — and likely to remain so

More than a week since news of the incident broke, we’ve got nothing but dishonest deflection from the government — and a lot of unanswered questions.

Rupert Murdoch and Kerry Stokes (Images: AAP)

Diversity hit between the eyes as old media pockets about 90% of big tech cash

The free money isn't enough to hurt the increasing revenues of big tech, but it is enough to hurt Australian journalism.

(Image: AP/Richard Drew via AAP)

Decoding the code: a law that may never be used on its intended targets

After all the controversy, it seems likely that the end result of the news media bargaining code is a law that will never be used.

Carol Altmann (right), publisher of The Terrier (Image: Supplied)

Independent terrier keeps digging — without a sniff of big tech dough

Facebook's ban could cripple hyper-local media publications — and it's far from the only challenge they face.