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(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Yes, the Queen did have a hand in the Dismissal

If you can't see the palace played politics you're fooling yourself — or trying to fool others .

John Kerr (Image: National Archives of Australia)

‘Our trust was betrayed’: John Menadue, Whitlam’s top bureaucrat, calls out the palace

The ruling class abused its power, deliberately deceiving an elected prime minister.

The Queen and the Duke of Cambridge receive Governor-General David Hurley and his wife Linda in June, 2019 (Image: PA Wire/Steve Parsons)

What does the governor-general do — and how much does it cost the country?

As the Palace Letters put the role of Australia's governor-general back in the spotlight, Crikey takes a look at what that role actually is.

Bourke St, Melbourne (Image: AAP/Daniel Pockett)

We could be in for a long recession as jobs market succumbs to a virus

The economy was struggling even before Melbourne had to shut down again and the pain has extended across most sectors.

(Image: Getty)

FOI documents reveal AFP used face-matching tech to search ‘persons of interest’

With no authorisation, Australian police used an app that searches through billions of social media photos to identify people.

National Archives of Australia Director-General David Ficker (Image: AAP/LUKAS COCH)

Tips and Murmurs: The National Archives’ convenient website crash … down at the Crossroads … follow the money …

The National Archives of Australia had a convenient website crash after being forced to release the Palace Letters. Plus, the story of the now-infamous Crossroads Hotel, and the pokies lobby rejoices.

For some, the pandemic has made it harder to get out of Australia than in

The coronavirus lockdown makes getting into the country almost impossible. But getting out is no easy feat either.

(Image: Getty)

Lockdowns leave children more vulnerable to exploitation and online predators

Children in vulnerable communities are at heightened risk of exploitation during global coronavirus lockdowns. Authorities are stepping in, but is it enough?

(Image: AAP/Bianca De Marchi)

NSW cluster linked to Melbourne, vaccine success, mother-baby virus transfer

Authorities have confirmed a link between Sydney's coronavirus cluster and cases from Melbourne, there has been an early vaccine success, plus more of the latest coronavirus news.

(Image: Adobe)

No time to wait for a knight in shining armour as the virus spreads its wings once more

We need to accept that a vaccine for COVID-19 is a long way off and start thinking about how to manage the crisis in the meantime.

(Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

The Crossroads most travelled

Sydney's Crossroads Hotel outbreak has been genomically linked to Melbourne cases, and Chinese technology company Huawei has been banned from Britain's 5G network by the UK government. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods

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How are unis marketing education during the pandemic?

Between the lack of international students and the general underfunding, Australian unis are in very bad shape.

(Image: Unified Security/Facebook)

Foreign ownership and cut corners: hotel quarantine debacle leaves security firms with big questions to answer

The disastrous handling of Melbourne's hotel quarantine effort has put security firms firmly in the spotlight.

(Image: AAP/Scott Barbour)

Inside the messy world of the security firms at the heart of Victoria’s COVID-19 crisis

Daniel Andrews' government has been very aware of the security industry's dodgy behaviour for at least five years.

Geoffrey Rush (Image: AAP/Bianca De Marchi)

Writing Geoffrey Rush: Trial by Media — and learning the balance of power

Whatever the circumstances of the Geoffrey Rush defamation trial, it's clear that one thing is stopping the momentum of the Me Too movement in Australia: power.

Did the COVIDSafe app ever have a chance of stopping a second wave? 

Experts say compatibility issues, user problems and the nature of the COVID-19 resurgence mean COVIDSafe had little chance of halting the pandemic.

Scott Morrison and the national cabinet (Image: AAP Image/SMH Pool, Alex Ellinghausen)

Ordinary Australians deserve a say in the big decisions to come

Our leaders have been somewhat effective at practically addressing the coronavirus pandemic so far. But the authoritative, top-down approach developed for our initial mobilisation is quickly losing its utility

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczu (Image: AAP/Dan Peled)

New restrictions for NSW, Victoria’s hotel quarantine problem, and Trump v Fauci

Victoria records another 270 cases in a day, Queensland declares parts of NSW 'hotspots', plus more of the latest coronavirus news.

 (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

The politics of the pandemic are yet to begin

History suggests it is only once the pandemic is over and the government has to deal with the recession that voters will pass judgement on its handling.

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(Image: AAP/Luis Ascui)

Why a second lockdown will test governments to the limit

A second lockdown is not the first lockdown on rewind. Governments and their advisers need to show they understand this.

(Images: AAP/Paul Miller)

Crisis in higher ed looms as Chinese students pledge never to return to Australia

With an economic crisis looming, if foreign students stay away Australia is in big trouble.

Channel Nine knows exactly who Pauline Hanson is. And it always has

When producers at Channel Nine invited Senator Hanson to speak about the lockdown of public housing blocks in Melbourne, they knew exactly what they were doing.

Palace letters show just how much the Queen knew about the Dismissal

More than 200 letters between former governor-general Sir John Kerr and Queen Elizabeth II, released today after a long legal fight, reveal just how much Buckingham Palace knew about Gough Whitlam's dismissal before it happened.

(Image: Adobe)

TikTok’s troubles grow as tit for tat trade war focuses on Chinese technologies

TikTok is leaving Hong Kong, but will distancing itself from Beijing stop it from becoming the next Huawei?

Port Moresby General Hospital (Image: Facebook)

Maternal death, teenage pregnancy and unsafe abortion: the ‘shadow pandemic’ following the outbreak

Reproductive health and abortion providers say they are preparing for a 'shadow pandemic' following a wave of unintended pregnancies during the world's lockdowns.

NSW Health check travellers as they disembark a train from Melbourne (Image: AAP /Bianca De Marchi)

It’s time to talk about the worst-case scenario

No one wants to be Chicken Little. But, with no 'obvious' way out of the pandemic, we need to consider even the uncomfortable information.

Cancel the dance of the disgruntled before someone really does break a leg

Cancel culture is leading to patently bizarre outcomes for the arts and media, regardless of who is 'right'.

The curious case of the bonking security guard

All these 'rumours and reports' are giving us more villains than we really need.

Geoffrey Rush (Image: AAP/Bianca De Marchi)

$10 million and a reputational disaster: the real cost of the Tele’s Rush fiasco

While the judge ruled News Corp pay Rush a record $2.9 million, the actual cost to the paper will be much, much higher.

US President Donald Trump (Image: AP/Alex Brandon)

Anatomy of a racist Trump tweet

Crikey talks to the experts about the US president's use of racist language on social media.