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Crime isn’t crime if you have a white collar

Rob a servo and you go to jail. Underpay your workers to the tune of nearly $8 million and you get a slap on a wrist. How is that fair?

A horror week in Australian onshore detention

A young man has died. Another has attempted self-harm. A toddler, who has spent her entire life in detention, was hospitalised. Here's the day-by-day account.

It’s not just Calombaris: hospitality is a hot zone of wage theft

Hospitality is one of the worst sectors for worker exploitation in Australia — and it's foreign workers who are most exploited.

Indigenous innovations and inventions you may not have heard about

Australia has a history of Indigenous innovation dating back millennia, much of which has been kept from the history books by institutionalised racism. Now, some are trying to change that.

Adani is far from a done deal

Crikey looks at the many hurdles Adani still has to clear in order to get its mine up and running.

Jobs market starts downturn, so where will growth come from?

The labour market is finally starting to catch up with the slowing growth of the broader economy. How can we speed it up again?

Netflix’s shock US shortfall has global consequences 

The streaming giant is losing subscribers for the first time in years, and it comes at the worst possible time for Stan.

Why I withdrew from the Bendigo Writers Festival

Controversy over her latest book has forced true crime author Maryrose Cuskelly to withdraw from the festival. But her belief in the importance of the written word is as strong as ever.

Is Treasury really this out of touch?

Crikey readers discuss the cause of stagnant wages, the death of the private health industry and airline carbon emissions.

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'Third chamber' Indigenous voice claim rejected

‘Third chamber’ Indigenous voice claim rejected

Good morning, early birds. Former High Court Justice Murray Gleeson has been lauded for his speech in support of Indigenous recognition, and a funding battle looms as the Bush Summit calls for action to protect rural Australia. It's the news you need to know, with Rachel Withers.

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Why are flights being delayed in Australia?

Yesterday's Border Force e-gate meltdown shows how one tech failure can hold up thousands at airports. But it's not even close to the most common reason flights are delayed around the country.

Is the Morrison government going to rewrite streaming laws?

With Howard-era streaming regulation on the chopping block, experts are asking how the government will settle archaic broadcasting laws that have allowed Netflix to thrive.

Private health insurance isn’t just a policy mess — it’s intergenerational war

Private health insurance is another front in our society’s widespread economic war on younger people.

Can Australian companies escape doing deals with dictators?

Few places are considered off limits for Australian mining companies operating in Africa, including Eritrea, one of the most repressed and politically unstable places in the world.

How you become Australia’s most powerful bureaucrat

What drives Mike Pezzullo — and how has he earned the title of Australia’s most powerful public servant?

Obesity, politics, money and a company called Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk wants to change the way Australians think about obesity. And if it is successful, it could make a killing.

Scott Morrison’s Hillsong sermon was a deeply political moment

The Prime Minister insists he has no 'political agenda' when he speaks about his faith. But his recent appearance at church that's been accused of institutional homophobia is cause for concern.

Who is Amanda Stoker, rising star of the religious right?

Stoker is fast making a name for herself in the Senate. But where did this outspoken Christian come from? And what beliefs inform her policymaking?

Religious freedom divides conservatives along a neoliberal line

The split within conservative ranks over religious freedom reflects how neoliberalism has driven the re-assertion of traditional forms of identity — and why neoliberals would prefer a minimalist version of religious freedom.

The right is destined to lose the fight on Folau

In the wake of Israel Folau's sacking, sections of the conservative right are pushing for greater religious freedoms. But in doing so they risk blowing up the rights they already have.


They really said that?

That’s good news, that’s great news, more jobs. How good are jobs.


Scott Morrison rejects calls to raise Newstart, despite urging from John Howard, Barnaby Joyce, Labor MPs, business and welfare groups.


Trash talk

This week, some cracking content: the future of rubbish, Disney = vomit, Australia's slave trade, China's take on Judaism, and the sinister stupidity of chooks.


Could ‘flygskam’ take off in a country like Australia?

We know that plane travel is terrible for the environment, but 'flight shame' probably won't bring us towards a real solution.

The death of private healthcare can’t come soon enough

A new report shows the private healthcare system may be on its last legs. Good.

How to skirt around a political donation ban

States are trying to bring the hammer down on political donations, but lax federal laws are giving donors easily exploitable loopholes.

Is the Morrison government going to rewrite streaming laws?

With Howard-era streaming regulation on the chopping block, experts are asking how the government will settle archaic broadcasting laws that have allowed Netflix to thrive.

What is the ABC for?

Crikey tries to unravel and distill some of the crucial questions we think the ABC should be asking itself in this post-Guthrie/Milne era.

Murdoch and mainstream media win big in funding handouts

The Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas has awarded handouts to some of the richest media organisations in the country, including The Australian and AFR. It raises the question: what do they need the money for?

The schoolyard power of Donald Trump’s latest racist attack

We know that Donald Trump's a bully. But what can anyone actually do about it?

The immense problem with Australian political journalism

Last week the media only took a few hours to switch from coverage of Indigenous recognition to instead focus on niche political responses to it. Unfortunately, this isn't unusual.

Separating flu from fiction: just how bad is this season? 

A tidal wave of news stories is creating fear about this year's 'horror' flu season. But how accurate are these reports, really?

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