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Media briefs: ABC employment … the cheapest paper in Queensland? … Akerman’s verdict …

Is the Sunday Mail really the cheapest paper in Queensland? And other media tidbits of the day.


Media briefs: Palmer’s papers … anonymous sources … damn those bookies …

It’s not the first time Palmer’s spoken of starting a newspaper. And other media tidbits of the day.


Tony Abbott’s highly revealing lie about why we spy

The latest Snowden revelations about Australia reveal how surveillance is aimed at economic espionage - despite the Prime Minister’s claims otherwise.


Media briefs: Baird in NYT … exclusive watch … Hun‘s serial pest …

The New York Times has hired former Fairfax journalist Julia Baird. That and other media tidbits.


Brave News World: making the media pay (again)

If the business model underpinning old media is broken, what could replace it? Gideon Haigh examines the new models, in the second chapter of his investigative special for Crikey on the future of the media.


A peek inside the NYT ‘morgue’

In the digital age, paper records at news outlets are considered relics from the past. The New York Times staff take you inside their print archive, the “Lively Morgue”, which has endured despite numerous attempts to close it. object width=”500” height=”281”>

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From the Worrier Pose to Narcissisasana (and Back): why it might be no bad thing if yoga wrecks you

We know how yoga can wreck your body. But I wonder: isn’t it more that we’ve wrecked yoga? In other words: ask not what your yoga is doing to you; ask what we are doing to our yoga, says Peter Chambers.


NYT debate: what would it cost to end he-said-she-said journalism?

The New York Times has raised the issue of he-said-she-said journalism. It should be discussed here, too, but it’s more complicated than media critics think.

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NY Times sues HuffPo over a load of lode

For three years the New York Times has hosted the Motherlode blog. But last month its editor left to start Huffington Post’s new Parentlode blog. The name is too close for comfort, says NY Times.

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Injured NY Times war photographer returns to page one

Nine months ago NY Times photographer Joao Silva lost both his legs in a landmine explosion in Afghanistan. Today his photos returned to the front page of the paper.


12,000 NY Times homepages

This interesting time-lapse video covers 12,000 New York Times website homepages, from September 2010 to July 2011. It’s hard to follow anything but the main flickering picture, which is dominated by the Chilean miners, Egyptian protests, Japan’s earthquake and … baseball and basketball.

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How the The Guardian & The NY Times worked together on phone hacking scoop

Late last year The Guardian was frustrated with British laws limiting their investigations in to the News of the World scandal. So editor Alan Rusbridger gave the editor of the New York Times a call…


WikiLeaks spokesman: Guardian, NYT wanted to rush war logs

The doyens of the mainstream media were the ones flirting with danger over Wikileaks material, not the site itself, Kristinn Hrafnsson reveals. Bernard Keane and Matthew Knott report.

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NYT paywall a success on more than one front

The New York Times’ announcement two years ago that it would erect a paywall was greeted with widespread cynicism. But the paywall has not only worked — it’s also actually increased print subscriptions, reports Henry Blodget.

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NY Times gets its first female editor

Investigator reporter and editor Jill Abramson will become the new executive editor of the New York Times, the first female to get the top job in the paper’s 160 year history.

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No more Mr Bin Laden

The NY Timesis known as one of the few remaining newspapers who still employ honorifics — calling Meat Loaf, Mr Loaf — but a special email was sent to staff today announcing that it was Bin Laden, big ‘B’, no “Mr’.

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The paywall war: the big US papers compared

Last week the NY Times announced how its new paywall system would work. But how does it compare to other major papers like the Wall Street Journal and the Boston Globe?

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Blaming the 11-year-old rape victim

A NY Times article about the tragic story of an 11-year-old girl being gang-raped by up to 28 men has come under fire due to its choice of quotes attempting to elicit sympathy for the accused and portraying the girl as ‘asking for it’.

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The stories that cost $40,000 to write

While popular opinion indicates that journalism stories are getting shorter, the former editor of the NY Times magazine says it was the indepth, long-form journalism that were the best-read and the most-emailed stories. But who’ll pay for them?

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NYT to publish WikiLeaks e-book

The New York Times announced this week it will enter the e-book industry with a document detailing how and why they published WikiLeaks cables last year. Shortly after, WikiLeaks accused the newspaper of “self-serving smear.”

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The top 100 books of the year

NY Times offers up its annual 100 notable books of the year, from literary darling Jonathan Franzen’s Freedom to the latest from the best-selling Girl with the Dragon tattoo series and biographies on Barack Obama.


Murdoch struggles with online control … SBS draws crowds …

Rupert Murdoch struggles to control online content distribution, the SBS is drawing the crowds with its World Cup coverage, Perez Hilton may be in hot water and other media news of the day.

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Hypo over hyphens

Crikey isn’t the only publication riddled with grammar and spelling issues, with the NY Times examining its spelling stuff-ups for the week. The biggest issue? To hyphen or not to hyphen.

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PHOTO GALLERY: What the world was doing at 3pm on May 2

NY Times organised readers to snap a photo, anywhere in the world, at exactly the same time. It begins to filter through the 10,000 responses.

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Mad Murdoch and his media legacy

An in depth profile by NY Mag on the aging Rupert Murdoch’s holy media missions, including his hatred of lazy liberal journalists, his obsession with the Wall Street Journal and his plan to bleed the NY Times dry.


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