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    Palmer out-Abbotts Abbott to complicate carbon price repeal

    Clive Palmer’s profound inconsistency resembles Tony Abbott’s opposition tactics — and it’s making life miserable for the government.

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    Rundle: it is time to betray Australia

    Australia has crossed a moral Rubicon in its treatment of asylum seekers by returning Sri Lankans to a country where they could be tortured or even killed. It is time to turn traitor.

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    Exclusive watch: what makes an exclusive, and who has the most?

    An investigation? An interview? Or a drop? There appears to be no consensus on what deserves to be called an exclusive in Australia’s major papers.

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    An agonising wait for Indonesians as electoral dirty tricks continue

    Most respectable quick polls predict Jokowi has won the Indonesian election, but Prabowo is also claiming victory. Jim Della-Giacoma reports.

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    Don’t blame the Senate — or the crossbench — for Australia’s political malaise: Xenophon

    The new crossbench shows Australians’ distaste with the two major parties, writes independent Senator Nick Xenophon.

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    Rundle: a buzz of black and yellow as newbies take their seats

    The Gillard government’s signature piece of policy, the carbon tax, has been quietly prepared for execution — as Clive upstaged his own senators.

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    ‘Perpetual-motion Palmer’ leaves government in turmoil

    The Abbott government is in trouble. So does it wait for Clive Palmer to burn out, or the PUP to break up — or rethink its key messages?

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    Murder, human rights abuse and kidnapping: WikiLeaks cables reveal Prabowo’s brutal past

    Prabowo Subianto could end up as Indonesia’s president by the end of the week. Crikey intern Paul Millar trawls through diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks and finds distressing allegations.

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