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Media briefs



Fairfax journos could be penalised for strike

Fairfax journos could be penalised for strike

Glenn DyerMay 5, 2016

The Fair Work Ombudsman could spark a brawl if it goes ahead and fines striking journalists who also end up losing their jobs.

Still in the dead-tree business

Glenn DyerMay 5, 2016

Trinity Mirror shares are at their lowest since August 2013.

Video and front page of the day

CrikeyMay 5, 2016

He's upset, sure, but Bolt's not just having a whinge (well, "maybe a bit").

Fox trots -- for now

Glenn DyerMay 5, 2016

Fox's quarterly figures show Trump has been a boon for the business.

More cuts to come at the ABC?

Cassidy KnowltonMay 4, 20161 Comment

The ABC has been spared the worst, but it faces a significant reduction in its news budget. What will that mean for jobs and programming?

Media briefs: <em>Age</em> apology ... whistleblower hacks ... DV critique ...

Media briefs: Age apology ... whistleblower hacks ... DV critique ...

CrikeyMay 3, 2016

Is it too late for The Age to say "sorry"? ... whistleblower tools for Fairfax hacks ... uncovering good/bad DV coverage ...

Best frenemies?

CrikeyMay 2, 2016

Trouble in paradise? Or is it all a fuss over nothing?

Blaming the chicks

Myriam RobinMay 2, 2016

Devine hits back at Bolt.

Video of the day

CrikeyMay 2, 2016

Barack Obama goes all out.

Let's go Mauricing

Guy RundleApr 29, 20161 Comment

Maurice Newman swings for the white picket fences.