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Tips and rumours

Mar 17, 2016

Tips and rumours

James Paterson's friends ... problems with George Christensen ... AusPost wants your metadata ...



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7 thoughts on “Tips and rumours

  1. klewso

    You light up the metaphorical barbecue, get a few friends around to chew the fat …. you gotta expect the odd blowfly.

  2. Wayne Robinson

    Norman the Troll,

    I’d only include your comment as having less quality than the article, which after all is ‘tips and rumours’, essentially a potpourri of nothings.

  3. Norman Hanscombe

    Disappointing to find the quality of some responses is little better than that of the original article, isn’t it.

  4. AR

    Fixing GeorgeC? Where to begin?
    For starters, like Leventy, lap banding would be of benefit to his overall health though I would suggest it be a little higher, say between his shoulders (if any) and one of his many chins.

  5. Ross Carnsew

    Off topic, but not sure where else to write. Suggest Crikey have a look at their own, prominently displayed ‘Power Index, The top strategists leading up to the election.’
    May want to update it just a tad. Like three years!

  6. Wayne Robinson

    Coincidences – yesterday I just finished reading Adrian McKinty’s novel ‘Rain Dogs’, a police procedural set in Ulster during the troubles (we might even be able to claim the author as Australian since he migrated and lives in St Kilda), and he mentioned ‘nominative determism’ referring to a forensic officer with the surname of “Payne”, but more to do with his personality being painful, rather than his career choice.

  7. Barry Reynolds

    Got the caption right at least.

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