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Aug 21, 2014

Crikey owner Private Media and News Corp reach legal agreement

Crikey owner Private Media and News Corp have reached a legal agreement that prevents Crikey from hosting or further distributing the News Corporation Australia Weekly Operating Statement for the week ended 30 June 2013.


Crikey owner Private Media and News Corp have reached a legal agreement that prevents Crikey from hosting or further distributing the News Corporation Australia Weekly Operating Statement for the week ended June 30, 2013.

As part of the agreement, Private Media promised to destroy by 5pm Thursday any hard and electronic copies in its possession.

However, we are not required to pull down the stories based on the documents we have already published. We are also not bound by any confidentiality agreement. As part of the contract signed by both parties, Private Media cannot be sued over publication of the confidential documents.

The agreement is not a legal injunction. It does not prevent others from publishing stories based on the documents.

On Wednesday Crikey published the original 270-page financial documents on which we based our stories. We have now scrubbed those links and removed the document from our website. If you have previously viewed the document, clear your cache.

“We remain proud of our ‘story behind the story’ brand of independent journalism, and you will find all of the stories that we have published about this here,” said Private Media CEO Marina Go.

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21 thoughts on “Crikey owner Private Media and News Corp reach legal agreement

  1. AR

    Can mudorc’s minions & minders spell ‘slapwrit’?
    As shown in Kafka, the process is the punishment.
    When the OZ received kudos for publishing the allegedly leaked Customs report of criminality at Sydney airport,it was right but somehow they didn’t turn out at the officer’s trial nor even report on it.
    Dogs yap but the caravan lumbers on.

  2. Yclept

    Ah yes, News Corp the bastion of free speech!

  3. klewso

    Again, it’s out here now.
    But you gotta laugh haven’t you?
    If the mouse of “miniscule circulation”, that is Crikey, can stampede Murdoch’s Limited News – imagine the mayhem that Murdoch’s “crazy elephant” (carrying “70”% of our printed edited views of reality) creates when it’s let loose?

  4. Dennis Bauer

    News Corp= Evil Empire, the dark side, Crikey may the force be with you.

  5. Kevin Herbert

    Nice work Crikey…nice work indeed

  6. The Pav

    Too Late to stop the truth getting out there and they still copped lawyers bills…Hahahahahaha!

    Just hope that next time something drops on your desk you still publish

    I would suggest the defence our beloved PM used “It is easier to seek forgiveness….etc” As Limited News Corpo support our PM so staunchly now doubt they would accept that..

    It would seem their definition of free speech is restricted to Andrew Bolt being entitled to write offensive untruths

  7. Crikey Fan

    Brilliant coup, Crikey! The hard-ball tactics employed by News Corp to remove the leaked 2012-13 financial statement from the public domain only confirms the veracity and relevance of the information.

  8. zut alors

    Julian Clarke probably secretly thinks News Corp got off lightly – imagine if Crikey had published the latest operating statement. An educated guess tells us the current bottom line is ‘ouch.’

  9. The_roth

    Lol I can see what happened. News Limited “we have deep pockets and we will bankrupt you in legal fees”

    Crikey “oh bugger if we retreat now we can live to fight another day”

    Money talks and BS walks.

  10. dingbat

    “Clear your cache”… via facebook, twitter, etc?

  11. Long shot

    Top work Crikey. Such enjoyment to know their business is suffering and I hope this proves that mediocrity is not a sustainable business model. Lovely to see them punched in the money button, right where it hurts most.

  12. Gavin Moodie

    On what grounds did News Corp argue that Crikey shouldn’t use its operating statement – copyright?

  13. Euan J Thomas

    Good coup Crikey and keep up the good work. I love it when you stick it up Uncle Murdoch!

  14. Andrew McIntosh

    From the ABC –

    “News Corp’s chief executive Julian Clarke has dismissed the revelations as ‘yesterday’s news … quite frankly, what [has been] published is 14 months old, ask me about what’s happened in the last 12 months.’ ”

    But they send in the lawyers anyway.

  15. wilful

    They’re idiots! It’s the 21st century, everyone who wants a copy can get one, house had bolted well and truly.

  16. Itsarort

    News Corp may have slipped it’s soap back on the rope but “What’s done, cannot be undone. To bed, to bed…”.

  17. Alex

    News’ double standards continue to boggle the mnd!

  18. rhwombat

    Well done Crikey!

  19. fractious

    And they said money doesn’t buy you power…

  20. Simon Mansfield

    Hope they bought a multi year ad deal

  21. paddy

    Bother! I was hoping for “pistols at dawn”.

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