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The Sandpit: Department of Australia


*Department of Australia is an online satire project created by Leslie Nassar. Leslie was Fake Stephen Conroy and Fake Today Tonight; he created TweeVee TV, the Twitter moderation platform that powers the on-air tweets for ABC’s Q&A; he was a digital media officer for Victoria Police, an “emerging technology” nerd in Telstra’s chief technology office and most recently the director of Technology for Razorfish Australia.

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4 thoughts on “The Sandpit: Department of Australia

  1. Simon Mansfield

    The irony here is that many of those involved with the Apollo program – both astronauts and rocket scientists – are among the most skeptical about the science of global warming.

    Only one actual scientist ever went to the Moon – Harrison Schmitt (A17) – and he is a leading figure among retired NASA personnel who take a skeptical position on AGW.

  2. Brendan King

    recent evidence suggests the so called “moon” is a holographic projection,

    so much for “science”

  3. klewso

    They can put a man in the moon – but they can’t put a man in this empty space capsule?

  4. Dez Paul

    What a knob.

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