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Crikey says: hard questions on this terrible day

Ben Sandilands on MH17: why was a commercial jet flying over a war zone? Malaysia Airlines failed in duty of care, but others took similar route. More Australians dead than September 11. PLUS: Rundle goes gonzo in Canberra as Parliament parties for winter break. Keane on big banks gone bad. Brandis’ security slip-up. Abbott Speedo-watch. A gerrymander to make Sir Joh proud. And Palmer still riding high in the polls.

Almost 300 people died when Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot out of the sky by a missile over Ukraine yesterday afternoon local time, likely by pro-Russian separatists.

As there were at least 27 Australians on board, some of our readers will no doubt be affected by this tragedy, which, as Cathy Alexander and Paul Millar report today, comes second only


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