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Crikey says: today is a curse on future generations

A victory for old white men: Keane on today’s carbon tax repeal. Brandis wages war on journos and whistleblowers. Hockey’s Daddy issues. Razer on why gay Thorpe doesn’t matter. Delusions of grandeur: does the Oz really topple govts? The LNP senator fighting for the right to be dumb. Plane seats about to get a whole lot more uncomfortable. And is Business Spectator toeing Rupert’s line?

Pity the baby born in Australia today, the day federal Parliament voted to end effective action on climate change.

The Senate has voted down the carbon tax, leaving Australia with no central policy mechanism to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Pollution is free once more.

Faced with a difficult, serious policy problem in climate change, policy-makers have squibbed it. They have voted to


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