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Crikey says: big banks 1, ripped-off pensioners 0

Rundle reports from Canberra as the carbon tax wends its way through the red benches. We expose the secret life of lobbyists. Keane on Brandis the philosopher-prince. Turnbull sneaks into the Oz’s 50th bash. The senior staffer bad-mouthing a national security official. Clive v Rupert: the Photoshop wars. And can a teacher really smack your kid?

As reported by Crikey, the government and Clive Palmer yesterday came to a deal that allowed the government’s gutting of the Future of Financial Advice consumer protections to proceed.

Mathias Cormann’s “reforms” will allow the return of conflicted remuneration to financial planning — the single biggest problem in a retail superannuation sector dominated by the big banks and AMP. It will


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