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Crikey says: The Oz on the Right side of 50

Undercover at Plimer’s book launch. The Oz at 50: lapdog, watchdog or attack dog? Watch this space for the next NSA whistleblower. We assess the fallout from the ABC redundancies. Why Palmer’s red tape is a win for big banks. Murray inquiry bad news for Abbott. What is Ben Oquist up to? Voters want answers on CommBank con. And our birthday cake for the Oz.

Happy 50th birthday to Rupert Murdoch’s favourite plaything! No, not her, she’s a spry 46. It’s The Australian’s birthday, and our favourite national broadsheet has been bolstering the Coalition, serving the interests of old white men and slapping “EXCLUSIVE!” on everything that’s not nailed down for half a century.

The Oz has republished its first editorial from July 15, 1964, and while


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