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Jun 23, 2014

The Sandpit

Heroes and villains ...

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6 thoughts on “The Sandpit

  1. Worst sandpit to date in my opinion. In sharp contrast to firstdog, it is not well considered, thoughtful or funny. The implication that there is hypocrisy in banning jihadists from joining the battle in Syria is ridiculous. There is a big difference between sending regular troops (which for the record, I do not support) and allowing violent individuals to go and join violent organisations spouting an ideology of hate.

  2. Well maybe the comment above was overly harsh, but point scoring against the establishment simply for the sake of it doesn’t really hit the spot in my opinion.

  3. Perhaps it is a reflection of how someone can be in both states….depending on the perspective of the observer? Bit like our ridiculous political masters.
    However I agree, not funny and no where need the first dog quality I expect from some hard hitting satire.