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Crikey Says

May 22, 2014

Crikey says: grudging kids and the slacker sick

Tony Abbott's in trouble: the timing was all wrong on breaking promises, the experts declare. Plus Helen Razer on Joe Hockey. And William Bowe's poll of polls. Why selling the business registry is a blow to corporate transparency. Qantas' big concession. Ten's Wake Up call: axing news won't help. And on the streets with students in Melbourne.

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A wink to editors of News Corporation titles, desperately searching for a new narrative now the government they backed in isn’t faring too well. If you think it’s been hard for Tony Abbott to sell his federal budget package — which doesn’t miss anyone but the richest — spare a thought for conservative newspaper hacks who have to convince readers to grin and bear the pain coming.

Time for a distraction. Thankfully, there are rabble-rousing students to pick on …

Herald Sun

And trivial, ideological beat-ups …

The Australian

And even all those undeserving, slacker disabled Australians …

Every poll in the land suggests readers of the Herald Sun, The Australian and The Daily Telegraph are as angry about this budget as anyone else. Don’t expect that to be reflected in print.

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