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The Sandpit: Department of Australia (Game of Thrones spoiler alert!)

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*Department of Australia is an online satire project created by Leslie Nassar. Leslie was Fake Stephen Conroy and Fake Today Tonight; he created TweeVee TV, the Twitter moderation platform that powers the on-air Tweets for ABC’s Q&A; he was a digital media officer for Victoria Police, an “emerging technology” nerd in Telstra’s chief technology office and most recently the director of Technology for Razorfish Australia.

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17 thoughts on “The Sandpit: Department of Australia (Game of Thrones spoiler alert!)

  1. I’ve seen the odd stuff up in Crikey over the years, but nothing as bad as this one in “cartoon dept”. As the others have noted.
    Badly needs a spoiler alert.
    Hell, it’s not even particularly funny. #lamefail

  2. I disagree Paddy – I think it’s an excellent multivalent spoof. As for a spoiler alert – Um…you are aware that it’s all in the books, guys?
    …Oh what fun it is to write a one-horse open slay!

  3. I’ve read the books rhwombat. (and seen the episode.)
    But today’s effort is still a clusterf*ck of a spoiler.

    In my humble opinion, the sandpit has not exactly covered itself in glory so far. Today is a low point.

  4. Spoiler?! pfft. Anybody who didn’t see Joffreys demise coming hasn’t been paying attention. Lotsa Starks: they got thinned. Lotsa Lannisters: …

    ‘toon: good enough, its about time someone pinned Tony for his laborious updates of no progress on finding a plane. Why did the PM hire Angus the aged vice pantaloon for the job only to gazump him daily, and can we get both their salaries cut to whatever the traffic guy on the radio gets paid?

  5. I am one of the many pissed off people.
    It’s Saturday, and I’m still angry.

    There was no warning in the email. There’s hardly any warning – or space to avoid your eyes – on the website either.

    I’m a fast reader, I was in the second para of this spoiler before I could stop myself. Thanks.

    I am a Crikey subscriber. I pay for the content I consume. Thanks for turning my subscription into a punishment. I do not pirate. I am also a content creator, so I’d be a total hypocrite if I downloaded the ep from a torrent site. I’m not a Foxtel subscriber. Last season of GoT I bought the season from the itunes store. Now Foxtel has closed that legal loophole. That has only made it harder for me to do the right thing.

    I’m reading the books instead. Shall I spoil it for you when I get to book 4? Come on, they’ve been out for years….

    Yeah, I’m still bloody angry.