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Mar 28, 2014

The Sandpit: Casey Bennetto in song

What does it take to be a Modern Man? Singer-songwriter-funny-bugger Casey Bennetto enters the Crikey Sandpit to lay down a tune on the week in politics ...

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The modern world is a confusing and contradictory place, and never more so than in engaging with the essence, the stuff, the very marrow of our intellectual existence: the quest to better oneself. For songwriter Casey Bennetto, an important piece fell into place this week. Recorded yesterday for Crikey, here’s his reflection on what it takes to be a Modern Man


*Casey Bennetto is most well-known as the writer of Keating!, but is also responsible for the songs in The Terminativity — a Christmas pantomime cross between the greatest story ever told and the Nativity. He’s scored several television shows and is currently up to his neck in Eurovision entries.

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