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Mar 24, 2014

The Sandpit: a new space for Crikey to play

Dog gone, it's time to try something new. The Sandpit is a new space for Crikey to play -- stay tuned for some of your favourite cartoonists and something a bit different ...

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Upon his departure, First Dog on the Moon kindly instructed all aspiring cartoonists to send our editor-in-chief their portfolios …

While @HappySinger’s masterpiece was a clear standout, we’ll venture to suggest that perhaps we can do better.

Or more precisely, you can.

From tomorrow, Crikey will kick off with The Sandpit. This (experimental) space will be our designated play area for the next little while, devoted to all things satire. That includes work from some more established types, artists and funny folk you know, plus some names you’ve never heard of.

But this item isn’t limited to just JPGs. We want to run a whole bunch of stuff, and we’re particularly interested in material that plays around with the online medium. It will be all about the mix, whether that’s a cartoon/Photoshop number/GIF/written word/Vine/video/something completely indefinable.

The next bit is up to you: we need you to tell us what you think. Crikey has a proud and gory history of blooding new talent, so this will be no place for hurt feelings. If you hate it, tell us. If you love it, get lippy. If you have ideas on who should contribute, let us know. We’re throwing stuff at the wall and we’ll see what sticks.

We’ve got a list of names lined up for this new project, but consider this a callout too. If you haven’t done so already (and our inbox is quite crammed with some enterprising types already), mail us at boss@crikey.com.au with “The Sandpit” in the subject line.

Watch this space.

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