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Crikey Says

Mar 18, 2014

Crikey says: some red tape strangles the deserving

Tony Abbott wants to keep your data, too -- but he'll consult us first. Essential: little concern over Liberal bloc. A march in March and the media: how to get noticed. Meet the next president of Indonesia. With new privacy laws enacted, Crikey's guide to sleuthing on yourself. Plus Stilgherrian explains malware and why the NSA is using it.

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… and then there’s the regulation that shouldn’t be cut. After our plea yesterday for a fair dinkum red tape assault, the details of Wednesday’s “Appeal Day” are emerging. Take this little cut, via The Australian Financial Review:

“Small groups of shareholders will no longer be able to force listed companies to hold extraordinary general meetings under an assault on regulation by the Abbott government … One impost to be removed is the 100-member rule, which enables 100 shareholders to call an extraordinary general meeting …”

Genuine power for shareholders to scrutinise boards? Scrap it.

And this, from today’s Sydney Morning Herald:

“The government plans to introduce legislation aimed at neutering parts of Labor’s finance advice reforms on Wednesday under the cover of the Prime Minister’s statement on red-tape reduction.”

Find any independent commentator who thinks that’s a good idea. But sneakily scrap it anyway.

Not to mention watering down media regulations, further consolidating the few independent voices left …

Not all red tape is bad. But everything, apparently, must go.

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