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Crikey Says

Feb 24, 2014

Crikey says: Hockey the king of the left-wing gabfest

Now we want to ship asylum seekers to Cambodia -- Crikey gets reaction from Phnom Penh. Plus Bernard Keane on Scott Morrison's unravelling story. What Joe Hockey achieved with the G20. Reforming the aged pension. Charlotte Dawson and the Twitter trolls: Helen Razer's own experience. And Guardian economics in Australia.

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Now here’s a photo for Joe Hockey’s pool room …

There he was over the weekend in Sydney, among the most powerful money men and women of the world, leading the discussion among G20 nations on global economic policy, nailing down an agreement any pro-business government would be proud of: growth, growth, growth.

The Treasurer has come a long way. In 2009, from the opposition benches, he dismissed the G20 as a left-wing conspiracy. It was “a centre-left movement”, he told Sky News, and he was “strongly opposed to the government being the centre of everyone’s lives”.

Not so much when you’re actually in government, presumably. At least not in front of his new friends.

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