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Crikey Says

Jan 17, 2014

Crikey says: the ship has now sailed

Lara Giddings appears gone, but Clive Palmer is a dark horse: William Bowe on the Tassie election. Plus Cathy Alexander in Hobart for Australia's weirdest arts fest. The campaign to absolve gay sex "crimes". Why Sydney's newspapers agree on street violence. Snake venom: it's more valuable than you even know. And Helen Razer's defence of Triple J.

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We may have declared war on Indonesia. Accidentally, of course.

It’s hard to know the more laughable revelation from Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s humiliating press conference this morning: that in chasing asylum seeker boats away as part of “Operational Sovereign Borders” we breached the sovereignty of Indonesia, or that our naval navigation systems are so poor commanders couldn’t have avoided it.

Morrison and the poor sap he plucked from the army to run this ramshackle operation, Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, got down on their knees and issued a grovelling apology to our neighbour and ally. A review will be launched! It will never happen again! Foreign Minister Julie Bishop got on the blower to her Indonesian counterpart Marty Natalegawa to offer an explanation, but it seems he’s no longer taking her calls.

And who could blame him.

This government has vowed to stop at nothing to stop the boats. On that, at least, it is keeping its promise. But we couldn’t have imagined just how far it would go — and how much damage to foreign relations they’d do in the process.

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15 thoughts on “Crikey says: the ship has now sailed

  1. Maybe you couldnt imagine it, but anyone with a functioning frontal lobe and a functioning short and long term memory has seen it all before. Bishops phone call and Abbots ignorance will be like petrol on a fire.

  2. Morrison should roll out that old advertising slogan that Tourism Australia came up with when he was the Managing Director.
    “Where the bloody hell are you?”

  3. Oh well, diddy, at least we now know where the Minister for Immigration is, after he spent much of the past couple of months playing hide and seek. Though I possibly prefer his disappearing act.

  4. Ditto DrM – “couldn’t have imagined“? Try dead cert when ignorance & ideology run policy, the worst is a guaranteed.
    I’m only surprised we haven’t yet had the whiff of cordite, so beloved of armchair warriors and religious zealots!
    Looks as if Morriscum & TT’s pugnacious, prognathius physiognomies have finally got their George St comeuppance.
    Stay tuned, this one will run & run, bring lotsa popcorn.
    And flakjackets.

  5. Oh, okay klewso.

    Now we have Tony Abbott,
    The headlights and the rabbit.
    On affairs with Indonesia,
    There’s selective amnesia.
    A violation of their waters?
    “Hmmm, have you seen my daughters?”

  6. Of course to ironic thing in all this Morrison-Abbott ploy of “withholding of information” so as not to aid the enemy in Abbott’s “War on Smugglers”, is how it reflects Murdoch’s Limited News, editing withholding information from the electorate – almost as if they’re waging a “War on Democracy”?