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Sep 16, 2013

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20 thoughts on “Passion, betrayal, hot chips: The grand finale!

  1. Juan & Co’s shenanigans are all very well but they’ll pale in comparison with our new parliament and next year’s Senate.

    The Dogonaut Lounge can anticipate much sport and more bizarre antics than above.

  2. My thoughts exactly, Chris Johnson. Who the hell is Noel and why is he dresses as Renato?

    Meanwhile, when the Hated Abbotista Regime cabinet is sworn in I expect them to enter the GG’s office witha blaring backing track of the Weathergirls’ 80s disco hit. “It’s reigning men, hallelujah!”

  3. Let me see if I got this FD, Juan, had to go through Arcadia, to get to Regina? Looks like everyone is trying to get Regina except Noel. I think Noels a worry and might like the snap and smell of rubber gloves, and not just go to jails for the visits.

  4. Note the reference in the final frame to “Juan’s ship”. Ship! Not a boat…not a ketch…a ship. This Juan dude must be worth serious money to own that type of ocean ware. I suspect Juan deals in a lot of hard cash and greases the palms of customs officials and the judiciary, if you get my drift…

  5. Weeeell, say no more; Fruity Noel going into the boys change room in the cabinet/jail, not to change, or get dressed, but just to look. I wonder how his pineapple prostate is? Should chuck them all overboard in a chaff bag.

  6. Obviously this epic masterpiece can only be really savoured Exclusively by the patrons from A-Reserve–it is, of course, completely lost on yours truly…but who knows? Perhaps doggonauts will be able to subsist on the tips they can scrounge for pouring out the Veuve Clique-ot at Interval.
    I do hope so!