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Sep 12, 2013

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28 thoughts on “Every clown has a silver lining.

  1. It is a bit like the nuns told us; you know, cheaters never prosper. But justice can be poetic and ironic all at once. Still, she would have made a natural connection with her racism, the shooters party looking for something to shoot at and the motoring party wanting access to every square inch of the island. “Culling” they call it; pretty good deterrent for anyone thinking of an indonesian south seas fishing boat tour as well.

  2. Craft beer IS great. What would someone who goes around three times before he sits down, licks his tackle and who sniffs bottoms know about craft beer anyway?

    On a less abusive note, this was a ball-tearer toon today Firsty. One of the girls in our office laughed so hard she fahrted – which kicked off another round of out of control hilarity.

    Thanks for making light of the first week of the dark ages.

  3. Mirabelli, Mirabelli tiny little thing
    Watch the voters dance, hear the voters sing
    This is what can happen if your heart is very small
    And you go through life as if you’re nine feet tall

  4. I wiki’ed Ristretto which I thought was a fascist term devised by the GMO slave labour capitalist nescafe empire (I’m soo left I’ve gone all the way around myself and am facing the wrong way now aren’t I).
    Actually it involves ” pulling a hand press (shown at right) faster than usual using the same amount of water as a regular shot of espresso”
    Oddly appropriate.

  5. If only it’s true… no way I’ll be hiding my smile (like the tiny stuff Firsty, even if I have to get out a magnifying glass – always worth the effort)

    Andyb… gold!

    zut.. I’m in for a no-show (can we get some craft beer elsewhere?)

    s.i.l sisters (has a ring to it)

  6. I can tell you’re going to rue the day you made that crack about craft beer FD.
    Every xmas party, people will buy it especially for you.
    Every time you try cadging a drink, in your oh so adorable way,
    we dogonaughts (& 1000’s like us) will remember to buy you one.
    But best of all……..
    The good burghers of Indi have declared that Firstdog Craft Lager,
    is the official house beer at the farewell Sophie rave party.

    P.S. Today’s toon…10/10

  7. Toady’s got to find another “lady” for his cabinet? Why? Which one’s missing?
    I thought this was about Mirraball? And this will all pass anyway, she’s only in suspenders isn’t she, we’ve seen the photos – they were in the Teletrash weren’t they?

    [Craft Vegemite’s all right – don’t know about their “beer”?]

  8. She is now quoted in the MSM:
    “It is now time that our new Prime Minister has absolute freedom to select his new front bench. As my own future in the Parliament is not assured, I have asked that I not be considered for selection,” she said.
    “This is not about me. This is about our country.”
    She could emigrate.

  9. Andybob@10.
    Don’t forget male platypuses.
    Reasons to be a dogonaught #7,286 : More interesting vertebrate biology than you can poke a stick-nest rat at.
    RTBAD#7,286: Perfect reverse anthropomorphisation of the dreaded Sophie ex-MP.
    RTBAD#7,286: Daily Brilliance. 11/10.

  10. I feel humbled by the great witticisms above, First Dog, so all I can say is “Bloody Brilliant” and we’ve all thoroughly enjoyed the nectar of schadenfreude.

  11. brumbyman’s right on the money. The vanquishing of Pyne would be cause for even greater celebration from the comfort of my lounge room.

    But while we’re talking about Mirabella, how about childless jab at Gillard in Parliment that was a good one!

    What is this Craft Beer I don’t even know…is it spreadable?

  12. Now that her true nature is in the public arena I am wondering what it was she said to the Member for Robertson those years back when “that statement about the devil” was made in Parliament. she certainly knows how to play the victim card. Well, the moral of this story is that bullies never prosper. They are found eventually.

  13. Isn’t this “free market” thingy funny?
    Remember the good old days when it was perfectly all Right, “No holes barred”, to denigrate, snigger and slag off the Left (“Climate Change Crap”),
    Gillard (the way even her “sisters”, employed in all the Right places in the media – to save their male counterparts from slurs – took out their stilettos to stick it to her persona : the way she walked, talked, dressed. The way she couldn’t swim in a chaff bag with Bob Brown? The “Ditch the Bitch Convention” in Canberra to celebrate such things. How so many Conservative pin-ups rushed down the road to line up to their photos taken and be associated with that?)
    and Rudd (remember, was it, “Brian Burke’s Used Utes and the tantrums Rudd used to throw when flying one”? Ref. “Steve Lewis(?)” for more detail?)?
    It was “perfectly all Right” because they controlled so much of the mass communication medium – and cold edit it to suit their ends? From the “Limited News Lampoon the Left Services” to “Singo’s Cock-or -Two Circus”? Throw in the “Independent Prosthetic Anus Joke Sausage Machine” and the market was covered – in a steaming pile of bum “sausage”? Talk about chortle?
    Of course some people think this free market works best when it works in their favour? Or, failing that, being able to take control? When they can set the rules to suit themselves?
    ……. Then someone comes along and ruins it all – with “competition”? They don’t have to be as BIG – they just have to be “there”, with their alternate opinion?

  14. Spot on klewso, and now little boy blue tie has only kept a “token” on his front bench because that is all he is capable of managing. Big Julie picked him in one, and everyone put their fingers in their ears, shut their eyes and voted for the creep. We are about to see power corrupting absolutely