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Sep 11, 2013



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19 thoughts on ““We have always been at war with Elitistan!”

  1. klewso

    “Doughwinism” – Survival of the richest and born to rule.

  2. klewso

    What’s wrong with “User Pays”?
    If you haven’t got enough money, or able to afford insurance, that’s just natural selection?

  3. drmick

    Too right Klewso; all she needs is a cat and a black hat; we know she wears no undies so she gets a better grip on the broom; its part of the orientation program tips for new female members of the Labs, sorry, libs.
    They want to reduce “red tape”. Its a euphemism for destroying the (formerly) best health system the world and 100 years of careful negotiated humane workplace and worker protection from exploitation.

  4. klewso

    “…. Stubble double, toilet trouble.
    Old folks dip in kero bubble”

  5. klewso

    Doc, what a pity Mirraball won’t be there, to throw in her Toad’s 31 day old venom’s worth?

  6. drmick

    And of course the rebirth (so to speak) of backyard abortion clinics. “You make we scrape em no featus will beatus Inc” will reappear on the ASX. No family planning clinics; we all have to move to a new rhythm.

    Klewso is right, aged care will be instructed to return to the tried and tested old treatments that the “minister for sinister”, Bronny, and her coven authorize like the euphemistic kero bath;Coffee enemas,faith healers, snake oil and boot scootin.

  7. klewso

    What about rebooting (with a brown foot-print) the kerosene industry – return the exhausted, old proletariats to Howard’s Bron’s Age?

  8. drovers cat

    I’ve sprayed my clean energy black – they’ll never find it … muhahahahahaha

  9. klewso

    “no farting on Sundays”? …..*….. thank goodness, that was a fly….

  10. drmick

    Must re-read 1984 and citizen kane; Ministry for truth? Conscription? 6 year olds going down the mine? I bet he petitions the pope to bring back no meat on fridays & fasting on Sundays. What odds the asylum kiddies get sent to “not for profit” boarding schools run by the men in black? Hullo Sailor.

  11. klewso

    And Cousin Jethro? The new Minister for Fine Ants?

  12. Hominoid

    Peta looks like she’s been drink driving….. having to look at that muscle would drive you to drink, too.

    So, men have muscles and women have mussels!?!?! D’oh.

  13. klewso

    “Something in the Air?” is coming back to the ABC? Just don’t stand down-wind?

  14. klewso

    Is it true Peter Glutton will be erected Minister for Women’s Affairs, after that interview on Lateline, with Craig Emerson?

  15. swimming the hellespont

    Just wait until he is a few rounds into bopping the stoats then we’ll see the real Muscular Tone.

  16. Mike Jones

    Reely and creely true. And the depiction of the First Lady in waiting is awesomely accurate Mr OtM.

    EMC, two puns in one line AND a reversion to your Che revolutionary days. Vinceremos ! Outstanding !

  17. ernmalleyscat

    Muscular Tone’s rallying cry in the culture wars “Bring back the bifidus”

  18. paddy

    I *really* hope The Daily Loughnane is available in Elitistan.
    Sounds like a gripping read.

  19. zut alors

    How did Firsty get his paws on this original draft of the ‘Real Solutions’ pamphlet?

    Bazza from Crazy Barry’s Reel and Creel looks like a prime contender for a Senate seat. Perhaps next time.

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