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Sep 10, 2013

Unrepresentative Swill

The wingnuts are at the gates! Tony reaps the senate whirlwind and we are all going to die. The end.

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35 thoughts on “Unrepresentative Swill

  1. Behold….The toon that just drew itself.
    You are one amazingly fortunate canine FD.
    Oh what glorious adventures await us for the NEXT 6 YEARS!
    The cartoonist’s golden mining boom of madness begins.

  2. In fairness Paddy our duly elected representatives are merely jokes in search of a punchline. It still takes a bon mot from the premier canine to turn what would otherwise be a cry of despairing horror into a wry chuckle.

  3. Is it too late to throw a “Labored Liberal Democrats” party for next time?

    [What’s wrong with coming Right out with the Coprophile Party – Poo Pride? The stigma with being a member – or admitting you voted for it?
    And call me a conspiralist but try to deny there’s no link between mandates and being a Christopher Robin (playing with Poo)?]

  4. Firsty they say a camel is a horse designed by a committee. I cant wait to see what that senate will make.
    Zut all the talk about a mandate and the suppository means they can shove through anything they want, when they want where they want.
    Klewso I would have thought the chooks would not have moved in on principle

  5. I, for one, welcome Boris No-Visible-Mandible and his faeculent overlords. Being a marsupial with conspicuously cubic droppings (and hence, square recti) I place myself (or rather, my poo) at the disposal of the Party – though I would rather they throw it at Toady Rabbott than burn it.

  6. Imagine the fun our darling Paul would have had with this lot. He would have done them all slowly …very slowly …and expertly …oh dear …pass me the smelling salts …the lavender scented ones … I think I stepped in something and it smells suspiciously like roopoo.

  7. Also I should probably try to be a career politician through the forming of the following parties:

    Green Liberals
    Nationalist Democrats
    Democratic Leaks
    Nationalist Greens
    and the Democratic Labor. Oh wait forget about the last one.

  8. The fires of hell have been unleashed in Springwoods Hawkesbury Road after a back burn went wrong. The lunatics are definitely running the asylum now. That part of the macquarie electorate voted the wrong way.

  9. “CLIVE PALMER: Remember those great journalists of the last century, Clarke Kent, Jimmy Olsson and Mr White, right, wasn’t that a great industry to work in? If we could go back to there.

    MATT WORDSWORTH: Although that was fictional.

    CLIVE PALMER: It was fictional but it represented the standards of the era.”

    Paddy, I take it all back. Cartoonists and political satirists have died and gone to heaven.

  10. ‘Reap the whirlwind much?’ Well said Firsty..

    Andrew L.. I’m with you… HAR HAR HAR… oh wait… these nutters get to make decisions that actually affect us… back to boo hoo.

    EMC.. if you’re making a ‘list’..probably no need to ‘check it twice’… you have it right the first time.