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Sep 8, 2013

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16 thoughts on “I for one welcome our new IPA overlords

  1. I just crack up when you do these abc Interpretive dance bandicoot thingies. There is something just so communicatively funny about the poses, the hopelessness of it all, the desperation, the ridiculousness…it’s a fkn crack up..ROFL!!!

  2. Thanks Mooondoggie. Bandi’s appearance is helping with my hangover (darn you Guy R).
    Think I need more badges!

    Paddy… Indi… hope springs eternal (but dust off the restraints just in case).

    ianJ… needed a laugh, thanks.

    The real winner? The people of Melbourne who’ve proven they’re the most progressive in the country.

  3. My daughter, not yet old enough to vote but wiser than her years, texted me that Australia had a new boat problem; not enough boats to get on and leave. Never fear, we can all fit on a second hand Indinesian trawler and head for the land of the long white sock.

  4. Andybob; she sounds like a chip off the old block. The fear in the eyes of the bandy in frame 1 says it all. Be afraid. Be very afraid. If the suppository of knowledge is in charge; we all know what we are about to receive.