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Sep 6, 2013



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24 thoughts on “A candle in the darkness…

  1. Andrew L

    Loving the complete clusterf@ck of loopy micro-parties that have been elected to the Senate. Can you imagine Gollum Abbott trying to be oh so diplomatic while dealing with the Shooters, Fishers, Stamp Collectors and Disco Rollerskaters Party etc? With a bit of luck, his head will explode…

  2. klewso

    Just saw that funny Senator, Arthur Sinodinos (Howard back-room string-puller) give his free character reference for “Real Tony” on the ABC election night coverage :- “Real Tony’s such an upstanding specimen of humanity, that he refused to compromise and make a deal with the Independents after the last election (“You know how dry your mouth gets when you lye Arfur? Have a drink!)”.
    Apparently he forgot what Tony Windsor told us about how “Nitro” was prepared to sell his arse for government?

  3. AR

    Before I got to panel 3 I thinking of, apologies to Marsden, “Tomorrow When the Crap Began“.
    Hell has never looked better.

  4. klewso

    On the bright side (consistency, transparency and disclosure of agenda) this way we almost get three for the price of one – Abbott, Murdoch, Roskam and Cousin Jethro.
    …. On the down side, unfortunately, there’s their so far overt regard for the circumstances of their fellow man …..?

  5. Andrew L

    I need a hug

  6. PDGFD1

    Thanks zut… apologies Dr M.
    EMC – awaiting the peal of the bugle.

  7. Venise Alstergren

    EMC: Remain focused. When the worm of popular opinion turns-and it will-you will be needed to rebuild Oz.

    Good night and Good luck. Cheers Venise

  8. First Dog On The Moon


  9. zut alors

    PDGFD1, all credit for the name Lumpy Lardclacker belongs to our in-house medico Dr Mick.

  10. ernmalleyscat

    The 3G up here in the Brindabella camp is crap, but your message has got through dog.
    Training of the CPSU brigade is coming along well. The peasants are strong still.
    We may be forced to extreme acts, but the hated Abbotista Regime will fall.

    the horror … the horror

  11. PDGFD1

    Don’t despair Firsty – a bunch of moth-eaten marsupialists may not be much – but we’re with ya!
    (muchos grassy-a$$ for the glimpse of Bandi – even in extremis, youse a hero).

    Paddy – seconded.
    Zut – thanks – LL… HAR HAR (even as a rotund marsupialist I repeat… HAR HAR)

    Dogonaughts arise… Bring your candles and dance in the shadows (Guy R’s drinking game may help a bit)
    We shall dance to the end. We shall dance in Canberra, we shall dance with growing confidence and growing strength, we shall defend decency, whatever the cost in pointe shoes may be.
    We shall dance on the beaches… we shall dance in the fields and in the streets, we shall dance in the hills; we shall never surrender.

  12. klewso

    Anyone got a copy of that recipe book for baked beans and road kill?

  13. klewso

    We’re all going to Rude School – to be Murdochtrinated?

  14. zut alors

    The promise made by Rabbott and Lumpy Lardclacker that my cost of living expenses will decrease is actually true. True! In the Alors household budget for the next three years there will be major savings on airfares and hotel tariffs by no longer visiting Canberra for parliamentary sitting weeks.

  15. paddy

    Michael James…..Get in the van.

  16. Salamander

    It’s the way it’s happening. A con job.

  17. Michael James

    Jesus, it’s just an election campaign, not the arrival of Pol Pot, Mao or Stalin, all left wing nutbags, just as Hitler and Idi Amin were right wing nutbags.

    On Sunday the world will be just as it was on Saturday morning, there will be very little change in either the short or long term, both our federal parties are pretty similar in most areas.

    Maybe FDOTM should get a grip, god knows he’s not all that funny covering elections, especially not funny when he’s being a fear-mongering tool.

  18. klewso

    At least when “they” come to take me there’ll still be plenty to turn their backs – come their turn there won’t be near as many.

  19. klewso

    But, for how long will we have snow Gunns?

  20. Andybob

    Father, why are all the children weeping?
    O they are merely crying, son
    O, are they merely crying, father?
    Yes, true weeping is yet to come

    This is a weeping song
    A song in which to weep
    While all the little children sleep
    This is a weeping song
    But I won’t be weeping long

  21. drmick

    Hope so Paddy.Its a bit like watching Melbourne Storm. Murdoch bought the game, bought that team, and they won his premiership, breaking every rule in the book, and the game has never been the same since. Murdoch has this politics game in his pocket, he selects either team because he owns both atm, the trash he supports wins the comp, and we all lose; and nothing will be the same again.
    He has casanova fingers; everything he touches, he stuffs.

  22. Andrew L

    …and then… even more depression set in 🙁

  23. paddy

    We will never surrender!
    If They thought the last three years was “ill-mannered politics”,
    they’ve not seen anything yet.
    Though tomorrow will be a major battle lost.
    (Hopefully at the cost of balloon boy’s miserable career.)

    There will be a reckoning……

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