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Sep 2, 2013



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19 thoughts on “Prime Minister Clive Palmer

  1. Sandshoe

    The three working on the Bruce Highway upgrade got me in. I was hoping to find out if it did end.

  2. klewso

    ……. “Cousin Jethro’s got a hi-vis Truss”?

  3. klewso

    Remember last election when the Murdoch press-gang took a “floral(?) stand” against “towing”?
    What’s the difference this time? They can’t leave anything to chance – if they don’t link up with the daisy-chain this time around, they might miss a Rudd slip?

  4. Andybob

    The bookies have paid out. I’m wearing a hi vis vest under my outer garments now so that when the time is ripe I can betray my colleagues and assume the mantle of our opponents.

  5. cyberfysh

    “If Rabbott wins will it be compulsory, at all times, to wear high-vis vests?” It will be for the Leadbeater’s Possum, Zut.

  6. rhwombat

    When Barnaby gets in, it will be a warren Truss.

  7. zut alors

    If Rabbott wins will it be compulsory, at all times, to wear high-vis vests?

  8. Venise Alstergren

    What the ferk has this country come to? Which one of the following is sane? Tony Rabbott, Scott Morrison, Clive Palmer, Bob Katter, Sophie Mirabella, Jacinta Collins, John Madigan, Leanne Price, Chrissy Wissey Pyne, Kevin Rudd, Petr Dutton, Helen Kroger, BARNABY JOYCE? BARNABY JOYCE is sane, rational and possessed of an Einsteinian grasp of the economy????

    The only one to benefit from all of this is blöody Rupert Murdoch-and his multiple minions.

  9. Circus Taximus

    Zut alors – you too, eh?
    Seems to be a few of us ’round here having ugly flashbacks.


  10. klewso

    “….. because of a typo, only two of them could work near Childers….?

  11. drmick

    Well; cardinal pull will be happy with the dinosaur thing; those small arms on the big lizards prevent them self molesting; then it doesn’t matter too much if you get an ugly one like a Bronwynasaur or a bunnyboilersaurus called julie.
    I think I will get a gun and head into the safety of NSW national parks with like minded unstable people with guns and murderous intent and who vote but shouldn’t.

  12. Andybob

    Well I don’t think taxpayers got value for money for the ALP campaign so far. Let’s hope they do better when they spend their own money.

  13. drovers cat

    I thought it was Abbott and co who were off the planet

  14. rhwombat

    Paddy – that’s odd, you don’t look like a male Antechinus…oh. Sorry.

  15. Hominoid

    There’s a Bruce Highway upgrade? Who knew? Are the Chinaman and Jew on 457 visas?
    Seriously, how cynical and self serving are the Libor/Laberal parties? If Tonya and his cohorts don’t go deep underground, I bloody well will. It’d be paradise compared to the scorched earth of 2 party preferred inertia. Give Milne or Wilkie or Palmer or Katter a go in the lodge. Anyone except the suited robots being served up to us, disguised as choice. F*ckity f*ck, I’m p*ssed off. Thanks, FD for helping me focus the anger. Very therapeutic.

  16. paddy

    That’s it! Next week I’m definitely going back to school to learn about concrete dinosaurs.
    I think I’ll delay my decision on which animal I’m going to marry.
    (But it certainly *won’t* be an Antechinus. The honeymoon would be far too short.)

  17. rhwombat

    Balloon boy is looking more and more spermatozooid…and I don’t know what a frosh is but if Rabbott is hashtagging it, I’m sure it’s got some horrible conotation. This is worse than Don’s Party. I blame Rupert.

  18. zut alors

    Drat, I haven’t heard that one about the chinaman, j#w and priest working on the Bruce Highway upgrade but the preamble sounds excellent…

    This week is reminiscent of the mood prior to the Campbell ‘Soup’ Newman era in Qld. Don’t do it, Orstraya.

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