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Jul 17, 2013

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24 thoughts on “Direct Action Plan Man and the mystery of Page 51

  1. Thanks for the biggest chuckle I’ve had in a long time. I saw Greg Hunt speaking on direct action last night, and it’s a shame (at least for them) the coalition don’t use him as their mouthpiece: he knows how to spin bullsh-t far better than this.

  2. The Real Solutions booklet so generously shoved into my ‘Australia Post Mail Only’ letterbox has a mere 15 pages. Why has Mr Dog got 51 pages – why has the local Lib candidate cheated me of extra Real Solutions to the tune of 36 pages worth?

  3. Aren’t they the achievement badges that members of the Abbott Youth/Green Army strive to collect and sew on their uniforms using thread plucked from asylum-seeking detainees’ lips?
    I’m going for my Sad Clam this afternoon.

  4. @Zut: I suspect that when they say they’ve hear of maths (they mean arithmetic, but that’s another argument)that they are lying. If they can’t consecutively number their propaganda booklet then what hope have they of producing a budget? 🙂

  5. It just gets better and better! “No more sad clams”, “Australia has a money shaped hole”. I love the idea of achievement badges though Dog, you should totally make that happen. I would buy them and wear them! PS Thanks for the opportunity to buy the magnificent Power Fox Misogyny Clock which arrived in the mail yesterday. I am the envy of my friends 🙂

  6. @Frame 3. So there really is a “B sharp” chord. Never knew it existed. See what happens when you hang out on Tony’s website? You get a negative suspended 7th. Great toon FD.

  7. I think you have missed the story here FD. If you follow the pictures, you can trace Tonys life story. It starts with the carelessness of his father leaving his tool uncovered; resulting in the expensive birth of an unwanted idiot. He sends him to an expensive school but his IQ permits him to legally use the handicap parking spot.
    It goes on a bit; a few run ins with the law, a vasectomy, a sex change, another stint in the handicap zone and his eventual taking over the army, storming the parliament & finally paying off the his invisible supporters with real money and leaving the australian public without Hope Reward or Opportunity