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May 21, 2013

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20 thoughts on “Gayer than Christmas!

  1. I wasn’t aware of what “Standing up for the Southside” implied, until I looked it up in the Urban(e) Dictionary. Now I’m wondering about the implications for balloon/stick-nest relations (…pop?). BTW, I love the rendition of the eager young DLPosaur (Sauropodus santamariaensis) eying off bearded latex.

  2. Spot on, Alpha Hound. The student beard and “No Inhaling!” sign had me in fits. The tone and timing of his “announcement” is very questionable and should be scorned at. No wonder most of his caucus can’t stand him.

    His faith in god/Jesus is only outstripped by his self belief.

  3. Certainly the sequel might be called & considering the popularity of the balloon, Capitulation Taking Care to Not Turn To Look Back.

    May he never be turned at least into a totemic plastic salt grinder, o, of course it was a pillar of salt, silly moi.

  4. Oh, ho! ho! What a couple, or three weeks without the spotlight will do to an over-inflated little balloon. The public glare inflates him, without it he shrinks. Will some poor bästard hand me a hat pin — please?

  5. Fair suck of the saveloy Kev, next we know you’ll be promoting party unity. And then where would we be on the slippery slope?

    Thanks Hominoid for pointing out the ‘No inhaling’. Heh FD.

  6. To be frank, don’t care whether he had a “road to Damascus” thingy or just wanted to p1ss off Julia. I’m happy with it.

    Mind you, on this evening’s Vic ABC news, the shrill dummy-spit by the sharp-suited young twerp from the Kristian Lobby was deeply, deeply satisfying. Sort of: “We supported you even though you are a total arsehat and now you do this to us!!!!!”

    Life’s good.

  7. klewso,

    That’s probably Kev’s own translation of a quote from some German dude’s translation into Mandarin of the thoughts of another dude just famous enough not to be read but to inspire awe whenever mentioned.

    Who cares if it doesn’t mean anything?

  8. Not only is Rudd a Great Mind, but ever since his bearded days he has been consistently pushing a progressive agenda of marriage equality for bi-linguals.
    Wow! So he’s a Compassionate Great Mind, too!
    Everything about him leaves me totally gobsmacked!