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Mar 18, 2013

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34 thoughts on “Moral outrage for sale

  1. Whaaat? They want to merely halve the CSIRO budget? I’m shocked they don’t want to close it down completely.

    Whenever an IPA person appears on the ABC it’s instant motivation to switch off. It’s happening increasingly but perhaps I’m imagining it…

  2. I’ve read the list, and I’m not prepared to even laugh at it. The IPA is firmly linked to the Liberal Party, and this list shows they are either naive anarchists or delusional ratbags. Either way, their ideas and lack of empathy for how society really works exposes them for the sad, pathetic, arrogant, little megalomaniacs they really are!

  3. This is how Labor can win the next election! Expose and publicize the IPA, paint them as the faceless men of the Liberal party and expose the real liars and their plans for selling off Australia. READ THE LIST!

  4. Those wonderful innovations will be very welcome out in Mt Druitt Heights once they have been converted into pictures for the illiterati and place in a prominent position in the Daily Terrograph. Perhaps they can have that wonderful ex-treasurer audit the savings and then they can celebrate like a queenslander as he suggests privatisation and funnels the savings off to his private companies & interests.

  5. What an inspired game these horrible little pink plummy boys play with their sugar daddies’ money. Like some jolly reverse Jenga their blueprint for government is to dismantle government until it topples and then business can really get down to business. Odious toads.

  6. I feel sad reading the ‘toon that we have to have ‘toons like it. Well done, Firsty. Meanwhile out west… no ABC`Radio National reception, no SBS, limited choice in telephone providers and limited choices in plans, a sham of a health service (all for starters!) and this in one of the most affluent in statistical figuration and productive districts in Oz according to official blurble. Phhhht.

    Odious toads I agree.

  7. So aspirational!
    Chris Berg’s secret dreams of being a loveable cartoon superhero have finally flowered.

    Now we just need to convince him, that he and all his mates can leap off tall buildings.

  8. So that’s where Prozac nation went? IPA is the “Idealogically Prozac Affected” group providing thought fart bubbles for the opposition front bench to drop. They can roll around in the good ones, (if any eventuate), and run from the smelly ones.
    Provides the smoking bum as it were for all the smear campaigns.

  9. And yet look at the daggy ol’ front-man they put up in attempt to portray themselves as a sleepy backwater of irrelevance to keep us off-balance. Yes, Hendo ‘imself. Odious toads represented by an odious bore.
    Mr Latham, keep the columns coming – in crikey that is, not the Australiar or the once-were-balanced Fairfax rags

  10. The IPA is not taxpayer funded. In fact they will not disclose their funding sources, but they’re sure to include some well known companies, including mining, fossil fuels, banking and finance, media and tobacco.

  11. I don’t know what other taxpayer funds the IPA receives, but donations to it are tax-deductible. Personally I’d like it if anyone who claimed a donation deduction to the IPA had to wear a cap with a propellor on it labelled “IPA DONOR” for the next year. All in the interests of transparency you understand.

  12. Actually, i think it’s quite useful that they display the foetid guts of the beast. Between Rupert’s minions and Gina’s family frolics, it’s fairly clear that the IPA’s puppeteers have the political insight of cestodes.

  13. FD: This ‘toon comes close to genius. EG lead frame….trope or tripe? “Secret democracy for the highest bidder” and “No money in human rights”; “…but not Gina?” “You’re on your own now Mustafa.” And the final frame
    say it all. Congratulations!

  14. Rick (@7): Sadly, there is a lack of an independent media to report on these rent-seekers who would prefer that we chose our government by auction rather than by vote. There is just what Rupert wants, and what he wants, he gets.