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Feb 20, 2013

Australia: product of a broken home

Australia's same-sex parents -- Julia Gillard and Christine Milne, that is -- are splitting up. Gay marriage is obviously a bust. Crikey's cartoonist tackles the Greens dummy-spit.

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41 thoughts on “Australia: product of a broken home

  1. Douglas and Milko

    Zut Alors: Yes, It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…. (and I am)

    Andy Bob: I feel your pain (badly), and as much as I wish a plague on both their houses, we have to remember if it was not for a coalition meeting, called after a weekend consulting the rule book, just before the Liberal party was to agree at the end of 2009 to get together with Labor to pass the EPRS (hope I have the acronym correct), then it would have passed, and Abbott was unlikely to become leader of the opposition. However, after this move which surprised even most of the Liberal party, Abbott has then relentlessly pursued a “tea party”, “climate change is crap” line, and has now convinced around 20% of voters who previously accepted the science on climate change that he is correct. Lies and dissimulation really cannot be rewarded without undermining democracy. To reward him with government now will just enshrine the terrible tea-party-wrecking strategy as a successful political model for the future.

    I wish I had a better answer, but we need a frente popular, or a front populaire to say no to this sort of wrecking strategy (and yes, I do know the historical context of both and how they were mowed down, but we at least need to try!!!).

    So, rather than defeatism, can we use Crikey, Getup, Destroy the Joint or “Keep Calm Abbott is not PM” or similar to just convince people to say NOOOO! to Abbott.It will not get us Nirvana, but it may head off what I thought the US was heading for when it looked possible it would elect the now mostly batshit crazy republican team to the presidency in November last year.

    I’m just saying…

  2. Ian

    Now, let me ask myself about what happened to me today:

    Did I read, in any of the international press that Mr Assange developed the courage to face his Swedish accusers….er, no. Is he still skulking in an embassy somewhere desperately trying to get back on the front pages….er, yes.

    Now, what will $126 million dollars pay for. Could be something, perhaps even sophisticated research programs into the eradication of cane toads…they’re into the Kimberley now. Maybe even the eradication of the crown of thorns starfish….that thing that’s eating the GBR.

    I researched Tasmania and came up with a really nifty idea. Allow no industrial development and we’ll move all the unemployed and single parents down there. They’ll have such fun growing their own truffles, saffron and stuff. They can all sing on the wharf to welcome the big yatch race winner. It’ll be really cool. Much, much better than training for work and having to seek a job.

    But the best thing was that after scurrying hither and yon all day I only tripped over two ASIO agents. They were very nice and apologised for hiding behind the taxi that Peter Slipper ordered to take him across one of the bridges over the Murray/Darling…..coz it’s got water in it now.

    I don’t care about religion or what happens to those who seek to work for them. They would, presumably, have been aware of the institutions guidelines. I care very deeply about the horrors some institutions have inflicted, covered up and, to this very day, still deny. I might be wrong but I haven’t heard much, other than the usual platitudes, from the Greens.

    Boy, am I ever glad that they spit the hemp woven, hash soaked oral pacifier out. Unfortunately they were on a the edge of cliff and such was the power of the spit it lodged in the blowhole of a passing whale.

    The whale died.

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