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Feb 19, 2013

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35 thoughts on “#ruddmentum

  1. Whenever tough ethical conundrums arise I find it of assistance to remember the helpful acronym WWJD: What Would Jasper Do ?

    In this case some duct tape across the cakehole will ensure eventual success (for a given value of success).

  2. For the sake of Australian cartoonists it has to happen.

    And let’s stay with the myth that no other PM in the past 40 years has ever been a pr*ck. Only the nicest possible people get to be political leaders, right?

  3. I am incensed the Canberra press gallery lets Abbott get away with murder with nary an investigative question to reveal his true face.
    And I am saddened that the Powerfox has continually surrounded herself with such deadbeats to ‘advise’ her.

    But if the present state of things means Jasper the Unfriendly Ghost (great name, whoever came up with it – klewso?) can re-appear in this august Walkley-awarded cartoon corner with purpose, attitude and his usual charm to once again inflate the Balloon’s chances at Chez Lodge, it might just all be worth it.

  4. They should have another leadership challenge, and another and another until Kev stops beating himself.
    He already has glasses, and with his help from his “friends” in the press gallery, looks like he will keep beating himself till he goes blind.

  5. You had me profoundly worried for a few moments there FD.
    But you came good with that zinger in the final frame.

    I also agree with mattsui. Magnificent work with Therese.

  6. Do those silly Rudd-boosters seriously think that if we’d had a further 30 odd months of Kev’s matey sauce bottle nerdiness and those weekly Sunday doorstops outside church and revelations of workplace bastardry and not actually getting around to the, y’know, policy thing, that the papers, the pundits, the party and the people wouldn’t be begging for someone to topple him by now.

    And he leaked against his party during an election.

  7. ERN: Leaked against his party certainly if you say so you four footed pussy in and out of cupboards as you go looking like there’s no harm in you other than cat here and cat deleted get out of there, but it didn’t put out the fire. Now someone has to send in the clowns.

  8. VENISE: ‘allo, ‘allo, ‘allo to you back.

    I took everybody’s advice, V and put my mind to what cheap trip could I buy to see Venice. ‘allo, ‘allo, ‘allo.

    So well worn that in-joke of ours, but hey, look at the subscription in the light of sober reality and we need a little humour looking at the moolah trickled out of our control like, dare I say, a canal. Great BIG happy SMILEY FACE.

    I saved up. I’m back, V. Lovely to be greeted so warmly.

    Much love.