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Crikey Says

Feb 19, 2013

Crikey says: here we go again

Labor leadership speculation? Spare us. The Liberals (yes, Libs) are agitating for gay marriage. The Aussie journo caught between Prisoner X and the spies. What the Malaysian media were told to say about Nick Xenophon. And fighting for space in the Canberra press gallery (ours is safe, at least).

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And that’s just one paper today: The Sydney Morning Herald. As Bernard Keane writes:

“The vexing question for Australia’s political journalists is: have they gone too early? Can they sustain leadership speculation all the way until March 12, when Parliament resumes? There’s a Senate sitting next week, but MPs won’t be returning to Canberra for three weeks.

“It’s a tough ask, but surely they’re up to it?”

Make no mistake. Yep, we’re doing this again.

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