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Crikey Says

Feb 19, 2013

Crikey says: here we go again

Labor leadership speculation? Spare us. The Liberals (yes, Libs) are agitating for gay marriage. The Aussie journo caught between Prisoner X and the spies. What the Malaysian media were told to say about Nick Xenophon. And fighting for space in the Canberra press gallery (ours is safe, at least).


And that’s just one paper today: The Sydney Morning Herald. As Bernard Keane writes:

“The vexing question for Australia’s political journalists is: have they gone too early? Can they sustain leadership speculation all the way until March 12, when Parliament resumes? There’s a Senate sitting next week, but MPs won’t be returning to Canberra for three weeks.

“It’s a tough ask, but surely they’re up to it?”

Make no mistake. Yep, we’re doing this again.

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8 thoughts on “Crikey says: here we go again

  1. Malcolm Street

    Mark: +1

  2. Gerry Hatrick, OAP

    Geez, cause I wasn’t sick of it the first time….

  3. Mark from Melbourne

    Lazy, lazy, cretinous, boring twaddle that drags us all down. Please get a life you journos.

    I listen to Fran and Michelle and all the others trying to explain why they have to report this as “it’s real and it’s happening and its not us”.

    No. It is you. You’re all in a bubble and I dearly hope you run out of oxygen sooon….

  4. Mike Smith

    Come on guys. Once was funny.

  5. klewso

    Like “lemming meringue” when you think of it?

  6. klewso

    It’s curious what gets passed for humour these days?

  7. Deirdre Ryan

    Rudd is yesterdays man!!!! When are Journo’s going to stop this pathetic “THEIR Opinion” reporting? POLICY/FACTS are what the Public want & NEED. No wonder DER SPIEGEL is popular and Oz newspapers are going down the drain. CRIKEY your turning me right off subscribing again- your losing the plot. Have read CRIKEY since its early days but notice a lowering of qulaity content and reporting. SINCERELY, D RYAN

  8. Phen

    You know we dont have to read it yeah?

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