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Feb 14, 2013

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25 thoughts on “The trademark of virtue

  1. The witch cast this spell, too? Is it the Cartoon tax?

    [I like heart. Sliced, egg, corn-flake crumbs or a little corn flower and fried – and I don’t care what colour it is.]

  2. Ooh I can’t remember a situation that has brought Firstdog to the point where he has roused on us as a nation. Frame 3 definitely bears a certain ‘condescending primary school teacher’ tone.

  3. Who is telling lies? Who do I believe?? Do I believe her because it feeds my sense of self-justification, ie she is right because I want her to be? Or is he right, and I refute his argument because if I don’t, I’ve been wrong?? P00psticks, indeed.

  4. Reminds me of the 1930s – well, I wasn’t there personally – but I sense the peoples of the world again slowly rising to say ‘enough’ – and promptly enacting population control upon themselves.
    We have always carried the seeds of our own destruction. Just add Abbott, Newman, Romney …

  5. Facts are like buried treasure; available for a bit of work. Either the citizens of Oz aren’t prepared to work, or afraid the facts will argue with their own preconceived ideas, or, they prefer to wait for the next footy game.

    MIKE S: It’s worse than ‘Quelle Horreaux.’Like, ‘quelle gateaux’ made with curry paste out of a jar! (Smile)

  6. It has ever been thus. The art of rhetoric, being forms of persuasive speech regardless of content, has been taught and practised since classical times. Instead of making rational decisions our leaders make rationalisations for decisions based on arguments likely to appeal to their audience. Facts have a truthiness value which can be increased or decreased to suit the argument. Each little kiddie behind the wire is one less that can be thrown overboard.

  7. drovers, au contraire, I am a huge fan of cats and know they don’t like being laughed at.

    The main condition from which I suffer is Rabbotphobia. It makes me punchy.

  8. zut, true, most cats prefer their deified loftiness not to be scoffed at – but to be a kitten is to bring joy to every corner of the globe … to say “I entertain, therefore I am”.
    It’s only later we cats perfect the art of ignoring.

  9. Golf.
    No churnalists play the game because it based on honesty & truth & they know people are watching them.
    Politicians & Lawyers are not permitted to play unless they play together, in a group, in their own competition.
    When you ask another golfer their score in a game, you generally know their score because you watched them, and counted their score for them. You ask both as a matter of courtesy and to check their honesty.

    Dog. The helpless situation we find ourselves in is despite watching what is going on with our own eyes; when we ask the press for the score, they are incapable of an honest accurate reply; despite the fact we are watching.

  10. “Facts” and “counter facts” are only relevant if they are on the first two pages. If you have to scroll down further than that, don’t bother, because nobody ever looks there. By the time the exchange of “facts” starts to include Goebbels or Commies, it’s really too late, nobody’s watching anymore.