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Feb 11, 2013

'I love pizza, but ...': anti-multicultural party's Canberra launch

Australia's newest political party was launched today with an anti-multicultural, pro-Christian platform -- and the help of climate sceptic Christopher Monckton. Farz Edraki was there for Crikey.

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“Watch out Australia, watch out the federal Parliament; we are coming!” So declared Reverend Daniel Nalliah this morning as he launched Australia’s newest political party at Canberra’s National Press Club.

“We are determined to be politically incorrect,” Nalliah told the launch of Rise Up Australia, of which he is president. “If an Aussie loves his country, and can’t say anything … then I think ‘tolerance’ has gone too far.”

The party’s key policies are preserving Judeo-Christian values, dismantling multiculturalism and defending Australia from the Muslim “threat”. The Rise Up Australia party will put forward 52 lower house candidates in this year’s election and 12 Senate candidates, in five states (Western Australia, NSW, Queensland, Tasmania, and Victoria).

Nalliah, an outspoken Sri Lankan-born evangelist pastor and creationist infamous for linking Victorian bushfires to abortion laws, claimed to speak for the “silent majority” in Australia.

“I think God created Chinese fried rice, and I love pizza … but please do not come and tell me that sharia law should be introduced in Australia. You go back to where you came from,” Nalliah told the cheering crowd.

Rise Up Australia is linked to the Catch the Fire ministries, and was launched today by keynote speaker, British peer and noted climate change sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton.

A chorus of “Advance Australia Fair” reverberated through the room to kick off today’s launch. A motley crowd of party members, families, and supporters waved miniature Australian flags, surrounded by red and blue balloons bearing the party’s slogan (“Keep Australia Australian!”). As the chorus died down, the Youth Leader of the Party and Former Miss Teen Australia winner appeared nervous as she stumbled on the last lines of the Lord’s Prayer.

The Reverend was welcomed to the podium with rapturous applause and chants of “rise up Australia!” and “go Aussie!” Nalliah called for the end of a “multicultural Australia” — instead, he advocated a “multiethnic Australia”. He called on God in warning against the dangers of multiculturalism in Australia.

“We aim for three Senate seats, so we can hold the balance of power, and we can say goodbye to the Greens,” Nalliah told the crowd, to chants of “goodbye Greens, goodbye Greens”.

Monckton’s lips were pursed during the national anthem, but once at the podium, he was all-Australian: “Do you love Australia?” he asked the crowd, to more cheers. “Do you want to keep Australia free?”

Monckton declared he was a layman, a Christian, “practising but not perfect”.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I love Australia. How could you not? This vigorous, glorious land. This is a beautiful land, with a people diverse in their origins,” he said. “They are people from all over the world, but when they come here, they come here to a culture that is distinctive — come one, come all. Australia is inclusive, multi-ethnic, multi-point-of-view country. If you come here, follow Pastor Danny’s example, and enjoy and celebrate it, and do not seek to destroy it.

“There is one thing that sets us [the party] apart. We at least tell the truth. It may be an unattainable ambition. But it doesn’t stop us trying.

“God bless you Pastor Danny; God bless Rise Up Australia.”

*Farz Edraki is a freelance writer and editor of the ANU newspaper Woroni

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42 thoughts on “‘I love pizza, but …’: anti-multicultural party’s Canberra launch

  1. Christopher Nagle

    I am a radical conservative and yes, the good rev is really trying. And yes, libertarian humanism is turning to splodge. But Monckton? He is an opportunist fruitcake working for an oligarchy that is running the march of the ecological lemmings. They aren’t conservatives except in the status quo sense. More likely they are revolutionaries who are tearing up both the future and the past. The Gina and Co he works for are destroyers of worlds. Not conservative reverend!

    Most of the Muslims who come here are amongst other things, trying to escape the kind of sectarian religious violence that exists in their home countries. They might despise decadent and degenerate western consumerbabes, but they really want live somewhere that is safe and opportunity rich, like here for the time being. And if they have fruitcakes in their midst too, like us, we want their help in exposing them, OK?

    Abortion and bushfires? Look, the arguments for abortion on demand are really pissweak, but divine intervention to fix it? What?

    If we want a new kind of conservatism that will get us over the hump of what is bound to be a very difficult century, it needs to be a bit more coherent than this. It needs to try and take as much as possible from the past that is portable into a very uncertain future that is going to delive some very severe shocks along the way.

    We need to combine this salvaging operation with something perhaps like Sharia, or ecclesiastical law, but with a 1500 year update patch applied. We urgently need to re-regulate our social infrastructure in ways that will work for social majorities that are secular and vaguely modern. OK?

    Sorry rev. Bushfires and abortion? What about bushfires and global warming. Wouldn’t that make more sense? We can deal with the abortion holocaust, but let us use traditional methods of intellectual demolition to get rid of that one. Divine intervention is really surplus to requirements.

    The reverend’s heart is in the right place, but oh dear…..

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