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Feb 8, 2013



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30 thoughts on “Say it isn’t so sprot! Say it isn’t so! *sob*

  1. Hominoid

    Tie me Kangaroo down, Sprot!
    All this rorting, it just ain’t sporting.

  2. Holden Back

    @ Venise, I thought you weren’t going to let them slip.

  3. klewso

    This happened in Nu Zilland sport didn’t it?
    Remember the Sheep Dog trials?

  4. BoxingCandle

    What about the musicians? Clandestine taking of Beta Blockers to enhance playing performance is rife throughout the classical music community. And that’s just a gateway drug – no one’s thought to posthumously strip John Lennon of any of his gold records because of drug use, have they.

  5. Holden Back

    We all know where this is headed:

    Drugs in sport.

    Dogs in sport.

    Drugs in dogs.

    Sniffer dogs.

    Date of destiny.

  6. drovers cat

    Sprort – love it, zut. Can I pr-order?
    Re your obvious competitor: maybe they should have swapped the iron for a syringe instead of a cat

  7. Holden Back

    All out of percentages (and f*cks) to give, coach.

  8. Alex

    Preching to the choir

  9. Venise Alstergren

    The fact that mega-bucks are involved makes it almost automatic that the drug dogs will be present. I’m surprised that anyone else is surprised. Good old Andrew Demitriou can always be relied on to be on side with the mega-buck brigade. “Adhering to the ‘three-strike’ code”. I imagine he would have allowed Lance Armstrong the right to contest another three Tour de France races.

    Money makes the world go ’round in many sordid ways; money, money, money, money and bugger the sword bowlers, and the bummers.

  10. zut alors

    drovers, I have a working title of *Sprort – but Capitalism also sums it up neatly. Both will be run past the focus group.


  11. Plonkoclock

    .. Leone, it sounds like EMC is a regular on Wednesday arvos.. Never seen him actually bowl, but…

  12. Holden Back

    @leone- You try and drug test a bunch of seniors and get a single clear test.

    Realising your idols have feet of clay and are easily manipulated. Disturbing.

    That they are groomed from the age of 12 to think of nothing but sport should have made this possibility obvious if not inevitable.

  13. drovers cat

    So Spassky threw that game after all … Kt to Q4 indeed …

    zut, you want a name for the game? Capitalism!

  14. leone

    So even the old blokes at the local bowlo are into drugs too? Who would have thought. Saturday morning roll up has taken on a whole new meaning. And it gets worse. I’ve just realised that the only way they can get what the winningest athlete in frame 7 is going to get is with the use of a certain performance enhancing substance. Little blue pills, I’m told, are very popular with the bowlers in the Wednesday arvo Mixed Pairs.

  15. AR

    No sprot without performance enhancing dogs. Or gods.

  16. zut alors

    Have just devised a new game (patent pending) : the object is to see which player can cheat and/or dose most. The rules aren’t important, it’s winning that matters.

    No prizes for coming second etc…the winner takes all (literally).

  17. Plonkoclock

    .. and I want a t-shirt from panel 4!

  18. Plonkoclock

    Around here,a pit bull/Rhodesian ridge-back cross is the standard performance-enhancing drog..

  19. klewso

    If it wasn’t this, populist media would be in apoplexy over plotitix.

  20. klewso

    Now we know why they call them “Bombers”?

  21. Andybob

    I can’t help but feel we owe an apology to those who have “levelled the playing field” by imbibing performance impairing drugs. Come back Ben, all is forgiven !

  22. klewso

    Gloria, would Juliar Gillard in a sack race be considered cheating?

  23. ernmalleyscat

    I’m firmly rooting for Team Getallthedrugsintoya.

    I only watch sport because they can do awesome stuff that I couldn’t even imagine unless I was hopped up on pills. All credit to the boys.

  24. klewso

    I’m looking forward to watching sprot without nagging spouse?

  25. klewso

    So that old question “Are you taking the piss?”

  26. paddy

    Bugger you FD. I was doing fine, holding it all together with just the odd chuckle and snerk……Then BAM! “Performance enhancing dogs” destroyed yet another keyboard.

  27. DrParnassus

    ‘Here – drink this.’ ‘OK’ – says it all.

  28. Holden Back

    What about the carpet bowls “rugs in sport” scandal?

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