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Feb 7, 2013

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19 thoughts on “I don’t know about you but my job is really hard some days

  1. Christopher Nagle

    I love cartoons about ideological despair, because they pillory our fears, insecurities and moral cowardice. They also draw attention to the necessity to call bluff.

    Racism has become such a noxious cliche. Of course it is not difficult to find some antediluvian who still thinks that Europeans are somehow ‘special’ above others, but all they do is demonstrate the lie that underlies all widely circulated and oppressive cliches.

    It is time we stopped hopping from one foot to another in front of our indigenous brothers and sisters. We don’t need to look as if we need to go for a piss every time we feel the need to be honest with them.

    For f**ck sake, we do not have to treat them as if they were a sacred site. It neither helps them or gets us of the hook.

    Somebody was going to invade Australia sooner or later. They could have got the Maori or the Japanese for Chrissake! Suck it up. Move on. We really need an indigenous PM, some corporate heads, a judge or entrepreneur and even a dentist and an accountant or two.

    Well where are they? We’ve said sorry. We are spending barrels of money on you. Perhaps it is time you said sorry to each other and your children for languishing in self pity instead of kicking goals or at least making sure the kids do.

    So where are ya? Where’s your community commitment to turning your fortunes around. Do you think you are going to be able to blame everyone else forever?

    When are you guys going to be making your mark on the world and assert your rightful place in it? Or are you going to use ‘racism’ as an excuse for non performance until doomsday, or what?

    Why aren’t indigenous kids burning off their Chinese and Sudanese competitors at school? Well why f**cking not?!!

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