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Feb 1, 2013

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26 thoughts on “They were excellent and stripey and we killed them

  1. Thats why the flat earthers are so suspicious. Scientist looks just like scientologist with a few letters changed; and nobody trusts them. Or do they? The LOTO and his front bench are from another planet.

  2. My dad heard a cough in the Tasmanian bush when he was a young lad in the forties. It was either a thylacine or an emphasymic local smoker, but when he tells the story he makes a noise just like a real thylacine ! (I think).

  3. Timely, dog#1 as today we are advised of the death of the last female koala up ‘ere at Noosa National Park (euthanised at Australia Zoo due to a tumour in pouch). So sad. That leaves an estimated three males in the entire park.
    And this is in the environment-conscious Noosa Biosphere.
    Courtesy Newman (see crikey LNP mining/developer donations story) and possibly Rabbott this is not a good time to be an animal of any species in Australia.

  4. We are still doing it. Foxes now in Tas thanks to some halfwit who can also presumably vote.

    On the mainland quolls, assorted bandicoots, phascogale, leadbeaters possum, etc all on the way out. Funny how we can eradicate these, but can do jack about foxes, cats, deer, goats, indian myna’s, starlings… you get the idea.

  5. And it’s not just the charismatic megafurries that are on the brink.
    There are snails, fish, reptiles, frogs, birds and thousands of plants queuing up to jump off the cliff that is unsustainable growth.

    Interesting fact: Woylie is actually a combination of Warnie and Kylie. Which makes it the Aussiest creature that ever lived. And died.

  6. Barry the fat is doing his bit in NSW by paying the local branch of the Redneck Shoot the $hittr out of Everything Party into the national parks specifically to eradicate the sissy “protected” ones…….including us.

  7. Who is/was that Conservationist from South Australia that said , ” I love cats. I just can’t eat an entire one in one sitting.” ?
    He also got around with a feral cat skin hat.

  8. Dogonaut Lounge members (both Gold card carriers and occasional blow-ins like me) probably already know this, but it’s worth repeating that Australia has the world’s worst species extinction record, an ‘honour’ it’s held for some years. Who said Ginastralia can’t mix it with the big players on the world stage.

  9. And as EMC mentions (and microseris hints at) it’s not just the cute and cuddlies whose lights are going out. We’re wiping out plants and insects and even entire ecological communities before we’ve even named half the things that make them up, let alone understood what they do or what their ecological roles are. But who needs ecology when there’s coal and iron ore and bauxite and gold and copper and opals and…