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Crikey Says

Jan 21, 2013

Crikey says: yeah, so, Kochie's a boob ...

What Aaron Swartz, Bradley Manning and Kim Dotcom have in common. Why Barack Obama is haunted by the ghosts of second-term presidents past. Would we back a lift in the Newstart allowance? Essential's surprising poll. And the return of Kim Dotcom. Download this.

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We thought the silly season was over …

Not that it’s not an important issue, of course — as some 100 nursing mothers demonstrated outside the Sunrise studios in Sydney this morning, outraged by presenter David Koch’s call for modesty in public breastfeeding. It’s just that the debate was run and won long ago. Wowsers lost.

And since when did anyone care what “Kochie” thinks?

Mothers may have made their point, but it’s the presenter who ended up with the inflated ego and the program with higher ratings.

Can’t we make a New Year’s resolution to just ignore “controversial” comments by disrespected boobs?

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