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Nov 30, 2012

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37 thoughts on “First Dog’s Canberra Expose: Leigh Sales vs The Magpies

  1. FD: Great ‘toon.

    Breathless with anticipation, I too watched Question Time. This was going to be the Rabbott’s great revelation. The moment for him, and his nasty little ankle-biter’s, great revenge on the evil, red-headed witch masquerading as our Prime Minister. Given fifteen minutes of total silence to make his case, he accused her of ‘conduct unbecoming’. Coming from the man whose hero was Bob Santamaria, this was a compliment.

    The priest and the Bishop make a wonderful contribution to the Oz parliamentary process. NOT!

  2. I love magpies. A friend rescued one with a broken leg. Once better it wasn’t interested in joining up with its former friends, so now he inhabits the garden and the home paddock passing wry comments and investigating peoples’ belongings.

  3. ‘the prime minister is a…..’ you left out higler and frotter.
    And yes, magpies are awesome especially Dane Swan so there Caroline Wilson
    I rescued a magpie last week Venise. Unfortunately I rescued it from the whippets (glow of shame) who just go bananas when the seem maggies (and cats and rabbits) Seemed ok for the experience.

  4. ‘…by my bulging trousers we shall!’ Very funny albeit creepy.

    We urgently require a horologist in the Dogonaut Lounge as our clocks need checking – the Leader of the Slopposition’s monologue went on for an hour and fifteen minutes, surely? It felt like it. But his droning was strangely soothing, unlike the content.

    Firsty, I trust you have a Walkley Award finalist bonus factored into your generous contract with Mr Beecher. If not, keep that one up your sleeve for future negotiations.

  5. I’m quite impressed with douchnozzle.
    Short, sharp and to the point.
    Almost as good as a peck on the cheek from a magpie.
    Definitely a disappointment about no cavoodle though.
    Not to worry, Reuben will no doubt be lolling in the pool for next year’s party.

  6. And that “fancy dress press gallery Ho-down”? How many came dressed as journalists? How many didn’t go to any trouble, just wore their work clobber, and came as ho’s?

    That cavdoodle – I saw The Godfather – did anyone check Julia’s bed?

    And I know she can be a bit terse, depending on your politics – but Leigh Sales, a “lemon tart”?

  7. HOLDEN: It’s probably got mites, or some other small insects which are bothering it and something in the mulch eats them. I wonder if a bit of flea powder sprinkled on top of the mulch might help to kill them? You’d have to be careful not to OD on it. Sorry, this is the best idea I can come up with. Or, maybe the bird is too hot, too cold?



  8. I’ve seen them lying down, wings outstretched in the mulch/dust too, like they were drunk, and after a while (couple of minutes?), they’ll just collect themselves and “return to normal service”.
    I’m not sure it’s not a sign of submission – sometimes it’s as/after I see another bird (not always another maggie) taking off from near them.

  9. HB, klewso, male scrub turkeys are doing that at present as a mating ritual, so maybe the maggie is copying. Is there a magette around too?
    (See the entertainment we get around these parts for free?)
    Best of luck for tonight clever dog#1

  10. We owe Australian magpies a great deal.

    Not only do they comfort the chronic insomniac by starting their dawn chorus when it is still dark ….It was those birds’ early awakening of retired Canberra public servant Ewart Smith that prompted him to muse on the projected Australia Card legislation in the late 80s (‘There has never been a debate like it in the letters page; there has never been such a cry of opposition from the nation over one topic…’ Graham Greenleaf The Computer Law and Security Report,Vol 3 No 6, March/April 1988) and Ewart [a Smith, naturally] suddenly realised why the card could never be Constitutionally legal. And so we don’t have one to this day!


    (BTW they are not related to British magpies who steal shiny objects, they are actually Butcher birds. One pair of bird-book writing authors, sorry I can’t remember their names, referred to their ‘jumbled carols’ which I reckon is an inspired and accurate way of describing the Magpies’ song._

  11. And the magpies love my birdbath – trouble is, once one of them has done his dipping in and then fluffing up all my feathers stuff, droplets flying everywhere, there is little water left for lesser birds and I have to go out and refill it (I reckon this is OK with the water restrictions, they are livestock?).

  12. Good boy! I hope this doesn’t mean you’ll be “making bones” for Godfather Murdoch now?

    [I don’t want to influence you, but the lobotomy bit puts some of his potential lapdogs off.]