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Nov 29, 2012

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29 thoughts on “First Dog on the Moon goes to the Walkleys!

  1. At times like this FD, it’s always wise to wear the “magnanimous” face.
    So I’ll resist the almost irresistible urge to be snarky and merely wish you good luck for Friday.

    (Note the admirable lack of Glen Milne jokes.)

  2. Not to get too serious about something that doesn’t really matter (if you don’t win) because it’s all about dead media and all that; and not to get your hopes up too much for something that doesn’t really define your true worth as an artist … but … I reckon you’re a dead cert. And there’s no more deserving.

    But. If you do lose and Judy Horacek wins you MUST do the fist-shaking ‘Horacek!!!’ to the cameras in your very best Colonel Klink voice.

  3. ‘…an event so exciting I cannot even begin to tell you…’

    I reckon it’s an informal pizza night at The Lodge with a handful of the inner circle. Hopefully, a party-sized supreme plus a seafood special washed down with plenty Grange.

    Re the Walkley: Sic ’em, Firsty!

  4. Congratulations, Australia, on having a National Treasure like First Dog on the Moon to do your cartooning political gratification for you. Also congratulations to the Walkley Foundation for putting together the perfect material for a pun with a Dog character winning a WALKley OMG it’s just perfect. Ahahahaha.

  5. Thnx…you kept my wife and I chuckling thru some anxious and exhausting times. Two thumbs up from us. Good luck!
    We put the clock up with our wine bottles and colourful dessert glasses. Seems to fit. 😀

  6. Congrats. Shame your name only got mentioned at the end over the credits – I had taped the whole program. Would have been MUCH more fun to see you do the either ar*e-licking or drunken speech (maybe even someone from the audience leaping on stage for a stoush …. or am I getting that mixed up with a previous year). Well never mind.

    Which of your cartoons won? My top favourite was ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’. You know – the one about the Olympic effort of a person trying to get ready for work, for whom ‘breakfast is a xanax and a cup of tea … Leaving the tea half-finished she heads back to bed … Last time she only made it as far as the floor in the hallway …. Oh what a competitor!’ (as she sinks back under the doona). Have I had days like that or what.

    You thoroughly deserve the gong HD.

    PS sorry to hear about Jasper PM’s demise if that was true.

  7. Congratulations!

    So … which face was it? Overcome, overjoyed … ?

    Complete world marsupial-oriented-political-commentary domination can’t be far off now!