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Nov 19, 2012



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26 thoughts on “Quinoa and you: First Dog explains way more than you want to know

  1. armstrong burroughs


  2. mattsui

    ooh-er…. I’ll never be able to take Hummus to a barbecue again.

  3. AR

    It’s the same family as ‘good king henry’ or ‘fat hen’ which has long been eaten by the hard up in ole Blighty.
    Chenopodium – Fat-Hen, Good-King-Henry, Goosefoot, Lamb’s Quarters, Mercury, Quinoa, Wild Spinach

  4. drmick

    I am told it tastes like Koala; Not as dry as platypus and sweeter than tassie devilled eggs, & it is good for your bladder.

  5. Plonkoclock

    Oh. Well, that’s all right then, Andrew.. Gosh, Mike, I wasn’t expecting the Sp..

  6. Andrew L

    Then perhaps a flinty sav-blanc with grassy high-notes served during the agm of the latte leftie arts nobbing council to accompany the humanely passed-over-to-the-other-side guinea pig stuffed with baby artichoke hearts and quinoa… Sound pc…

  7. Mike Smith

    @Plonk: You cannot invoke the pope and not expect moderation. If you’d stopped at the devil ‘twould have been ok.

  8. Venise Alstergren

    RHWOMBAT: And, like Pell, it is very bitter.

    EMC: I thought quinoa was pronounced kee Noah, sorry, quin Noah?

  9. rhwombat

    Ugliness: it’s one of the Cardinal’s new footnotes – you have to believe in the sanctity of the confessional before you can see what it’s referring to. One can, however, make a good guess that it’s something to do with the south end of a northbound cat.

  10. rhwombat

    Plonk: besides which it tastes like Pell.

  11. Ugliness

    I may be getting old and going senile, but the cartoon seems to be missing a footnote, or is the asterisk after “La Paz” a squashed quinoa?

  12. Plonkoclock

    OOH! moderated!

  13. Plonkoclock

    No, you may not,AL. It is an invention of the pagan, and the lies of its goodness are a Hodge-Podge of Superstition, Popery, the Devil and all his Works , and the all-consuming Lake of Fire will be your reward.

  14. Holden Back

    Oh Zut, Nykala – rhymes with Michaela.

  15. Andrew L

    May I have my quinoa with a cheeky lightly-wooded chardy?

  16. ernmalleyscat

    Deary me First Dog, don’t you know it’s not pronounced ‘kwee noo’.

    In the north it’s pronounced ‘kee no’ and it is used in a gambling game similar to Bean Goo (pronounced ‘bin go’) where numbered grains are drawn from a container and the numbers marked off players’ tickets.

    In the rural south it is pronounced ‘ko nee’ and it is fed to shiftless youth to turn them into bloodthirsty child soldiers.

  17. zut alors

    Hey Holden, another example to be added to our burgeoning Naff Names List: Necole.

  18. Holden Back

    I was sure it was Keane-Wah!

  19. Kez

    I hippily (if that’s a word) pop quinoa into the mince, but even red meat and tomato sauce can’t disguise the foul taste.

    (Hello Zut, weetbix is the world’s strongest glue and should only be used as such)

  20. zut alors

    The world was a better place when the fashion was to eat Weetbix for breakfast.
    There was way less pollution then, too.
    Convince me it was merely coincidence.

  21. paddy

    Sheesh FD. That last frame looks like a certain well known cartoonist got stuck in a hall of mirrors. Spooky!

  22. jaywhar

    Quinoa Flakes – the (psuedo)cereal of bearded leftists everywhere…

  23. klewso

    Frame 4 – the Dahlia Llama’s an animal now? Is that funny?

  24. klewso

    I thought Quinoa (Reeves) was good on Speed.

  25. Venise Alstergren

    Very funny FD. Doubtless it is the same root source of quinine?

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