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Nov 16, 2012



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25 thoughts on “Punching the walls of Wittenoom

  1. Holden Back

    Mmm, baked beans, candles, puerile sens of humour, what could possibly go wrong?

    Sheets of blue flame in your general direction, drmick!

  2. Venise Alstergren

    KLEWSO: And you the masculine version thereof?

  3. Andrew L

    As ever, good Dog

  4. rhwombat

    Stevo: …for a given value of lovely.
    FD: I join the chorus. An excellent week of dogicisms.

  5. drmick

    Sorry, that should read “as ” the furious etc.

  6. drmick

    Nice work Mr God;
    Maybe a baked beans bithday cake so it blows its own candles out?
    Hedly is about to find that his major churnalistic work will have the same devastating effect and the furious energy created as a fruit flys scrotum swings from side to side.

  7. ernmalleyscat

    Call me old fashioned, but I think it’s time we returned to the proper title for the PM. The Powerfox.
    It was fun for a while to ironically toss about ‘Juliar’ like we were on the caravan of incontinence. But that was when she was down and being kicked to death.
    But now she won’t be lectured to by that man not ever. Now she does coffee and regional strategy with her besty SOS Hillary. Now tough-guy journalists are eating their words. Now she has all but slain the rabid rabbit.
    The Powerfox is back.

  8. klewso

    “All of Venise is lovely”?

  9. Stevo the Working Twistie

    I’m not.

  10. First Dog On The Moon

    thanks you are all lovely

  11. Venise Alstergren

    A brilliant week of wonderful ‘tunes, thank you FD. Ah, I see other people think so too.

    The slush fund bizo is an amazing bore. But then, look at the people who are so keen to perpetuate it.

    Did you mean that horrible little woman with the glassy stare was a lawyer for an asbestos company? The so-called deputy leader of the Libs? Well, I’ll be……..

  12. Peter Ormonde

    As a total aside,…

    Anyone watch that ABC two parter on Bernie Banton last week. I’ve only just stopped seething actually. What are these Hardie folks doing walking amongst us?

    Something is seriously wrong if what they first did and then what they tried to do was legal.

  13. klewso

    Wasn’t asbestos the only protection between that stare and a lingering death?

  14. Holden Back

    Oh, and a side order of pickled onions for my friend , paddy!

  15. Holden Back

    @plonkoclock Shhe-tayed-lee?

  16. klewso

    That reminds me, remember “Hedley Lamarr” in another spoof – & about cowboys too – “Blazing Saddles”?

  17. klewso

    “Murdoch’s merkiness” – if that won’t cure your narcolepsy, nothing will?

    [“Your Merkiness!”?]

  18. paddy

    I’d also like to echo Zut FD.
    You’ve been on fire for the whole week. Bravo!!

  19. Plonkoclock

    At Keebra Park High, he was just Sh’edley..

  20. zut alors

    J Bish0p: in the corporate world she was tireless, in parliament she is tiresome.

    You’ve treated us to a week of superlative ‘toonery, Mr Dog. Much obliged.

  21. Peter Ormonde

    PS Don’t forget Wittenoom was the bedrock of Gina’s empire.

  22. Peter Ormonde

    Aaaargh. Still appalled.

    More horrified actually.

    As if asbestosis then mesothelioma is’nt horrific enough … but to have one’s last weeks ensnared with Julie Bishop and the STARE of Outrage. Strewth, that puts Dante to shame Mr D.

    Bring back the rope.

  23. drovers cat

    Dang! you got there first HB

  24. Holden Back

    At least you didn’t call him ‘Hedy’.

  25. paddy

    So much gold today FD.

    So many trousers and not one mention of Memphis. Classy!

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