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Nov 14, 2012

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42 thoughts on “Today in Slime or Stupidity: The Fauxborigine

  1. I hope you’ve got a trade mark on the name, the ‘Darktectivator’ is ingenious, Mr Dog.

    You’ve struck the exact shade on the colour chart for the front bench. Exact.

  2. Mr Dog!

    I am shocked – yes even appalled – by the unlordly bias insinuated into Mr Blot’s detektivator, which ascribes to Jesus – God’s actual son – some miscegenated macchiato kind of hue.

    Now I’ve seen the Giottos, all that stuff in the Louvre and so forth which are as close to a photo as we’re likely to get, and he’s as pale as George Brandis or Bronwyn Bishop – one of us…. like his dad.

    So resist this Blottish inner-city trendification of our saviour – making him out as some sort of icon of multiculturalism. Driven snow boyo. Next you’ll be saying he was jewish.

    This is what happens when you cite Blot as a source …. inherently unreliable. Nonetheless – liver treats in the usual place.

  3. Is Blot giving us a dark look? or is he constipated?
    Is Tony really colour blind or is he all colours; red-necked, lily-livered, brown nosing, black balling, yellow bellied, pinko hating racist?

  4. Anyone got some boot-black –
    “Climb up on my knee Sonny Boy
    Though you’re only three Sonny Boy
    You’ve no way of knowing
    There’s no way of showing
    What you mean to me Sonny Boy……”

  5. Have you noticed how nicely National Party and Eggplant compliment Nauru and Poffertje ..did you lift this straight from the Liberal Party Parliamentary Interior Exterior Plush Furniture Decorating Guide you naughty pup?

  6. This whole cartoon is a thing of majesticness and is Abbottsolutely on the money, Frame 2 is just the mutt’s nuts. Full set? But of course, monoTone is a Poltroon after all.

  7. Air and alcohol? that sounds like one of my favourite recipes .. Usually followed by a swaggie’s breakfast the next morning – a p1ss and a look around.. No, I meant eggy things with diamonds ‘n stuff on.

  8. Wait, wait, wait.. you’re a banning custard Mr FD. I just looked back at your renderings (is that the word) of monoTone in all four panes and… from 1 to 4 he goes all Procul Harum. In frame 1 he’s somewhere between macchiato and Makybe Diva (with a hint of National Party), 2 is Oompaloompa with Poffertje highlights, 3 is equal parts Jebus, Melbourne Cup and Toast, and 4 is definitely 50/50 Nauru and Front Bench or I’m not Cardinal Richelieu’s comfy chair. Ahh, layers upon layers, I take my mitre off to you.

  9. I knew it! The Nats wear hats to cover their Red heads. That’s what they are doing under our beds! Agrarian Socialism forever!
    PS: Plonk, are you mean the legendary Faberigine emu eggs?

  10. fractious: perhaps he’s emulating Mitt Romney’s appearance in latino fora – though it would stick out like rabbot’s ears if he did what the Mittbott did and forget to apply the makeup to his ears and hands.

  11. Jesus is my favourite shade. Darker than in the stained glass at my childhood church though. Colour prolly faded over the years.

    A real own goal there by Mr. Rabbitt cos he spends a lot more time than a lot of other politicians trying to grapple with indigenous issues. He’d be scratching his head and wondering what he said that was so bad.

  12. Mr Andybob.

    I am deeply disturbed to learn of a heretical spectral shift in the glass of our churches.

    Surely Biblical Truth puts the hue of the lord at a shade no deeper than a bronzed up Charlton Heston? Surely the very Sistine Chapel itself is evidence enough of the workings of divine inspiration. Obviously the entire collective leadership of creation is – at worst – mediterranean.

    So no – we demand a tonal census of the cathedrals to root out this latte lordliness. We will brook no talk of a swarthy saviour. We demand a Spanish Inquisition!

  13. We should be expecting of our indigenous brothers and sisters that they be represented across society, including our political system, in the same way as any other ethnic group of their size. Any effort that helps them get there should be appreciated, even from the Liberal Party. And educated and articulate people of indigenous origin are particularly welcome. There aren’t nearly enough of them. I for one will forgive them a Chardonnay habit.

  14. I think :
    Indians = “Melbourne Cup” &
    Chinese = “Jesus”

    oops wrong way round. Chinese do gambol & Indians are very spiritual.

    I think, not quite sure …. . . .. . .

  15. Unrelated to yesterday’s story about negative tactics and quotes from the Opposition with the deathless line “Tony’s so good at squeezing them out”.

    Sound bite as linguistic turd.