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Nov 9, 2012

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22 thoughts on “The land where up is down and rape is a virtue

  1. B1ll O’Rei1ly is spot on: the peasants are breeding, their numbers burgeoning, so un-Americ@n, it must stop,

    Jon Stewart has renamed F0x ie: Bullsh1t Mountain News. His appraisal of their election coverage is heart belly laugh material.

  2. Such an excellent toon FD.
    Plus, it REALLY sang in that last frame.
    It’s that extra special thing about a happy ending.
    (Dog knows, there’s not too many of them about.)

  3. The best part was the 8 billion dollars the 1% spent , including all the 24 hour “fox” “communications” services they could muster, to lose anyhow. You might get a job at limited news yet FD.

  4. Jeez Crikey it’s getting harder to leave a comment than it is to vote in Florida!! Like Bill O please take us back to how things used to be four and a bit years ago.

    …. and if you think O’Reilly is bitter take a look at Hannity!!

  5. You fools! Don’t you realise that Romney actually won on Tuesday, and that everything since has been cleverly faked by the liberal media, just like the moon landings weren’t. Even as we speak, Obama’s crack squad of Gay Kenyan Socialists and their fake birth records and academic qualifications are taking over Washington DC. I’ll have a six-pack of 9mm handguns to go thanks, barkeep.

  6. Agreed, Paddy – the last frame is delicious.
    Those noble Americans, queuing in the snow without even a sausage wrapped in a slice of white bread to sustain them, let alone the opportunity to purchase a jar of home-made jam on the way out!

  7. Stevo
    Have taken up position in school clock tower. Can see whole campus from here. Cannot tell normals from the Gay Kenyan Dope smoking obama lovers. Do I take out everyone just in case? Over..do you copy?.over……