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Nov 2, 2012

Shifty, sleek and repugnant, and that's just the computer graphics…

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27 thoughts on “Shifty, sleek and repugnant, and that’s just the computer graphics…

  1. ewwww, that little tail wag as the little creep mentions pants action (while he’s holding the milk!) is even creepier than the real thing. I’ll imagine that every time I see him from now on.

  2. People who gamble to excess (helping to keep the likes of “Tom Thumb” in a manner to which they’ve become accustomed, while putting their kids through Bookies College) know a hundred things they can do with baked beans too.

  3. ‘smug, rictus grin’ – full marks, Mr Dog.

    At a pub here in Brisbane they have an annual Oz Day cockroach race. This bloke could be next year’s favourite.

  4. Well, it is spelled “Pissoir” – got that wrong. Anyway, put it this way… if you are going to hand your hard-earned money to a bookie, you may as well p1ss it up against a wall… Poetry in bladder motion…

  5. Awesome. You displayed what everyone is thinking. It’s about time someone had a crack at him and it. The gambling, it’s such a turn off for girls like me.

  6. A Google search for “the velvet bagpipes” (in inverted commas) gets 5 hits at the moment – 4 of them are across three First Dog cartoons on Crikey.

    First dog has taught me several slang terms… I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

  7. Andrew L
    Perfect description of your chances and echoes of the family involvement in the fine cotton affair where they tried to pull the cotton over our eyes.
    They operate under the same legal jurisdiction as Insurance companies; In the eyes of the law they are both the same; and we know how honest, reliable, fair and ethical they are …….even when you win you lose.
    That green chappy looks like the local witch bank manager, and, facially, is related to the former Big WC boss and current tampax news chairman doing battle with Gina from Talia.

  8. ooh goody a teatowel.

    The etymology of ‘velvet bagpipes’ stems from the need to describe the pose once the original term ROFLMAO was stolen by the internet and its meaning changed.
    ‘Rolling On Floor Licking My Ass Off’ which denoted feline disdain as in “you may think that is hilarious but I find my bottom more interesting” was corrupted and changed to convey uncontrolled mirth. Most uncatlike.