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Nov 1, 2012



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22 thoughts on “Bitter stoush exposed! Who will be Federal President of the AAASU?

  1. Venise Alstergren

    My DSH tabby is most pissed off at not being mentioned. She points out she has the age {of maturity}. Street smarts aplenty, enormous organisational skills-she whipped me into shape- and is articulate. She asks me to remind FD that her name is Shiva and she lives up to it.

    Meow meooow meooow

  2. Richard Farmer

    My American bull dog Miss Polly is offended that she did not even get a mention. She would like you to know she is pure white and thus a perfect symbol of peace while being quite capable of dealing with even the worst of those cats you have nominated.

  3. Holden Back

    @zut, no, f’real:


    Of course that formation would give us Poobradors, Pooniels etc.

    Makes -oodle seem quite benign.

  4. drovers cat

    zut, ianjohn01, no relation, no. My genes are clean, no canine bro, no slobberin’ here, cat’s way to go, mofo
    the end

  5. drmick

    @nicelittleearner has a nice ring to it EMC and apparently he wanks as high as anybody in Wome.
    But I do like the thought of the Roar Prawn doing the honours;startling the horses an scaring the kiddies. He ticks all the boxes and gets better the hotter things get. Maaaaaaaaate

  6. ianjohnno1

    Zut, You’ll have to ask Drover’s Cat about that.
    A dog at heel and a pussy on the saddle?

  7. Andrew L

    Philip Ruddock’s twin vampire bats Rigor and Mortis from the undead zomboid faction?

  8. zut alors

    Holden, ouch, please tell me you jest.

    ianjohnno, Drover’s Dog, what a great idea, a canine with Hawkish overtones. Any relation to our own drover’s cat?

  9. ianjohnno1

    I’m surprised to see that the Drover’s Dog hasn’t nominated. Has he retired?

  10. Shaniq'ua Chardonnay

    Apparently a certain slippery mollusc was suggested by some but he refused to be drawn.

  11. rhwombat

    DC: Bwahahasnerk!
    EMC, zut & paddy: without tipping my paw, wombats do have a known predilection for mangoodles…just keep them away from “Noddy”, and nobody gets smeared.

  12. paddy

    Breaking: Having just received an unmarked crate of mangoes from an anonymous well wisher up north….I am hereby changing my vote to a certain well known feline poet laureate.

  13. drovers cat

    Well, they can try but no assorted mammals, fruit or stationery will come close to casting a shadow the stature of our lost and lamented Faceless Cat Jasper.
    But I’d like to see Julie Bishop’s pirahna Chris give it a go anyway … no wait, he’s a Nibblie

  14. klewso

    What about “Noddy” – Mr Rabbott’s carved pyne poodle?
    You can’t get more anthropomorphised than them?

  15. ernmalleyscat

    I’ve thrown my hat in the ring and got my protege @NiceLittleErn on the phones to gauge support but it’s not looking good.

    By the way FD, you misspelt onanisation in the introduction panel.

  16. Crispy

    I’m voting for Reuben, for obvious reasons. And he so too does have the smarts to be a staple remover. Sheesh.

  17. paddy

    (But I do have a soft spot for mangoes.)

  18. Holden Back

    @zut Hard to believe but there are ‘pooghans’ rather than ‘afghoodles’.

  19. zut alors

    Definitely bypass the cavoodle, anything with ‘oodle’ in the name is as lightweight as fairyfloss.

    Can Abby channel her old buddy Jasper?

  20. Monash.edu

    It’s ostensibly just a means of us poor Monash students avoiding paying for our Crikey subscriptions. At least, that’s what I’ve been told…

  21. rhwombat

    A pet mango called Beelzebub…I agree with the suspiciously named Monash.edu

  22. Monash.edu


    Sorry, I have nothing more to add.

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